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  • | 'Melting Worm' slithers into the wild March 17, 2000 Web posted at: 8:21 a.m

  • EST (1321 GMT) by Kathleen Ohlson (IDG) -- A new worm now 'in the wild' has the potential to shut down Windows platforms and make the operating system permanently unusable

    Wild-Eyed Alaska, An Educational Exploration into Alaskan Wildlife
    Puffins, gulls and other residents of the island on video footage, and activities
    on this summer seabird colony.

    CNN - TravelGuide: Destination - Nature exhibits

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    World's oldest horse runs free in Mongolia
    Article about the rescue campaign for the nearly extinct Przewalski horse.

  • Then the horses dart down into the canyon, as wild as the wind, happy to be back roaming the Mongolian steppes

  • The Takhi, believed to be the ancestor of all horses on Earth, returned to Mongolia last summer in the first phase of a worldwide wildlife reintroduction project that will last long into the next century

  • Eventually, the program may involve thousands of horses and two more reserves in Mongolia, as well as refuges in Kazakhstan and China, once part of the wild horse's original domain

  • "In terms of science, this is extremely important, to return any species to the wild, where it has become extinct

  • Word of the mysterious wild horse reached the czar of Russia, who sent Polish explorer Colonel Nicolai Przewalski to search for signs of the species during three expeditions across Central Asia and one across Siberia

  • Called Equus Przewalski, after the Polish explorer, the animal is considered the world's only genuine wild horse

  • Unlike America's wild mustangs, which come from domesticated stock, the Takhi has historically been free from manmade selection

  • Protecting this quality makes the reintroduction of the horse into the wild all the more essential

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    Insecta Inspecta World - Killer Bees
    Provides information about killer bees. Information includes colony life,
    differences between killer bees and honey bees, and the honey production rate of ...

  • African bees were accidentally introduced into the wild in South and North America during 1956

  • The queen is then released into the wild

  • So far, not enough queens have been released into the wild to determine if this plan will be successful Free Book Notes,Study Guides,Chapter Summary ...
    Large collection of literature notes, online textbooks, digital library, and
    other study resources.

  • "The Trial" by Franz Kafka Study Guide Summary, "A Yellow Raft in Blue Water" by Michael Dorris Study Guide Summary, "A Raisin in the Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry Study Guide Summary, "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker Study Guide Summary, "White Fang" and "The Call of the Wild" by Jack London Study Guide Summary, "The Prince and the Pauper" by Mark Twain Study Guide Summary, "The Contender" by Robert Lipsyte Study Guide Summary, "The Picture of Dorian Gray" Study Guide Summary, "Cyrano De Bergerac" Study Guide Summary, and "The Scarlet Letter" Study Guide Summary Cliff Notes&#153, Cliffnotes&#153, Cliff's Notes&#153 are registered trademarks of John Wiley & Sons, Inc

    The Puerto Rican Parrot
    Press releases with the most recent information.

  • | Puerto Rican Parrot The Puerto Rican Parrot Recovery Program is an effort to conserve, protect and manage the wild and captive populations of this endemic parrot in order to downlist the species from endangered to threatened, to establish an additional wild population and insuring that both groups are self-sustaining with an effective population size of 500 birds (5 year average) in each area

  • This program is a cooperative effort between the US Fish and Wildlife Service, US Forest Service, the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources and the US Geological Survey

  • As of March 2006 there are 200 parrots counting both captive and wild birds

  • The Service periodically surveys the wild population

  • The wild population at the Caribbean National Forest may be declining and consists of less than 30 individuals

  • Release Puerto Rican Parrots into the wild

  • Monitor the Puerto Rican Parrot wild flock in El Yunque National Forest by conducting population surveys and monitoring nesting activitites

  • Design and conduct research to develop and refine techniques for the reintroduction of captive-raised parrots into the wild

    Welcome to the MIT Sea Grant Center for Coastal Resources
    Information on the Sea Grant Marine Center for Coastal Resources, research and
    monitoring, marine bioinvaders and agencies, plus geographic information and data ...

  • The MIT Sea Grant educational pamphlet Live and Fresh Seafood: Into the pan, not into the wild was developed to encourage people not to release or dump live and fresh seafood and seafood waste products into the wild

  • Benefits

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    WildCare Foundation
    An animal hospital and health care facility for all wild animals native to Oklahoma.
    Newsletter, volunteer needs, wish list, and photograph album.

  • You and your friends and family are invited to the annual WildCare Foundation Baby Shower, Sunday, November 5, 2006 from 2 - 5 p.m

  • June 30, 2005: An bald eagle is prepared for release into the wild after a four-month rehabilitation at WildCare

  • Learn how you can contribute to projects that enhance and expand WildCare

  • WildCare believes that all wild species, be it a sparrow or eagle, mouse or bobcat, play an important part in keeping the planet healthy

  • For this reason WildCare accepts and treats all wild native species with the same care and respect

  • WildCare is first and foremost an animal hospital and health care facility for all wild animals native to Oklahoma

  • WildCare does not take in or treat exotics or domestic animals of any kind

  • WildCare is not just for the animals

  • WildCare promotes good stewardship of wildlife by providing individuals a place to take injured or orphaned wildlife

  • WildCare graciously accepts over 3, 000 wild animals annually with the goal of returning as many animals as possible back into the wild

  • Through our rehabilitation efforts and educational programs WildCare Foundation strives to teach people the importance of living in harmony with our natural world and to deepen their understanding of how each species plays a vital role in maintaining our healthy environment

    Alaska Pacific University Home Page
    A private, liberal arts institution located in Anchorage.

  • Here are some examples of how Block courses can enable students and courses to travel and make Alaska -and the world- their classroom: Environmental Science & Outdoor Studies Block Courses: Outdoor Studies students mixed wilderness skills and literature to experience 'the Bus, ' final scene for the nonfiction best seller Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer during a block class led by Professor Roman Dial

  • Students retraced McCandless' trek on foot, learning how to ford rivers that turned McCandless back, camping en route, and reading Into the Wild aloud to one another around campfires each night to fully experience the book and its message

  • The experience inspired the story 'Back to the Wild' by sophomore Tonio Verzone

    Joshua Tree Turtle and Tortoise Rescue
    A chapter of the California Turtle and Tortoise Club (CTTC)dedicated to the
    survival of the desert tortoise through education and adoption programs, ...

  • Within only 70 years, in 1990, the desert tortoise was listed as a threatened species through the US Fish and Wildlife Endangered Species Act

  • Currently, the tortoises' main survival danger is raven predation on hatchlings and the upper respiratory disease syndrome (URDS) which is believed to have been introduced into the wild population in the early 1980's

  • According to the California Department of Fish and Game guidelines, it is unlawful to release a tortoise back into the wild after any length in captivity

  • Again, please note that if a healthy tortoise is taken into your possession, it is in "captivity" and cannot be released back into the wild, and must be turned over to the Rescue and/or adopted by you

    Captive Breeding and Reintroduction of Canids
    Captive breeding and reintroduction of foxes, wolves, jackals and dogs.

  • - the 6 figures referred to in text to be added, hopefully soon!] Introduction Mammals have been bred in captivity since humans first domesticated wild animals approximately 10, 000 years ago

  • There are several reasons to breed those species which, for most purposes, are still wild

  • One aim of such "captive" breeding is meat production (Skinner 1989) or the production of fur; another is to provide specimens for viewing in zoos or game parks without having to capture animals in the wild and further deplete natural populations

  • Captive populations of wild animals can also serve as latter-day arks

  • A commonly stated aim of many captive breeding programmes conducted in zoological parks is to produce founder populations for release into the wild in reintroduction programmes (Anderson 1986; Seal 1986)

  • In the following discussion, we acknowledge that wild animals are often bred in captivity for reasons other than releasing them back into the wild

  • When extinction in the wild is imminent captive breeding offers a last option to save a species

  • If habitat loss is the immediate agent of extinction, and the conservation of suitable habitat is impossible, bringing a species in from the wild may merely delay an inevitable extinction


    Dibbler Parantechinus apicalis - Threatened Species Day 2005 fact ...
    Has a picture of what this marsupial mouse looks like, where it lives, and what
    it eats.

  • | Publications You are here: > > > Threatened Species Day fact sheet Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2005 Conservation Status Commonwealth: Endangered (Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) Western Australia: Endangered (Wildlife Conservation Act 1950) What does it look like? The Dibbler is a small marsupial mouse

  • Today wild Dibblers survive at Fitzgerald River National Park near Albany and on Boullanger & Whitlock Islands

  • The Program does this by controlling introduced predators like foxes, protecting important habitat, and re-introducing captive-bred species into the wild

  • These Dibblers are released by CALM in suitable habitat under the Western Shield Program - in 2005 the Perth Zoo had released more than 200 Dibblers into the wild

  • How you can help Dibblers are rarely seen in the wild

    San Francisco Zoo | About the New Zoo - Historical Timeline
    History of the San Francisco Zoo.

  • Eighteen were reintroduced into the wild in subsequent years

  • Two peregrine falcon chicks, the first of their species bred at any zoo in the country, hatched at the San Francisco Zoo and were released into the wild

  • The Avian Conservation Center successfully incubates contaminated eggs from the wild

  • The first litter of African wild dog is born at the Zoo

    Orangutan Foundation UK - Home
    The aim of the foundation is to protect the orangutan and the conservation of
    its rainforest habitat whilst caring for and repatriating ex-captive orangutans ...

  • In Indonesia, the Foundation protects Tanjung Puting National Park and other areas of critical orangutan habitat in Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo, whilst also caring for and repatriating ex-captive orangutans into the wild

  • Help us to care for and rehabilitate orangutans back into the wild ()

    Green Iguana
    Facts, range, physical appearance, adaptations, habitat, reproductive cycle,
    diet, and conservation issues.

  • The Belize Zoo, under the guidance of, has an '' project to help reduce the pressures of hunting wild iguana

  • Although manypet iguanas are now being raised on iguana farms, capture from the wild haslowered their numbers

  • For example, for people who want to continue to eat the green iguana, programs are beingdeveloped to raise these animals for food, instead of hunting wild ones., at the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center, is woking onone such project to conserve the iguanas and educate local communities Tonyhas used to increase green iguana populations, and has released some of these iguanas into the wild

  • Iguana Resources and (Costa Rica Conservation Project) ©2000 The Wild Ones c/o 61 Route 9W, Palisades, NY 10964-8000 Tel : 845.365.8337 Fax : 845.365.8177

    CCG: Ape Escape 3 Cheats
    Contains cheats and unlockables.

  • When you get to the falling barrels, morph into the Wild West kid and walk up the 'barrel flying hill' and shoot them with the gun in that morph

  • Morph into the wild west kid and shoot the hole

    Last Chance Forever
    LCF is a non-profit organization dedicated to the rehabilitation and release of
    injured and orphaned raptors, birds of prey such as hawks, owls, eagles, ...

  • Their generous gifts are helping LCF put birds of prey including our national symbol, the Bald Eagle, back into the wild! Upcoming Public Shows See our for information on all our events! Last Chance Forever at the Arneson River Theater Last Chance Forever is partnering with the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department/La Villita to bring our program 'Wings and Wildlife Over Texas' to downtown San Antonio! Join us on San Antonio's beautiful Riverwalk at the Arneson River Theater as we celebrate the magnificent birds of prey

  • A longtime sponsor of Last Chance Forever! Western Sporting Publications helps Last Chance Forever put birds of prey back into the wild! Check out their website at: --> Last Updated Wednesday, 11-May-2005 21:24:19 CDT Last Chance Forever P.O

    Most Valuable Network - Tribe Report
    Most Valuable Network weblog that presents analysis, speculation and user driven rants.

    Wild Heart Ranch Horse Toys & Horse Books, Seahorse Toys ...
    Three nightlight plush horse toys. Related information.

  • Welcome to Wild Heart Ranch We Have Created Books, Toys, Favorite Pet Stories, Animal Info and a Kids Club To Empower and Educate You About Endangered Animals and the Environment Follow us to the depths of imagination..

  • The Sky, the Sea and the Desert and Learn about Wild Horses, Seahorses and Wild Camels in the Gobi Our site features a section with free online, full of interesting news on , and much more

  • Be part of the and be rewarded and recognized for making a difference in the animal world! Non Violent Books and Plush Toys for Children and Family Follow us to the depths of imagination-The Sky, the Sea and the Desert Wild Heart Ranch is a place where your imagination can run free like the wild herds of long ago

  • What is wild in nature is what calls to our hearts

  • Read our original legends, stories and childrenÂ’s books about wild horses, seahorses, and magic

  • Visit the Wild West with our Armadillo Cowboy stories, adventures and free online video games

  • Learn about the Desert of Lop and the magic of wild camels

  • ! From saving wild horses, to endorsing seahorse conservation or educating children and adults about the critically endangered wild Bactrian camel that may hold a possible cure for cancer, our products are designed from the heart

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