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  • A personal thing: a buddy of mine and known collector sells most of his Black Sabbath record collection - the up-to-date for sale list can be found ! If you are interested in some items please send an email tp ! The Black Sabbath Lyrics Archive

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  • Immediately following her departure from the Blake Babies, Hatfield contributed several lyrics to Susanna Hoffs' debut album

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  • info: IRON MAN LYRIC

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    CNN - Review: 'Iron Giant' a hugely entertaining classic - August ...

  • The lyrics of the reel's theme song are buried by classroom dialogue, but they're almost casually receptive to the idea that the kids who aren't listening will be fried to a crisp when the bomb hits

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  • But despite some signs of the band's humor and creativity ('It's Not True'; 'A Legal Matter'), there's more padding here like the instrumental 'The Ox, ' and too often Townshend's love song lyrics are just plain primitive, even when the tunes are engaging ('The Goods Gone'; 'Much Too Much')

  • We're not talking here, but rock opera or not, this is Townshend's absolute peak - in terms of lyrics (sympathy for the devil on 'Behind Blue Eyes'); catchy hooks ('Goin' Mobile'); devastating rhythm guitar ('Bargain'); and dramatic instinct ('Baba O'Riley, ' which builds from an insidious synth part to an ear-splitting crescendo)

  • The lyrics whine and mope, and the power ballads are so pedestrian they make the Who sound like a lesser band trying to imitate the masters of crunch ('Dreaming From The Waist' and 'In A Hand Or A Face, ' both of which flop despite Townshend's engaging harmony vocals; the paranoid 'How Many Friends, ' with a bizarrely homophobic verse)


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  • Built around 's driving guitar riffs and 's horror-laden lyrics, topped by 's eerie, loud vocals, their early records such as their, and in particular are considered definitive of

  • Drummer (of ) and bassist/lyricist (of ), however, still refer to that era as the 'Blizzard of Ozz'

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  • Imagine 'Sister Ray' with no lyrics

  • 'Pause' is the sound of the human voice, lyrical meaning irrelevant

  • 'Analogue Rock' is a successful experiment in guitar and electronic sound with a lyric 'All good things to come, all good things to come, will come, welcome' - repeated over and over

  • None of the lyrics are intelligible, by the way

  • They could be French lyrics

  • They could equally be English lyrics! You can make out the songs title, so at least PART of the lyrics are English

  • The French lyrics come in, so that's one thing The Beach Boys don't do! It's all down to the sound

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  • Syd Barrett Lyrics Below, are the combined lyrical witticisms of a certain Mr

  • Vittorio ( Lyrics originally typed in by John R

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