Acanthostega gunnari
A detailed analysis of this early tetrapod by the paleontologist who discovered
and described it.

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  • Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh; Earth Sciences, 87, 363-421

    A detailed description of the first Devonian tetrapod to be discovered.

  • All appear to have been transported to some degree, and are preserved in flood deposits

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    Sigrid Undset
    A brief biography and a listing of selected works.


  • by Tiina Nunnally) KRISTIN LAVRANSDOTTER, 1920-22 - Kristiina Lauritsantytär - trilogy translated under the titles The Garland/The Bridal Wreath (KRANSEN), The Mistress of Husaby (HUSFRUE), The Cross (KORSET) - film 1996, dir

  • vol.) - The Master of Hestviken - Olav Auduninpoika - OLAV AUDUNSSØN OG HANS BØRN, 1927 - published in English in four parts: The Axe, The Sanke Pit, In the Wilderness, The Son Avenger SANKT HALVARDS LIV, DØD OG JERTEGN, 1925 KATHOLSK PROPAGANDA, 1927 GYMNADENIA, 1929 - The Wild Orchid DEN BRAENDENDE BUSK, 1930 - The Burning Bush HELLIG OLAV, NORGES KONGE, 1930 SIGURD OG HANS TAPRE VENNER, 1931 - Sigurd and His Brave Companions IDA ELISABETH, 1932 - Ida Elisabet ETAPPER: NY RÆKKE, 1933 - Stages on the Road NORSKE HELGNER, 1934 - Saga of Saints ELLEVE AAR, 1934 - Eleven years / The Longest Years - Yksitoista vuotta DEN TROFASTE HUSTRU, 1936 - The Faithful Wife SELVPORTRETTER OG LANDSKAPSBILLEDER, 1938 - Men, Women and Places MADAME DOROTHEA, 1939 - trans

    Günter Grass
    Short biography, suggestions for further reading, selected bibliography.

  • The book become a best seller and was soon translated into several languages

  • info: JENNY TRAN

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    Fritz + Caspar Jenny AG, Jenny Fabrics AG, Immosupport ...
    Hersteller von Rohgewebe aus Baumwolle und Mischungen mit Viscose, Hanf, Leinen,
    PA, PES, Cashmere, Angora, Tencel, Trevira CS. [CH-8866 Ziegelbrücke]

    Tom á s Gubitsch
    Ancien guitariste rock argentin, compositeur pour le cinéma, la télévision et le
    théâtre. Biographie et discographie.

  • Son Concerto pour Trio et Orchestre - commande de l'État - a été le sujet principal de Diálogos , film réalisé par Frank Cassenti illustrant le parcours de Tomás Gubitsch et diffusé sur France 3

  • Sans délaisser la création strictement musicale, il s'intéresse également aux expressions trans-disciplinaires, et commence à composer pour le théâtre, la danse et le cinéma

  • Su Concierto para Trio y Orquesta – encargo del Ministerio de la Cultura francés – a sido el sujeto de Diálogos , film de Frank Cassenti ilustrando la carrera de Tomás Gubitsch y difundido por la televisión francesa

  • Sin dejar de lado la composición estrictamente musical, Tomás se interesa hacia el fin de los años 80 cada vez más a expresiones 'trans-disciplinarias', y comienza a componer para el teatro, la danza contemporánea y el cine

  • Se trata de una creación en la cual los roles principales se encuentran a cargo de un grupo de 50 desempleados (no artistas)

    Pleasanton USD - Home
    Test scores, administration news, contact information, and directory of schools.

  • Students participating this year include Angela Aronoff, Kiel Barry, Sean Basalyga, Nihat Bayramoglu, Sanam Bhatia, Audra Bloom, David Crisostomo, Jennifer Doxey, Jasmine Guo, Scott Hanford, Jennifer Hank, Glenalyn Hunt, Lauren Johnson, Jack LaFrancesca, Jessica Ma, Amy Qin, Shokoofeh Rajabzadeh, Paula Reever, David Rowse, Lakshmi Santhosh, Eugene Shenkar, Tiffany Shih, Suzanna Sund, Will Tagg, Sonia Talati, Susan Tang, Brookanne Thompson, Ronald Tran, Elise Viebeck, and Jenny Zhan

    Modeling Photography Photo Gallery by Stan Schutze at
    Modeling, portrait and nude photography by author from San Diego.

  • All images transmit a sense of relax, happiness and a somewhat 'serene' sensuality

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    Women Warriors Throughout History, 3500BC to 20th Century, battle ...
    Historical and mythological women soldiers, sailors, pirates, duellists and prize

  • Vietnamese rebels included Trung Trac, Trung Nhi, Tran Thi Doan, Phung Thi Chinh and Trieu Thi Trinh

  • Fant - Duckworth - 0-7156-1641-2 "Polyaenus - Strategems of War" - translated by Peter Krentz and Everret L

    Hans Christian Andersen - Books and Biography
    Searchable selection of short stories.

  • This was the last night she would breathe the same air as he, or look upon the deep sea and the starry blue sky; an everlasting night without thoughts or dreams waited her, for she had no soul and could not gain one.' (trans

  • Kingsland) Andersen's tales were translated throughout Europe, with four editions appearing in the UK in 1846 alone

  • Elias Bredsdorff has complained in his book Hans Christian Andersen: The Story of His Life and Work (1975), that Andersen's tales have been bowdlerized and sweetened by Victorian British translators

    American & Custom Car Club NI
    Includes news, history, events calendar, members' cars and discussion forum.

  • **** PONTIAC ENGINE (6.6?) and transmission £400.00, also set of 1978 Corvette alloy wheels slot design £250.00

  • Everything available except engine and transmission

  • **** Mike Barr of Starcarhire is selling his 1977 BANDIT TRANS AM - details as follows

  • 'Sadly I have been forced to sell my beloved 1977 Bandit Trans Am as I have just bought a new house and some of my toys have to go

    Zephyr Jeff Ho Surf Team - Venice Beach, Santa Monica California Home of Dogtown
    and Z-Boys Movie. Photographs, surf report, and links.


    The Starlets Database - Info and pictures on over 1000 young ...
    Information and pictures for over 1000 young child actresses up to age 21.
    Birthday list and related links.

    This Month With The Beatles
    The daily, weekly, and monthly events in Beatles history.

  • August 8, 1963 - Licensing firm Trans-Global cancels Vee-Jay's rights to release new Beatles records due to lack of royalty payments by Vee-Jay, and takes away their rights to 'Love Me Do' and 'P.S

  • August 13, 1965 - Capitol Records releases the soundtrack to The Beatles movie, 'Help!' August 13, 1966 - Radio station KLUE organizes a bonfire of Beatles records, it's transmission tower was struck by a bolt of lightning the next morning - Speciali
    Notizie sull'autrice, con cenni biografici e la storia della nascita del personaggio.

    Video Data Bank: Video Art and Video Artists
    A resource in the United States for videotapes by, and about, contemporary artists.

  • Tran Carlos E

    TGnews - TransGender Nachrichten
    Ein Online-Magazin mit News, Hinweisen auf Events und Treffsn und einer Galerie.

  • Mal findet dieses Jahr die Transgender-Tagung in Berlin statt

  • Unter dem Motto „Integration - wozu, wohin und für wen? Trans* im Patchwork der Minderheiten“ finden sich in den Räumen der Helle Panke e.V., Kopenhagener Str

  • Oktober 2006 Trans*Menschen, deren Angehörige und Freunde zusammen

  • Mit einem Angebot von 17 workshops, zwei Vorträgen, einem Europa-Podium, Open Space, jeweiligem Abendprogramm und einer großen Party ist die diesjährige Tagung die umfangreichste in der Geschichte der Transgendertreffen in Berlin

  • Das ehrenamtliche Organisationsteam hat für die viertägige Transgender-Tagung 2006 drei grundlegende Neuerungen vorgenommen: Neuer Veranstalter: Erstmals haben sich Helle Panke e.V., die Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung und das Transgender-Netzwerk Berlin als Veranstalter zusammengetan

  • Wir treffen uns zur zweiten Transgenderparty des Clubs in diesem Jahr

  • Kann man mit Stiefel auch noch etwas anders als Wandern? Die Frage 'These Boots Are Made For Walking?' wird am 30.September in Köln auf der 9.Transgenderparty des Ident-Clubs beantwortet

  • September Transgender-City, Kaiserin Augusta Allee 101 (Gewerbehof Aufgang 3), 10553 Berlin 1

    Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory
    Description of the general laboratory, analytical equipment, and facilities for
    sample preparation. Includes summaries of active research areas, staff, ...

  • Left photo shows air-lock entrance foyer to clean room facility (CHEM0216)

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  • (2000) Osmium isotopes demonstrate distal transport of contaminated sediments in Chesapeake Bay

    GENUKI/Devon: Lydford - Genealogy
    Genealogical research information about Lydford.

  • A transcription of the Memorial Inscriptions for the Church ofSt Petrock is held in the Society of Genealogist's Library, in Vol.8 of Devon Memorial inscriptions (DE/M23)

  • Transcriptions of Lydford, and are provided by Heather Cooper

  • [Westcountry Studies LibrarysB/LYD/1924/LYD] Transcription by Neil Stanton of the entry for Lydford in of 1850

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  • The transcription of the section for this parish from, provided by ColinHinson

  • (Resources include: LydfordBap 1716-1920; Bur 1716-1955; Marr 1719-1909; Princetown Bap1807-1971; Bur 1815-1944.) Dartmoor Press Online Magazine's page for, with articles, transcriptions, publication details, etc

  • Sir Thomas Tyrwhitt and Princetown, Trans

  • Tales of a Dartmoor village[Postbridge] , Torquay, Devonshire Press (1961) 34 [Reprint from Trans

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