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  • has learned that Jesse Metcalfe recently got into a bar fight

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  • Also read: | Content • • • • • • Content Fantasy News Beltran Perez - #54 - Pitcher - 6'2' - 180lbs News: Beltran Perez defeated the Mets even though he walked six batters on Monday

  • Impact: Perez will get one more start as he attempts to make a case for a spot in the 2007 rotation

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  • Odalis Perez, who starts tonight, is also under contract for next year

  • So, Hudson, Perez, and Greinke are the 3 most likely starters for next year

  • Odalis Perez pitched well for the Royals, allowing just 2 runs in 7 innings, striking out 4 and walking just 1

  • The trade for Perez and two young minor leaguers for Dessens is looking like a very good one for the Royals

  • The Royals need to acquire at least two reliable veteran starters, especially if Odalis Perez doesn't revert to his 2005 form

  • 2007 Rotation: FAFAPerezGreinkeHudson/De La Rosa/Lumsden posted by SoonerRoyal @ Wednesday, August 09, 2006 Organizational Outlook: Starting Pitching The Royals' starting pitching has been dreadful for the past decade, finishing at the bottom in most pitching statistics

  • Perez, Elarton, and Redman's contracts will have expired by 2008 and Hernandez will be released or non-tendered this offseason

  • Blake Johnson, acquired in the Dessens/Perez deal, has excellent command and good strikeout numbers

  • The Royals need a couple of veteran starters to anchor the rotation in addition to Perez

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  • The Southwest Michigan Devil Rays Fernando Perez — a speedster from Columbia University — was named the team’s minor league player by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at Tropicana Field last week

  • Perez set a franchise record with 57 stolen bases this summer Former Yale standout pitcher Craig Breslow ’02 was called up to the major leagues by the San Diego Padres, marking his second stint in the majors this season

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  • 26, 1954 Lulu Perez LKO 2 - 191 Jul

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  • An outstanding welterweight showdown has been added to CHICAGO SUPERSTARS as Francisco Rincon of Dallas, Texas will battle Chicago KO artist Luciano “EL MICHICANO” Perez in a scheduled eight round bout, it was announced today by Dominic Pesoli, President of 8 Count Productions.

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  • Rafael Perez's testimony on police misconduct was the largest scandal in Los Angeles Police Department history

  • Boyer's investigation into the LAPD is the subject of 'Frontline.' Streaming audio of Perez's confession

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