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Models for Reformation: John Knox (1505-1572)
A short biography.

  • International Director To all our friends around the world who are eagerly anticipating the release of the new DVD: 'The Real Jesus: A Response to the Jesus Seminar, The Da Vinci Code and the Christological Heresies of Pop Culture' -- Be strong and of great courage! The truth is marching on! Models for Reformation: John Knox (1505-1572) John Knox was ordained a priest in the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland at the time when John Calvin began the Reformation of Geneva

  • The flames of the Reformation began to be kindled in Scotland in the heart and mind of Knox's close friend George Wiseheart

  • When Wiseheart was burned at the stake by Cardinal Beaton, the fires that consumed his body fired the heart of John Knox

  • Two years later, Beaton was assassinated by "parties unknown." Shortly after the death of Beaton, John Knox came to Edinburgh as a newly ordained priest, having been accused of "hatching the plot" against the cardinal even though he did not personally take a hand in executing it

  • Soon Knox had a growing group of followers

  • He accused the Catholic clergy of Scotland of being "gluttons, wantons and licentious revelers, but who yet regularly and meekly partook of the sacrament." Knox traveled to Geneva three times to study under Calvin who had a high regard for the young Scotsman

    John Knox
    Includes e-texts of about 20 written works, including letters, sermons, tracts.


    John Knox: The Watchman of Scotland
    An overview of Scottish Presbyterian history, concentrating on Knox's influence.

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  • Anthony Curto Knox finally returned to Scotland only to battle compromise and Queen Mary in an effort to extend Biblical reformation among his people

  • Establishing A Protestant Nation John Knox returned to Scotland on May 2, 1559, when the political and religious climate was stormy

  • On his arrival in Scotland, Knox heard about the state of affairs in Perth, after just two nights in Edinburgh, travelled to Dundee where he requested of the Lords, "that he might be permitted to assist his brethren, and to give confession of his faith with them." Permission was granted to him, and he then set out for Perth

  • Anna Locke, Knox writes, "I see the battle shall be great; and I am come, I praise my God, even in the brunt of the battle

  • Assist me, sister with your prayers, that now I shrink not when the battle approacheth." When Knox arrived in Perth, Sir James Croft reports that he became the center of the movement, even though he was still not sure what lay ahead; at this time, he was "uncertain as yet what God shall further work in this country, except that I see the battle shall be great, for Satan rageth even to the uttermost." Knox, then, did not hesitate to jump right into the thick of controversy

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  • Located in the heart of the Hill country, John Knox Ranch is one of the most unique and beautiful camp and retreat centers in Texas

  • Covering 300 acres, John Knox Ranch lies on the banks of the Blanco river, six miles away from Wimberley

  • Whether you are looking for a place to hold your conference, retreat, or special event, John Knox Ranch can meet your needs

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  • Located on the shores of Watts Bar Lake, John Knox Center provides a unique and natural setting for people to get away from the stress of everyday life and experience a time of Sabbath

  • In addition to Camp John Knox, the summer camp program, you can rent Center facilities and food services for groups of all sizes to use for one-day, overnight, weekends, and extended activities throughout the year

  • John Knox Center is also the home of the

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    The Forgotten Memoir of John Knox: A Year in the Life of a Supreme ...
    Excerpts from the memoir of a Supreme Court clerk who served the notorious Justice
    James C. McReynolds during the year that FDR threatened to pack the Court.

  • 'John Knox was an earnest young man, fresh from Harvard Law School in 1936, who lucked his way into a Supreme Court clerkship—only 'luck' isn't quite the right word

  • Knox's memoir of his clerkship, published now for the first time, offers a rare glimpse into the private world of the Supreme Court at a remarkable time in our history

  • Knox found that 'a chill was gradually descending on my spirits.' Little wonder

  • The mean old judge, the ambitious but feckless secretary, the two mistreated but keenly watchful servants, all four contained within the walls of a spiffy yet cold and claustrophobic apartment—it is a delicious combination, packed with drama, irony and drollery.'—Jonathan Yardley, Washington Post Book World 'Had Balzac turned his wit on our nation's capital, the resulting novel might have been the story of John Knox.…Eccentric and exciting political and social history.'—Jeff Greenfield, Harper's 'This book has novelistic force, like One L or The Paper Chase

  • Most telling for me was the view of black Americans as they study, protect, and sometimes shake their heads at the powerful white people they know as flawed human beings.'—Juan Williams Excerpts from The Forgotten Memoir of John Knox A Year in the Life of a Supreme Court Clerk in FDR's Washington Edited by Dennis J

    Exposition of Matthew 4 (1556) by John Knox
    Full title is: A Notable and Comfortable Exposition upon Matthew IV, Concerning
    the Temptations of Christ in the Wildeerness.

  • A Notable and Comfortable Exposition upon Matthew IV, Concerning the Temptations of Christ in the Wilderness 1556 John Knox Extracted from: Selected Writings of John Knox: Public Epistles, Treatises, and Expositions to the Year 1559 Editor's Note Early in 1556, Knox journeyed to Scotland to help strengthen the budding cause of Reformation

  • Knox returned to Geneva in September, undertaking pastoral duties within the English-speaking congregation there

  • Knox took his wife, Marjory, and her mother, Mrs

  • Anna Locke, Knox apologizes for the brevity of his correspondence, and adds: "In this mean season, you shall receive my judgment upon the first temptation of Christ, which I wrote being in Scotland at the request of some, who before, being in great anguish, did confess themselves somehat reclaimed: yea, as they said, brought from the bottom of hell by the doctrine of the same

  • The Exposition reveals another facet of Knox's eminent pastoral gifts

  • 312), Knox expressed the desire to complete the discourse at a later time, but this desire apparently remained unfulfilled

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    Knox and the Scottish Reformation - Resources
    A large list of links to resources on the Scottish Reformation, as well as to
    many royalty of the time.

  • Resources on The Scot's Reformation (1546 - 1660) John Knox (1505-1572), Andrew Melville, Robert Bruce, James Stewart (Moray), Mary Queen of Scots, Mary of Guise, James (VI) I The Scottish Reformation - Scroll down for Scotland

  • The Cambridge History of English and American Literature John Knox - a detailed Biography

  • Panosian : Article Brief biography Knox's Successors [A Start, this section will eventually have to be expanded into a different page] by Robert Anderson Melville, Bruce and others Brian Orr's pages - well done! A must visit site! by Roy Middleton The Royals Great pages!! with a and Individual pages with portraits and timelines on the Royals and their wives and others including: ; ; ; and A must visit site! Mary Queen of Scots - Royal Stuarts Page Follow the links to some good pages on Skye's Scottish History pages complete with a Life in Elizabethan England Pages James VI of Scotland (I of England) Good website! - Royal Stuarts page Brief Biography with pictures James Steward - Earl of Moray (Regent for James VI) Places Significant places including, the and On the part of the You are viewing: - - - - - - Thanks for visiting! Please E-mail me at:

    Geoffrey Rush
    Filmography, biography, news articles, photo gallery and miscellaneous links.

  • John Knox (2001) ...

    George Wishart Through John Knox's Eyes
    A paraphrased adaptation of John Knox's report concerning Wishart as contained
    in his History of the Reformation in Scotland.

  • This issue was scheduled to be devoted to John Knox -- the fiery reformer and most influential man in the history of Scotland

  • Knox will have to wait

  • Well, not completely, because the following account is abridged and paraphrased from Knox's History of the Reformation in Scotland

  • Sympathizers of reform thrust a reluctant Knox into leadership

  • Knox had been a bodyguard for Wishart

  • Wishart's impact on Knox's life affected him to the core

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    Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Reformation Europe
    Extensive collection of brief documents and excerpts; links.

  • Precursors and Papal Critics Luther and Lutheranism Calvin and Calvinism Radical Reformers English Reformation Scottish Reformation John Knox Precursors The Council of Trent Other Catholic Reformers The Society of Jesus WEB Reformation [At Memorial U] WEB Crawford Reformation Guide [At MSU] Guide to resources and texts all over the net

    John Knox House Museum
    Edinburgh: includes a brief biography; museum hours, location and facilities.

  • The Netherbow's facilities include the John Knox House Museum, a theatre, cafe and gallery, and the Scottish Storytelling Centre

  • HOMEPAGE John Knox House The original 15th century house has been largely unaltered since the 1550's when the Mosman family, Goldsmiths to Mary Queen of Scots, remodelled the house

  • John Knox, leader of the Scottish Reformation and founder of the Presbyterian Church, lived here for a short time before he died here in 1572

  • Now maintained by the Church of Scotland, the museum holds an exhibition about Knox's life and times

    John Calvin [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
    Article on Calvin's philosophy in the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

  • Richmond: John Knox Press, 1961

  • Louisville: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1993

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    The Common Faith
    An early document of Presbyterian theology by John Knox.

  • The Common Faith by John Knox John Knox (1513-1572) was a Scottish priest who became a Protestant reformer and founder of Scottish Presbyterianism

    BBC - History - Scottish History
    Complete biography.

  • For ministers like John Knox, Mary represented a serious threat to the whole Protestant cause

  • Was it to be under the control of a ‘godly’ prince or ‘godly’ ministers? These tensions are well represented in the two key figures - James Stewart and John Knox

  • John Knox on the other hand was born into a relatively poor East Lothian background

  • For Knox ‘In religion there is nae middes (middle): one is either of God, or the Devil’

  • The Confrontation Moray and Knox came into confrontation over the issue of Mary’s private mass

  • To Knox it was more dangerous than ten thousand armed Frenchmen, and he fuelled the anti-Catholic fire by leading a Protestant mob to Holyrood Abbey to disrupt the Queen's mass

  • Knox was forced to withdraw and was henceforth regarded as a political liability

  • The Reformation was ruled by the Lords of the Congregation, not by the rule of Knox and the mob

    Book of Revelation
    Resources for the study and appreciation of Revelation by Dr. Loren L. Johns.

  • Eugene Boring (Brite Divinity School of Texas Christian University ) Revelation Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Preaching Louisville: John Knox, 1989 Review of Beale’s commentary by Russell Morton, Ashland Theological Seminary, Ashland, Ohio, in Review of Biblical Literature The woodcuts of Albrecht Durer (1471-1528) on the Book of Revelation Apocalypse! (a PBS Frontline special) George K

  • Freeman Sleeper The Victorious Christ: A Study of the Book of Revelation Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 1996 666 (or is it 616?) P.Oxy

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