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Special Kids Learning Resource Network
Learning videotapes and educational materials for children (even teens) with
learning disabilities, from parents of a boy with autism.

  • Welcome to SPECIAL KIDS , where anything's possible for the learner with special needs! First conceived and created by a parent of a boy with autism - which produced a breakthrough that generated excitement around the world - SPECIAL KIDS exists today to reach and teach children with autism spectrum disorder, Down Syndrome, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, dyslexia and other learning disabilities, delays or challenges

  • We provide quality, effective, integrated learning: Plus when you join our SPECIAL KIDS family today, you'll enjoy exclusive money saving discounts available only to you plus our monthly free, informative, valuable newsletter of research, products and services to help your child grow and prosper

  • Every new day is another day learning for your child

    Learning Problems
    Article for kids to find out more about this common problem. Includes definitions
    for dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia.

  • > > > > Learning Problems Having a learning disability doesn't mean you can't learn

  • If you have a learning disability, such as dyslexia or dyscalculia (serious trouble with math), remember that you are not slow or dumb

  • Learning disabilities happen because of the way a person's brain takes in and processes information

  • Your parents and teachers can help you and they can find you a learning specialist or a school psychologist

  • These professionals can help figure out what a kid's learning problem is - and come up with ideas for how to make it better

  • What Are Learning Disabilities? Learning disabilities aren't contagious, but they can be

  • Someone with a learning disability probably has other family members who have had some learning troubles, too

  • Kids with learning problems are sometimes surprised to find out that one of their parents had similar troubles when he or she was in school

  • Learning experts now know a lot more about the and how learning works - and it's easier for kids to get the help they need

  • Dyslexia (say: dis- lek -see-uh) is a learning disability that means a kid has a lot of trouble reading and writing

    Learning Planet Kids Page
    Includes an assortment of educational games suitable for kids from preschool to
    grade 6.

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    British Council - LearnEnglish Kids
    Includes games, songs, stories, various topics, and printable material.

    - Educational Toy Store, Educational Toys For Kids, Kids Toys ...
    Offers educations toys and kits including Uncle Milton and Discovery Channel products.

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    Crafts for Kids -
    Crafts for pre-school through elementary aged children.

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  • Veteran's Day honors US war veterans and is held on the second Monday in November Thanksgiving crafts, printouts, and learning pages

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    Site for K-3rd grade students includes both online and printable activities for
    all subject areas.

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    USGS Learning Web
    Geology-related education resources.

  • Discover selected online resources, including lessons, data, maps, and more, to support teaching, learning, education (K-12), and university-level inquiry and research - The Internet's #1 Education Site for K-8 Kids and ...
    Flash-based games that improve math skills.

    Learning Kids Interactive
    Free educational software games and experiments for kids K-12.

    Information for all PBS kids' shows, including Arthur, Barney, and Teletubbies.


    Kids' Corner
    Great links and fun just for Kids.

    Knowledge Adventure
    Discover, learn, and excel with the best in educational software. Features downloadable
    demos, product support, and specials in the online store.

    Parenting advice, child development and family reference at ...
    News and trends that affect your family.

    Learn to Read at Starfall - teaching comprehension and phonics
    Free site to teach the basics of reading. Features interactive books and phonics games.

  • Where children have fun learning to read! Perfect for classrooms

    USGS Earthquake Hazards Program ยป Earthquakes for Kids
    Site features puzzles, games, science fair ideas, the online activity links, and
    virtual earthquake fly-bys.

    Childrens Software Kids Software - Great Prices Great Selection ...
    Hundreds of educational software titles in all subject areas for babies to teens.
    All programs are screened for solid educational content, ease of use and kid ...

  • Our educational software captivates kids with fun games and engaging activities, making learning meaningful and fun

    StarChild: A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
    Primarily for budding astronomers under the age of 14. A service of the High
    Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center at NASA.

    LD OnLine :: Kids
    Get information about learning disabilities. Check out the gallery, find books
    and articles, and go on a Scavenger hunt.

  • | LD OnLine works in association with the Coordinated Campaign for Learning Disabilities and the

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