About of KNOT NAMELESS SLIP - Tying the knot? Slip the traditional - May 1, 2002

The Tao Te Ching
Using the Feng/English version, Masahito Koishikawa compares chapters of the Tao
Te Ching with passages from the Bible.

  • What is firmly grasped cannot slip away

    Tao Te Ching
    A translation by JH McDonald, with hyperlinked table of contents.

  • It may slip through your fingers and disappear

    Shelley Jackson
    Online novel describes how Pinocchio succeeded at last in becoming a puppet.

  • On first seeing Herman Godfrey clothed only in grace, the painted limestone bust of Queen Nefertiti emanated the 'bloom.' The girls slipped away

  • WOULD-BE WE Herman Godfrey made sure to congratulate the girls on their new inventions, and let slip a 'we' from time to time, building great edifices of hopeful conjecture on the rare occasions when this error of person went uncorrected

  • NAMES, A LITTLE SLIPPERY The named things had a tendency to slither around under their names and even switch places, so that Herman Godfrey never knew just what the genius girls were talking about, and even 'Nefertiti bust, ' which seemed straightforward enough, sometimes meant the pool of standing water in the molded porcelain form and other times seemed to stand for a piece of shoddy statuary with a garish paint-job


    The Mad Dog Media Liberation Arf Farce
    News and cartoons from the demented mind of Patrick O'Grady.

    Tao Te Ching - English Version on The Gold Scales
    Interpolation by Tormod Kinnes, based on the English versions of Lin Yutang,
    Arthur Waley and Wing-tsit Chan.

  • The perfect reckoner needs no counting-slips; the good reckoner uses no counters

    Neologism Cliche Aphorism and Novel Language Form
    Extensive list of new sayings, cliches, aphorisms, and neologisms. Has additional
    pages on related language matters.

    Nova Scotia
    Recent messages from the e-mail group for birding and natural history in NS.

  • Benefits

    Free Practical Jokes, April Fool's Day Jokes
    A small collection of pranks and practical jokes.

  • Took the poor dude almost 10 minutes to guess that he had been gigged! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I just pulled one on somebody -- I slipped some of those anti- shoplifting strips into the lining of the victim's favorite jacket

    The Tao Teh King, Liber CLVII
    Translation and personal introduction by Aleister Crowley.

    Pope Peter & the Moon Child
    A surrealist farce which plunders the Roman Catholic myth of the last pope and
    the Nietzschean assertion of the death of the Christian God.

    The Warlord of Mars
    Text of the work in plain-text format.


    The Beasts of Tarzan
    Text of the work in plain-text format.

  • 'Read it, Paul, ' he said, handing the slip of paper to D'Arnot

  • 'Show me the direction they went, ' cried the woman, slipping a coin into the man's hand

  • There was a shiftiness of his whole appearance that even found expression in the cat-like manner of his gait, and to it all a sinister suggestion was added by the long slim knife that always rested at his waist, slipped through the greasy cord that supported his soiled apron

    Homelessness in America
    Gerald L. Campbell's preprint on homelessness in America and the causes and
    prevention methods thereof.

    Cybertron Dreams
    By Benjamin D. Hutchins. []

    Our Mr. Wrenn
    In plain text, at Wiretap. 427K.

  • Wrenn's pasteboard slip was indifferently received in the plate-glass gullet of the grinder without the taker's even seeing the clerk's bow and smile

  • George's Square for an organ-recital (see the English Baedeker); then an express for London and---- Gee! The ferryboat was entering her slip

    Collection of short fiction. All in one HTML file. 489K.

  • Through blackberry brakes that tried to pluck me back, though I but strained toward fruitless growths of mountain laurel, up slippery steeps to barren heights, where stood none to welcome

    The First Men In The Moon
    All in one HTML file. 412K.

  • His hat tumbled to the carpet, his heavy umbrella slipped between his knees with a thud; he reached after the one and ducked after the other, but with an unimpaired smile on his round face spoke simultaneously as follows: 'My name is Brown

  • It was so much too large for him that it almost slipped down on to his shoulders

    Can Such Things Be
    Etext of 1909 edition.

    The Sea Wolf Jack London
    The complete text, and a forum and chat.

  • Then the long, black side of the vessel began slipping past, so near that I could have touched it with my hands

  • I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness, and tried with all the power of my will to fight above the suffocating blankness and darkness that was rising around me

  • 'But you'll 'ave to make them do till I dry yours out by the fire.' Clinging to the woodwork, staggering with the roll of the ship, and aided by the cook, I managed to slip into a rough woollen undershirt

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