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  • An simple to tie slip knot, pictures make it easy

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  • This knot often slips when used this way and has caused injuries and deaths.[rp] Why would someone want to learn knots when bungee cords and straps are so easy to use? A length of rope and the knowledge of a few knots make for infinitely versatile connections and lashings

  • For most non fishing uses, a few percentage points of strength is not as important as security, being untied easily or whatever else your job may require.[rp] How can you get a knot to hold in these new slippery synthetic ropes? Don't they just come undone? Sometimes knots come loose because they were not worked down correctly

  • Knots should be tested to see when they hold, slip or jam when tied in different ropes

  • For more information see their web pages in the Internet resources section above.[rp] I sometimes see safety warnings about some knots, especially concerning children, why is that? Loop knots that slip make dangerous nooses

  • Children like to play hangman with slip loops

  • What gives? Nylon is a slippery material and although it's stable in 3-strand form, it will unravel easily if the ends are not whipped, taped or otherwise secured

    The Prusik Knot
    Discussion, comments, and tips regarding use for both sailing and climbing. History.

  • Tie two half hitches on the standing part to make a 'slipknot' loop in both ends of this line

  • Pull your legs up, (the slip knots keep the loops on your feet), and slide the lower Prusik up

  • DO NOT use a french prusik because although it releases easily it does so too easily and has a tendancy to slip

    Fishing knots
    Provides instructions for tying illustrated and described.

  • When making your loops use anywhere from 7 to 11 loops to ensure it doesn't slip


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    The most comprehensive collection of knotting resources on the web. Sections on
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    Pictures and instructions on how to tie a few knots.

    A fansite dedicated to Slipknot containing news, photos, logos, audio, and video.

  • DATE LATEST SITE UPDATES / ADDITIONS 06.06.05 05.08.05 Forums temporarily down due to server switch 03.23.05 03.23.05 02.19.05 02.19.05 SLIPKNOT CPD.COM: - 1385011 Total Hits | [ SLIPKNOT ] [ BAND INFO ] Ex-Members Miscellaneous [ THE MUSIC ] Tablature [ MULTIMEDIA ] [ INTERACTION ] Fan Archive [ ABOUT CPD ] [ AFFILIATE SITES ] LATEST SLIPKNOT NEWS SLIPKNOT's CLOWN On Upcoming DVD: 'We Can't Wait To Share It With All Of You' - Aug

  • - August 5th, 2006 SLIPkNOT percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan has issued the following update on the band's forthcoming DVD: 'It's coming along

  • Sometimes you've got to be put in your place, and he was put in his place.' SLIPKNOT is expected to begin writing material for its fourth studio effort later this year

  • I've talked to [SLIPKNOT bassist] Paul [Gray] a few times

  • For the song's video, STONE SOUR worked with director Tony Petrossian (SLIPKNOT, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, HEAD AUTOMATICA) to create a potent visual that assails the ever-growing plastic celebrity culture

  • The video storyline ends with STONE SOUR performing alone in front of a sign that captures it all: 'HOLLOWOOD.' The song itself — with its reference to 'An epidemic of the mannequins contaminating everything' — began when STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor (also of SLIPKNOT) was 'sitting in a European hotel room watching a music video channel, ' he says

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    Knots for boating, climbing, and fishing with clear animations.

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  • - 33FT Pacemaker Fiberglass sportfishing boat, docked at slip# B-3, Indian River Inlet Marina Delaware, and powered by twin cummins 210 H.P

  • May Thru September: At Slip B 11 Indian River State Park North Shore Marina

  • Stop by Dock “C” Slip 25 and visit or feel free to call (717-940-9379)

    Welcome To Djembe-L FAQ "How to Make A Shekeré" v8b
    Steve Tierra provides detailed instructions on how to make the instrument from a gourd.

  • Whichever way you've decided to work the mesh, top to bottom or vice versa, you'll need to form a ring that is small enough (in relation to the gourd at that point) to not slip over the waist of the gourd, but not so small as to prevent easy movement

  • Lay the foundation ring out on a big table or the floor and make a big star by slipping the loop end of the double verticals under the ring from outside the ring, then pulling the ends through so that the cord forms a half hitch over the ring and the verticals lie flat

  • The polyester cord I used didn't want to stay tightly looped so I slipped a piece of wax paper underneath and put a drop of crazy glue at each loop to hold it until the mesh was completed

  • After struggling with the ring slipping all around I got the idea of holding it down with rubber bands

  • Slip the correct color bead to complete your design on either the right or left vertical and knot as above

  • You do want some bare gourd to show through (enough perhaps to allow it to stand on the table with the beads being mashed) but not so much that the mesh will want to slip back down the gourd

    Tying the Four-in-Hand Knot
    Illustrated lesson.

  • Slip the narrow end of the tie through the tag


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    A series of clearly illustrated knots for fly fishing.

  • FLY FISHING KNOTS REEL > BACKING LINE > FLY LINE > LEADER > DROPPER > FLY SLIP KNOT - Backing to reel SLIP KNOT A reliable knot for attaching backing line to the reel

  • Note that the length used for the dropper should be the one pointing away from the reel For full tying instructions see SLIP KNOT - Fly or Hook connection SLIP KNOT An alternative to the half - blood knot which has served me well for over thirty years

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    kite surfing.

  • You’ll be welcomed by Ian and Judy and the rest of the Nananu Kite Boarding and WindSurfing team - then just kick back and slip into the Fiji Island pace of life

  • Slip into the pace of Fiji Island life at this laid back lodge

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  • The advertising agencies will quote Confucius to you, and we had better listen: a picture is more effective than a thousand words, for example, when trying to get across the idea of the non-slip climbers' knot

    Detailed directions with photos for making netted coverings for Christmas ornaments.

  • Basically, you tie a slip knot in the end of your new thread

  • When you have 4" to 6" left on your working thread, put it through the slip knot

  • Make sure the netting is tightened, then make sure the slip knot is close to the last bead

    Who Invented the Yo-Yo article by Mary Bellis.

  • Duncan's contribution to yo-yo technology was the slip string, consisting of a sliding loop around the axle instead of a knot

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  • You must also be careful with rayon and slippery threads

  • I am not a purist and if I am stitching with a very slippery thread I put a little knot on the end, trim it close, and bury the thread

  • Then slip the clear tube over the point of your needle, squeese, and pull it through

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