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  • Brand Yarn Weight Fiber Content Texture Color Family Color Number Color Name Yarn Name '> Yarn Showcase Featured Yarn Bunny Print Tahki's 'Bunny Print' -- alpaca/wool blend that is as soft to the touch as it is pleasing to the eye (Pattern shown: ) Ball/Skein Strand Detail Shade Card | Copyright (c) 2006 Yarndex.com

    Dawn Brocco Knitwear Designs: Knitting Patterns and Knitting Yarn
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    Wendy Knits!
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  • First, use a lifeline -- at a point where you know the pattern is correct, thread a contrasting yarn of thread (dental floss works great for this) through the live stitches

  • The Silkroad DK Tweed is lovely yarn -- 85% wool, 10% silk, and 5% cashmere

  • Posted by wendy at | September 21, 2006 Remember That Weird Opal Yarn? Remember my hijinks with the Opal yarn that looked nothing like the sample photo supplied by Opal? I was discussing it in my

  • I offered the yarn to the first person was asked for it, so I sent it off to a good home

  • End of story? Well, the retailer I bought the yarn from emailed me and offered to take it back after reading about it on my blog

  • Opal distributor who checked the photos on my blog and agreed the yarn was mis-labelled

  • Opal credited the retailer for the yarn, and the retailer in turn gave me a credit for the full price I paid for the yarn

  • Marjorie asked a good question in the comments: Do you have any advice for substituting yarns? I have a lot of stash yarn that is about 345 yds for 50g, making it heavier than the yarn you're using or that many shawl patterns specify

    Snarky wonderfulness.

  • I think I need a knitting chart for some of these...! (2) | Posted on Monday, August 7, 2006 at 08:40 AM in And the Question of the Week is… (21) | Posted on Monday, August 7, 2006 at 06:42 AM in , (1) | Posted on Saturday, August 5, 2006 at 03:41 PM in Happy birthday, Kelly!! We had an awesome time at Napolitano’s karaoke last night-- especially since I WON THE CONTEST! Now you need to help me spend that gift certificate! The cash will, don’t be surprised, be spent on yarn

  • (2) | Posted on Friday, August 4, 2006 at 12:34 PM in , Does it get much better than this...? (1) | Posted on Friday, August 4, 2006 at 11:10 AM in , How funky-fun are these turning out to be? Yarn is and both sets of needles are size 3

  • Working with yarn sometimes is like working in the garden

  • Yarn doesn’t lie, either, but it speaks in a softer voice

  • And I can tell that I’m going to run out of yarn

  • So what to do? Soldier on, run out of yarn, and knit the toes in a completely different shade? (if you’re interested, I’m talking about the blue stained-glass looking socks ) Soldier on, and hope that my LYS has another ball of the exact same yarn and color? Admit defeat, and make them for someone else who has smaller feet? And what about the mistake? It might not be noticable to non-knitters, but now that I’ve seen it I can’t look at the socks without pangs of guilt


    Photo by www.lornaslaces.net

    Includes photographs and project upates.

  • We weren't far from the very pretty town of Perth, where I managed to find not only a yarn store, but a yarn store that was having a closing out sale

  • And oh, how I wished I'd been there a few weeks ago; unfortunately, all that was left was scratchy wool and novelty yarns

  • Anyway, I'm happy to be back, mostly because of this: Knitting photos soon! I knit a pair of socks on the fishing trip, but I didn't finish my Leaf Lace Shawl -- because I ran out of yarn on row 8 of the 16-row edging! Grrrr

  • (Something fabulous about this pattern is that instructions are provided for four yarn weights.) I'm also hoping to do some sewing this month

  • (For those following along at home, yes, this is the yarn that I originally bought to knit this shawl, and which I then with

    Yarn Bazaar
    Features yarns, needles, needle cases, bags and totes, books and patterns.

  • email or print Yarn Bazaar gift certificates in any amount instantly! INTRODUCING Presencia Crochet Thread We'll be adding more sizes every week

  • The only knitting needles that you can use to knit & measure in one! Lantern Moon 'Destiny' Circular Needles Available in Rosewood and Ebony COMING SOON! Grafton Fibers Crochet Hooks Lorna's Laces 25% Off Sale Quick Gifts! uses Kollage Yarns: Cornucopia & Pop! View these pattern on Great to mix with any yarn for that extra Zing! Stylish Tote! Lantern Moon We are Happy to Introduce! We carry all of Fiesta Yarns and Gorgeous Colors! Up to 50% Off! CLOSEOUTS on Select Yarns, Books & Patterns Copyright © 2004-2005 Yarn Bazaar All rights reserved

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    Obsessive cyber knitting.

  • it took me a little while to get back into the pattern, but now once again everything makes sense and it's just a matter of persevering the 4ply yarn and stocking stitch.i frogged the, btw, and restarted it in a bright green yarn ..

  • will you please remind me? posted by kris @ | Monday, August 21 warning if you don't like knitting socks, or drooling over sock yarn, or if your feet are too hot to fathom the idea of wearing wool ever again, this post is not for you

  • but if you're like me, and can wear wooly socks in the middle of summer, and have a sock yarn stash the size of, um, something embarrassingly big, then welcome! lookie here what i made! specs pattern: 's yarn: ' sock yarn, colourway budgie needles: 2.5mm addi turbos mods: knit toe up instead of top down, and with a garter stitch short-row heel instead of a flap heeli decided to knit these toe up so that i could use as much of the gorgeous yarn as possible without the risk of running out of yarn

  • i'm very happy with the garter stitch short-row heel; it fits well, is wonderfully cushiony and hopefully will be a bit more hardwearing than a stocking stitch one, which is a bonus when the yarn has no nylon content

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    Photo by biggeek.knitblog.com

    River Knits Fine Yarns Yarn Shop : Natural Yarns and Knitting Supplies
    Yarn shop offering natural fiber and novelty yarns from around the world.
    Product information, class descriptions and schedule, directions and store hours.

  • Welcome to River Knits yarn shop, located in the heart of Lafayette, Indiana

  • Shop owner, Elizabeth Ladd (center), and Instructors Amanda Gill (left) and Michelle Ogden, welcome you to River Knits River Knits yarn shop offers a flowing selection of natural and novelty yarns and knitting supplies, as well as classes and events

  • Discover a river of yarn! Subscribe to RiverKnits Newsletter Powered by Check out the in stock

  • Friday, November 3; 7pm Commemorative River Ripple Sock Pattern celebrating three years of River Knits Fine Yarns

  • Check it out on our Come in and get in on the newest yarns, patterns, and accessories!! (click on manufacturer to view items) , especially noting Supersock (also Potluck Bulky 6 packs, Silk & Merino DK and Alpine Lace) Silkroad DK Tweed aMAIZing , patterns Daria Ultra Alpaca Our First Afghan! Many local knitters contributed squares and assembled this warm blanket that was donated to the

  • Check out the great for all skill levels! Lantern Moon Baskets Ashford Spinning Wheels River Knits yarn shop carries the best in natural fiber and designer yarns including Baabajoes, Berroco, Blue Sky Alpacas, Brown Sheep Co., Cascade, Classic Elite, Crystal Palace, Dale of Norway, Diakeito, Elsebeth Lavold, Erdal, Filati FF, Gedifra, Jade Sapphire, Joseph Galler, Lana Grossa, Lorna's Laces, Mango Moon, Mountain Colors, Manos Del Uruguay, Noro, Peace Fleece, Plymouth, Rowan, Sirdar, S.R

    Lettuce Knit
    Retail store specializing in yarn, patterns, and needles, and offers classes in
    hand knitting. Online catalog, store hours, and class schedule.

  • Check out our Some of the yarns you'll find at Lettuce Knit And more..

  • What an awesome yarn! 15% Soya Fibre, 15% Linen, 20% Organic Cotton, and 50% Merino, spun up into a bulky yarn with 65 yards in 50 grams

  • Knit with a 6mm needle, this yummy yarn will yield 14 stitches over 4 inches

  • * * * * * Extraordinary New Yarns from the Fibre Company In addition to 'Savannah' (pictured here on the bottom shelf), we also received 'Terra'(on the top two shelves) this month

  • Wow! This yarn has style and substance! We received 26 colours, covering the spectrum, evoking the natural world

  • This yarn looks handspun and has a slight nubbly appearance

  • This is how The Fibre Company explains the yarn they are creating: 'Fibre expressed as art: Crafted with heartfelt passion for the unusual in beauty and texture with subtle variances

  • These are the characteristics that make up our unique artisan yarns, ready to receive your artistry and inspiration'

  • Yarn slides effortlessly back and forth between needle and cord

  • Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere New arrival! 10 colours of Debbie Bliss Pure Cashmere, her new yarn of the season

    cosmicpluto knits!
    Blog of a Canadian knitter.

  • I started this sock on Addis and switched to the Knitpicks, and that super pointy tip sure helps with the twists! It just gets right in there! They’re the “Traveler’s Stockings” from Knitting on the Road, in some superwash sock yarn I dyed, and I’m really liking it

  • I think I just might…the other thing is that I want to buy yarn for projects I want to knit

  • So I’ve got a plan, I think a doable one - no yarn buying till the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair, where I can buy some stuff; then, no yarn buying till Rhinebeck

  • Strange Little Mama socks Pattern: basic, on 64 sts, short row heel Yarn: Vesper sock yarn, Strange Little Mama Needles: Addi Turbo US0 Finished: August 6, 2006 They’re a really good fit, nice and snug

  • Posted in, | August 5th, 2006 At long last! Supermerino Diamonds Cardigan Pattern: my own (hope to have it up for sale in the next few weeks) Yarn: Artyarns Supermerino…I think it was 10 skeins

  • I don’t even remember when I started it…I got the yarn at Christmas, but I definitely didn’t cast on for a few months

    Writing about cooking, knitting, and other projects.

  • This yarn is weird, in the sense that when I pull on it, it stays there and doesn't really snap back to where it was

  • After some dire warnings from about how poorly the same yarn has worn in her very own version, I took a long look at it and I can see the signs already

  • I'll probably do another Clap in a different yarn at some point soon

  • It's also one of the best uses for handpainted/variegated yarn I've seen

  • I'm really liking the yarn

  • I've started and unraveled a couple of projects out of their 100% kid mohair yarn, which is gorgeous but stiffer and harder to find a suitable pattern for

  • There's a wee bit of texture from the yarn, but not enough to be distracting, some slight variation in how the different fibers took the dye, and it feels divine

  • (You say delusional, I say ambitious.) And those are just the projects I'm thinking of where I already have stash yarn in mind

  • There's a whole other pile of magazines and leaflets with projects I don't have yarn picked out for yet

  • The yarn: my handspun Icelandic, fiber from True North FarmThe pattern: I pretty much winged it


    Betty Billups plein air painter, plein air paintings
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