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  • From that minute forward, I Love Lucy went on the air, and has never been off since

  • Each episode opens with a plausible situation (home economy, child rearing, postdating a check) thrown awry with exaggerated absurdity (Lucy is starched, frozen, stuffed with chocolate, locked in a trunk, and lowered to the deck of a ship by helicopter, just to name a few)

  • Yet somehow, Lucy never seems to lose touch with the audience - the show is human, and so are we

  • While the comic brilliance of Lucille Ball and the magic chemistry of the four main characters were the cornerstones of the show, I Love Lucy owes its success in no small part to a band of brilliant creators and innovators

  • TV Land is proud to be the new home of I Love Lucy as the show reaches its golden anniversary

  • Be sure to join Ricky, Lucy, Fred, and Ethel on TV Land as we celebrate this timeless classic

  • Lucy, you're home

    LUCYlibrary: for fans of I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz
    Includes I Love Lucy Episode guide, video and audio clips, photos, features from
    series creator Jess Oppenheimer's archives, books, and videos.

  • FREE Check out all our "America's Favorite Lucy Store" The top thirty Lucy episodes on six VHS Tapes! Speed it up a little! Stop in at Browse under Can't find what you want? Search Welcome, first-time visitors: Learn how your LUCYlibrary purchases Give the gift of laughter! This award-winning box set includes all 31 Season 2 episodes (including the priceless chocolate conveyor belt scene), digitally remastered and magnficently restored, plus loads of extras like flubs, lost scenes, and the original animated transitions

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  • The funniest book ever written about everyone's favorite sitcom has more than 50 rare photos , never-published Lucy scripts (including the only script that Lucy or Desi ever refused to perform!), plus the 72-minute Lucy's Lost Scenes full of rare Lucy comedy recordings, outtakes, and "Vitameatavegamin"! And your purchase will help fund AIDS research! , and all proceeds go to AIDS Research

    Sitcoms Online - I Love Lucy
    Show and cast information, theme song, video clips and links.

  • to search for TV Shows on DVD at low prices at I Love Lucy - one of over 70 different sitcom pages from Sitcoms Online Visit for the latest sitcom news, message boards, photos, links, theme songs, and more! I Love Lucy on DVD: Read our reviews: / / / / Message Board: Have a question about I Love Lucy, comment, trivia question, request, etc.? Then post your message on the: Photo Gallery: / Broadcast History: First Telecast: October 15, 1951 Last Telecast: September 24, 1961 Oct 1951-Jun 1957, CBS Mon 9:00-9:30 (OS) Apr 1955-Oct 1955, CBS Sun 6:00-6:30 Oct 1955-Apr 1956, CBS Sat 6:30-7:00 Sep 1957-May 1958, CBS Wed 7:30-8:00 Jul 1958-Sep 1958, CBS Wed 7:30-8:00 Oct 1958-May 1959, CBS Thu 7:30-8:00 Jul 1959-Sep 1959, CBS Fri 8:30-9:00 Sep 1961, CBS Sun 6:30-7:00 Total number of episodes: Cast: as Lucy Ricardo - as Ricky Ricardo as Ethel Mertz as Fred Mertz as Little Ricky Ricardo (1956-1957) as Jerry, the agent (1951-1954, occasional) as Mrs

  • MacGillicuddy (1955-1956) as Betty Ramsey (1957) as Ralph Ramsey (1957) Theme Song: 'I Love Lucy, ' by Harold Adamson and Eliot Daniel Television's Greatest Hits, Vol

  • 1 CD Includes the I Love Lucy theme song - 65 total tv themes For more information and to purchase from Video Clips: Series Summary: Lucille Ball had spent three seasons on CBS radio as the female lead in the situation comedy My Favorite Husband when she decided to give the new medium, television, a try

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    The Lucille Ball File
    Extensive fansite featuring index of movie and television roles, library, radio
    episode guides and appearances, merchandise and audio.

    Kayla's I Love Lucy Page
    "Lucyopedia" of details about the show, cast and crew information, episode guide,
    quotes, song lyrics, bloopers, layout of the Mertz Apartment Building, ...

    Lucille Ball
    Biography, pictures, filmography, and links.

  • Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo ..

  • aka Lucy in Connecticut (USA: rerun title) ..

  • aka The Sunday Lucy Show (USA: rerun title) ..

  • aka The Top Ten Lucy Show (USA: rerun title) - (1990) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy Lopez - (1957) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo - (1957) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo - (1957) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo - (1957) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo () (1990) (TV) ...

  • Lucy Ricardo (1986) TV Series ...

  • Lucy Barker (1985) (TV) ...

  • Lucy Whittaker (1976) (TV) ...

  • Lucy Collins ..

  • Lucy Carter (1969) (TV) ...

  • Lucy Carmichael - (1967) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy Carmichael - (1967) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy Carmichael - (1967) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy Carmichael - (1967) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy Carmichael - (1967) TV Episode ...

  • Lucy Carmichael () (1967) ...

  • Lucy Carmichael - (1964) TV Episode (1964) (TV) ...

  • Lucy Ricardo ..

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  • Beatles are licensed by 2000 Apple Corps LTD 'NICK & NORA' ® is a registered trademark of Shady Character, LTD 'Lucy in the Chocolate Factory'® 'I Love Lucy' is a registered trademark of CBS Worldwide Inc

  • Lucy's first show business job was modeling for as the Chesterfield poster girl

  • In 1933 Lucy was in her first movie 'Roman Scandals' as a Goldwyn Girl for MGM

  • Television had begun and was in need of programs -so Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz created the most famous television comedy show in history - 'I Love Lucy'

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    The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center
    Museum dedicated to the life and times of Lucille Ball located in her birthplace
    of Jamestown, NY.

  • On this day in Lucy-Desi History: You Are Visitor # The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center ♥ 300 N

  • Main St., Jamestown, NY 14701 ♥ (toll-free) 1-877-LUCY-FAN ♥ Fax: 716-484-1018 ♥ All original materials © 2006 The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Center, Inc

  • "I Love Lucy" is copyrighted by and a registered trademark of CBS Worldwide, Inc

    I Love Lucy Bible Study for Small Groups
    Small group discussion Bible study based on the classic TV series.

  • Rusty Walker's...Lucy Bible Study! SPECIAL- Hurricane Katrina Screensaver with over 100 images never seen before! You've made it to the Home of the Lucy Bible Program and Study! This program takes lessons learned from the classic I Love Lucy TV show and uses them as a discussion starter for small group study! What is it? A program written for adults/young adults just starting in group study

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    Like Television - I Love Lucy
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  • - - - - - -                   - - - - Lucy Show - Lucy & Viv Put in a Shower Starring - Lucille Ball, Vivian Vance Writers - Garry Marshall, Bob Schiller, Gene Thompson, Bob Weiskopf LikeTelevision proudly presents The Lucy Show, starring Lucille Ball and Vivian Vance

  • This episode features Lucy trying to coerce her male friends to install a shower, then she tries a plumber, and finally - it's a DIY (do-it-yourself) job

  • LUCY!!! Turn it off! LikeTelevision Classic TV Lucy Show - Lucy & Viv Put in a Shower (1965) - B&W - 25 min Get Player - M O R E G O O D I E S Also starring the great Vivian Vance, best known as Ethel Mertz from I Love Lucy LikeTelevision Video Search - - - - - Copyright © 1999- 2005 LikeTelevision, Inc

    Lucille Ball, Everything Lucy |
    Listing all of Lucille Ball's TV shows, episode guide, movie career, filmography
    and realvideo clips of I Love Lucy.

  • > > :: I LOVE LUCY was offered her own televison program by CBS in 1949, at the dawn of television

  • Not one to take no for an answer, Lucy raised $5000 and, together with Desi, produced a pilot

  • On October 15, 1951, I Love Lucy debuted on CBS and the rest is TV history

  • For its entire run, I Love Lucy maintained its time slot, Monday night at 9pm, during which millions of Americans stopped whatever they were doing to join the Ricardos and the Mertzes for a half hour

  • As one of the ultimate Classic TV shows, I Love Lucy continues to be enormously popular worldwide

  • > > :: THE LUCY-DESI COMEDY HOUR The general format of this show was the same as the original format, except it was one-hour in length

  • When and decided to call it quits after six hugely successful seasons of I Love Lucy , they planned to continue the format in hour-long specials on the CBS network

  • A new cartoon opening, as well as a modernized arrangement of the I Love Lucy show theme are created

  • The show came to an end upon the divorce of Lucy and Desi

  • But Time would tell a different story! > > :: THE LUCY SHOW Produced by for Desilu Production, went into rehearsals on July 12, 1962, five years after stopped production


    Everything Lucy Ball, Pet Memorials, Ancestry |
    Various interests including ancestral heritage and family tree for the lineages
    of Ritchey and Diehl. Also features a pet memorial and a special dedication to ...

  • :: EVERYTHING LUCY For the I Love Lucy fan - I've included a whole section on all of Lucy Ball's situation comedies, from I Love Lucy to the misfortunate Life With Lucy

  • Also included are Video clips from I Love Lucy to Life With Lucy

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    The Lucille Ball Family website - Celebrating 50 years of "I Love ...
    The family of Lucille Ball is happy to present this site to keep you posted on
    events surrounding the 50th Anniversary of "I Love Lucy"

    I Love Lucy World!
    Includes contests, games, trivia, club, chat, pictures and merchandise.

  • Search: The Web Tripod « | » Parts of Lucy World: Good news! I Love Lucy World is an associate, so you can buy cool I Love Lucy based books! Buy cool I Love Lucy stuff here! Read an interactive I Love Lucy Add-on story, written by you, the readers

  • Now back up! Think you know Lucy? Prove your greatness! The top 20 scores on each level will have the honor of being in the Hall of Fame

  • There are 3 difficulty levels, so anyone can enjoy! Try one of the many fun Lucy games on this site

  • Get your own I Love Lucy E-mail address,! Tell me what you think of I Love Lucy World by signing my guestbook! Read what others thought of I Love Lucy World here! Have a question about I Love Lucy, its cast, or this site? See if your question is answered in I Love Lucy World's FAQ

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  • Get all the info on Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, William Frawley, and Vivian Vance, the stars of I Love Lucy! Post an ad to get an I Love Lucy e-mail pal, or respond to one already posted! Interesting info about the cast, the show, and almost anything that has to do with Lucy! Episode guides for all of the episodes of I Love Lucy! Voice your opinion about your Lucy favorites! Read cool quotes from I Love Lucy! Read some I Love Lucy fan fiction! Talk to other Lucy Fans at my I Love Lucy message board! Get the best I Love Lucy Links on the Web! Check out the awards this site has won Get some great pics of Lucy and the gang! Do you have an I Love Lucy site? Add my banner to it

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    Lucille Ball's Hollywood
    Places in and around LA and Hollywood related to Lucy's life and death.

  • locations related to Lucy's life & death.) Where Lucy Lived: Studios Where Lucy Worked (and Studios She Owned): (formerly U.A., where Lucy made her first movie.) (formerly the first Deslilu Studios) (absorbed the former Deslilu Studios) (the early " I Love Lucy " episodes) (where she was under contract) (" Fancy Pants ") (where you can see "Lucy Park") An L.A

    LUCY!....IM HOME!
    Quotes from Lucy, Ricky, Fred, and Ethel for download in WAV format.

  • Join Television's Royal Redhead and her Crazy Cuban Compadre as you enjoy sounds and pictures that remind us all why We Love Lucy! It's a DesiLuLu! Asia E!Online has recognized this site as a: Thank you to my fellow Lucy and Desi online fans for making this site a winner of.......

  • ......Desi:.....'Lucy.....I'm home!'....

  • ....Lucy's 'aaaaoowww'.....cry ....

  • ....Lucy:....'Somethings happend to my's all dried up'.....

  • ....The original I Love Lucy theme....(this wav is compressed).........

  • The I Love Lucy Theme song....(This wav is compressed)...

  • where you going?' Lucy:...I'm going in the bedroom to tell myself funny stories and play solitare!....Whaaaaaaaa'..

  • ....Desi:....'Lucy spoils me terribly!'....

  • ....Lucy:....'Sit down....let's chat'...

  • ....Lucy:....'Go ahead and leave me!'....

  • ....Desi:....'I'll 'splain.....Lucy:....'Ok.....'splain.....

  • ....Lucy:....'How do ya like them hot licks Dad?....or don't you dig Bee Bop bee bop'n!?!'.....

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