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Senate District 52 - Republican Party of Minnesota
Local Republican organization serving eastern Anoka and northern Washington Counties.
News items, executive committee members, upcoming events, calendar.

  • | Senate District 52 - Republican Party of Minnesota Welcome! Serving Eastern Anoka and Northern Washington Counties Our Republican Ticket Senate District 52 Candidates Ray Vandeveer State Senate District 52 Bob Dettmer State House District 52A Matt Dean State House District 52B Other Republican Candidates In The News Our Condolences In The News In The News In The News In The News In The News We Need You We Need YOU! We have an historic opportunity in Minnesota this year

  • Imagine these headlines on November 8: Matt Dean Wins Second Term Forest Lake Schoolteacher Bob Dettmer Wins Big State Senator Elect Ray Vandeveer Claims Victory Four More Years, Pawlenty Over Hatch Michele Bachmann, 1st MN Republican Woman In Congress 4th District Give Nod to Obi Sium Jeff Johnson, 1st GOP Attorney General in 40 Years Klobuchar Concedes, Mark Kennedy Wins Pat Anderson, Mary Kiffmeyer Re-elected It can only happen with YOUR help

    Learn to Climb with Matt Hammersley in the Forest of Dean
    Experienced instruction in rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking and surfing in the
    Forest of Dean and the coasts of South Wales.

  • The majority of our activities take place in and around Symonds Yat, in the picturesque Wye Valley, and in the Forest of Dean

  • (website updating soon!) we are still getting loads of enquiries for activities in the forest of dean, which is great keep em comming...but ...we cannot provide activities down there at the

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  • PAUL LEJAY Transcribed by Matt Dean The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume XII Copyright © 1911 by Robert Appleton Company Online Edition Copyright © 2003 by K

    University of Washington College of Engineering
    Information about the engineering college at Washington.

  • EE prof wins Rigas Award Eve Riskin, a professor of electrical engineering and associate dean of academic affairs in the UW College of Engineering, will receive the prestigious 2006 Hewlett Packard/Harriet B

  • Matthew O'Donnell, the new dean of Engineering

    Learn about all sorts of different kinds of bugs.

  • Others courtesy of Matt Dean and Jane Zimmerman - Dean considers proposal to ease tax burden - Jan. 8, 2004

  • BURLINGTON, Vermont (AP) -- Howard Dean's advisers say they are considering a new proposal to reduce the tax burden on the middle class as he faces increasing criticism that his economic policies would take money from working Americans

  • Dean rival planned to begin airing a television ad Thursday in Iowa that criticizes Dean and Missouri Rep

  • Dean wants to use the money from repealing Bush's tax cuts to help balance the budget, pay for spending programs such as health care and education, and make the tax system fairer

  • Dean spokesman Doug Thornell said the campaign is discussing a new proposal to do that

  • Dean would not comment on his plans, other than to release a statement reiterating his support for a fairer tax code

  • Gina Glantz, a senior adviser traveling with Dean, suggested it would be released after Bush sends his fiscal 2005 budget to Congress on February 2 -- after voters in Iowa and New Hampshire choose a Democratic candidate

  • () Dean in the past has talked about reducing income tax paperwork and closing corporate tax loopholes

  • Thornell said Dean has never ruled out a middle class tax cut of his own

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    Biography, further reading, and selected bibliography.

  • DeAndrea (1994); Twentieth-Century Western Writers , ed

  • by Phil Karlson, starring Dean Martin, Stella Stevens

  • by Phil Karlson, screenplay by , starring Dean Martin, Elke Sommer, Sharon Tate - Pahaakin pahempaa The Man from Santa Clara, 1960 (The Two Shoot Gun) - Viimeinen kosto Texas Fever, 1960 - Armoton vaara The Removers, 1961 - Kaikin keinoin Murderer's Row, 1962 - film: Murderer's Row , 1966, dir

  • by Henry Levin, starring Dean Martin, Ann-Margret, Karl Malden - Minä en tunne armoa / Operaatio puhdistus The Silencers, 1962 - Kuoleman lähettiläät The Ambushers, 1963 - film: The Ambushers , 1967, dir

  • by Henry Levin, starring Dean Martin, Senta Berger - Kovat otteet, Matt Helm / Operatio väjytys The Shadowers, 1964 - Pidä varasi, Matt Helm The Ravagers, 1964 - Tämä vain, Matt Helm The Devastators, 1965 - Raaka peli, Matt Helm The Betrayers, 1966 - Ei armoa, Matt Helm ed.: Iron Men and Silver Stars, 1967 ('The Guns of William Longley') The Menacers, 1968 - Kovaa leikkiä, Matt Helm The Interlopers, 1969 - Vaarallinen erehdys On Guns and Hunting, 1970 The Poisoners, 1971 - Kuolema on vakava The Intriguers, 1972 - Kuoleman lähettiläs Matt Helm / Operaatio valtapeli The Intimidators, 1974 The Terminators, 1975 The Retaliators, 1976 - Matt Helm - palkkamurhaaja The Terrorizers, 1977 - Operaatio terroristit The Mona Intercept, 1977 Cruises with Kathleen

    Lehigh River Stocking Association - Walnutport, PA
    Non-profit organization dedicated to trout stocking and restoring the Lehigh
    River and its tributaries. Spring and fall stockings and year round water quality ...

  • LRSA Officers: President: Bill Derhammer Vice President: Matt MacConnell Secretary: Dean Druckenmiller Treasurer: Todd Woodring Chairman: Ted Miller Memberships: Colleen Miller 610-760-1367 Advertising Sales: Bill Derhammer 610-791-5215 Webmaster: Mark Zovak Newsletter Editor: Matt MacConnell LRSA Board of Directors: Irv Conway Bill Derhammer Dean Druckenmiller Fred Foster Matt MacConnell Bob Metz Colleen Miller Ted Miller Todd Woodring Visit our LRSA Email us your fishing photo's

  • Dean Druckenmiller Volunteers Needed! Sometime this summer or fall LRSA will be working with Wildlands Conservancy to help improve the Lausanne AMD Wetland System

    Dean Martin Editorial
    Editorial on the legacy of the performance artist. Includes bibliography.

  • " Looking backward, the secret of Dean Martin's extraordinary success has always seemed to be 'complete indifference' when opportunity comes knocking" - author Arthur Marx

  • Dean Martin was portrayed as a womanizer in his early days and a loner all his life, but that never got in the way of his talent or tarnished his image as an amiable, breezy performer

  • Dean was on target, in focus, and so true to his politically incorrect beliefs until the end

  • Everybody may love somebody sometime, but Dean's seemingly apathetic attitude toward the greatness that surrounded him, made most everybody love him all the time

  • It may be hard to fathom today, but Dean Martin was the most successful performer in the world for a time

  • Actually, Dean's acting wasn't that diverse, especially in his movies with Jerry Lewis and it wasn't until his solo career that he began to flourish as a personality

  • His co-starring role beside Brando and Clift in the hit film "The Young Lions" really accentuated his propensity for just playing himself on screen, but in time fans would relish seeing Dean in his self-parodied performances as "Matt Helm" and in films like "Cannonball Run" (Who can forget his line to Sammy in that one - "Because you're smaaalll…S-M-all….smalll!")

    Musicians Answering Service (MAS) - Diary Service
    Diary service for London's top musicians, with biographies and photos.


    Daily Kos: State of the Nation
    Daily weblog with political analysis on US current events from a liberal perspective.

    Yahoo! Movies - Greg's Previews
    Comprehensive coverage of new releases and films on the horizon.

  • Compiled by Greg Dean Schmitz (from, each preview page tracks an individual film throughout its development and production, up until release

    The Mac Weekly, September 15, 2006, Volume 100, No. 1 | The Mac Weekly
    Student newspaper of Macalester College in Saint Paul.

    la Repubblica/spettacoli: George, Brad, Andy & Matt 'Che spasso ...
    Servizio di Claudia Morgoglione, scheda con dati tecnici del film, galleria di
    foto di scena.

  • Nel girare "Ocean's Eleven" avete sentito un debito con Sinatra, Dean Martin e gli altri interpreti del film del '60? Clooney: "Nessun debito

    Jared Padalecki
    Biographical profile, filmography, photo gallery, contact information, TV schedule,
    and titles for sale.

  • Dean Forester (2000-2004) ..

  • Dean Forester - (2005) TV Episode ...

  • Dean Forester - (2004) TV Episode ...

  • Dean Forester - (2004) TV Episode ...

  • Dean Forester - (2004) TV Episode ...

  • Dean Forester () (2004) ...

    Matthew Settle
    Includes filmography, biography and image gallery.

  • Dean (2006) () ...

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    I film della settimana in Tv.

    Rhodes College Athletics
    Lynx - official web site with news, schedule, roster.

  • “I am ecstatic that Jennifer has joined our staff, ” Head Coach Matt Dean said

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