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  • | Creative Website Templates for Microsoft FrontPage® from i3dTHEMES by Lucky Marble Solutions 0 item in cart Total: $0.00 Website Templates for: ®, ®, ® | Microsoft® FrontPage ® 2000, 2002, or 2003 required

  • High-end and professional, our pre-themed website templates include components built specifically for Microsoft FrontPage® (FP Navigation Bars, FP Include Files) to help speed up the development of your website

  • Most of our website templates for FrontPage® also have a FrontPage DWT (Dynamic Web Template) version of the website available

  • Dreamweaver® Templates Macromedia®/Adobe® Dreamweaver® MX, MX2004, or 8 required

  • Our pre-themed website templates for Dreamweaver include components built specifically for Dreamweaver (CSS Menus, Dreamweaver DWT, Dreamweaver Libraries) to help speed up the development of your website

  • osCommerce® Powered Website Templates Microsoft® FrontPage® 2003, Microsoft Expression® Web Designer, Microsoft Sharepoint® Designer, or Adobe/Macromedia Dreamweaver MX/8 required

    Technical Writer Resume John H. Hook Technical-Writer-Resume
    My ojective is to assist organizations with technical writing, web development,
    ISO9000, and engineering challenges. Technical Writer, Website Developer, ...

  • Developed and used templates, procedures and SDLC documents including Basis of Estimates, Scopes of Work, Project Plans, Design Documents, Software and Hardware Specifications, Test Scripts, Project Summary Reports and Records Retention Requirements, etc

  • Developed and used templates, procedures and SDLC documents including Basis of Estimates, Scopes of Work, Project Plans, Design Documents, Software and Hardware Specifications, Test Scripts and Project Summary Reports etc., to comply with SAIC, PGRD and 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, etc

  • Developed templates, procedures and design documents including Database Structure, Hardware and Software Requirements Specifications, Mechanical and Electrical, and Unit and Integration Tests, etc., to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements, etc

  • PROJECT TITLE TASK Eli Lilly and Company (Pharmaceuticals), K103 Parenteral Manufacturing Facility Startup and Parenteral Health and Safety Programs, Indianapolis, IN (09/01 - 03/03) SENIOR TECHNICAL WRITER Designed and developed operations and maintenance procedure templates and procedures, such as; CIP, SIP, Data Historian, Equipment Systems and Utilities Validation, Formulation, Filling, Freeze Drying, Parts Washer, PUAF Unit and SCADA Operations etc., to support the startup of the K103 Parenteral Manufacturing Facility and comply with 21 CFR Part 11 and cGMP requirements

    Proposal and Contract Management Software, Documents, Templates ...
    Quote, predict, and maximize profit from a job. Overview and product list.

  • Updated for 2006! includes over 120 contract documents for IT, web, software, hardware, photography and other technology businesses, plus over 140 business proposal templates, 20 sample proposals, project estimate spreadsheets, project planning worksheets, and much more for only $197

  • with pre-designed graphics and layouts for any type of business include over 140 proposal templates and 20 sample proposals for only $57 each

  • ($57 each) New Version 7 released for 2006! Over 80 unique graphic designs available Buy 2 Proposal Packs and get the 3rd one free Business proposals for any type of business Improve the look of your existing proposals Over 140 templates included (Cover Letter, Title Page, Executive Summary, Cost Summary, Resume, etc) Supports writing general business proposals, grant proposals, business plan funding proposals, book proposals, resumes, quotes and short form contracts for complete proposal document list 20 complete sample proposals included Includes pre-proposal inquiry letter and examples Includes non-disclosure agreements Includes general work order agreements Includes proposal development and analysis checklists Includes proposal status tracking spreadsheet Fully customizable Downloadable One-time only license fee for unlimited uses for specific product details The Proposal Packs are designed for use by virtually any business (not just technology professionals)

    Microsoft Office Online Home Page
    Offers how-to articles, downloads, templates, clip art, and training.


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    Michél Dalal's Resume
    Summary of work experience, publications and awards.

  • Technologies and APIs Java: Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Java Server Pages (JSP), Servlets, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC), Java Foundation Classes (JFC/Swing), JavaBeans, Java Security API, Infobus, Applets (including code signing), Remote Method Invocation (RMI), LiveConnect and localization C/C++: Standard Template Library (STL), ADAPTIVE Communication Environment (), pthreads, sockets, ucd-snmp (a.k.a

    :: Easy Resume Creator Pro - cool resume maker, cover letter ...
    Software for resume building and for searching employment offers posted on
    different Job Boards.

  • Updated free cover letter samples that you can use as a template for developing your personal cover letters

  • Modified templates for cover letter builder

    Making a Resume in LaTeX
    How to make a maintainable and configurable resume in LaTeX using a template that
    separates presentation and content written by Andrew McNabb.

  • Every resume looks different, and having everything in one template file encourages tweaking

  • I may even post examples of alternate resumes based on the same basic template

    The Resume of Bradley M. Kuhn
    Looking for work as a software developer, system administrator, or technical writer.

  • Benefits

    Photo by - answers for IT professionals
    An example of using XSL to convert an XML-based r鳵m頩nto various data formats
    to suit diverse needs.

  • XSL itself consists of a series of templates that can be used to match some aspect of an XML document—usually, but not always, one or more nodes in the document

  • These templates apply patterns to the input XML stream that transform it to an output stream, which in this case will contain HTML code

  • For example, consider the XSL code that handles creation of a 'name' header in the output: This simple XSL template will get called anytime the XSL processor finds a <name> tag in the XML (which in this case will only be once)

  • A context is typically the current node making the request (in this case, the node matched in the xsl:template), and can be thought of as the node from which all other queries are made

  • Of all the code contained in the template, the only line of real complexity is: <xsl:if match='.[@locale=./country]'><xsl:value-of select='country'/><xsl:if><br/> In this case, the template checks to see if the address's locale attribute is the same as the country name

  • The final line in the address template, <xsl:apply-templates select='phone' /> seems pretty innocuous, but actually lays at the heart of XSL

    Visual Basic Programmer - Robert E. Gries resume: VB, VBA, Office ...
    Resume. Bibliography. Office XP macros. Microsoft Agent Voice Synthesis Integration
    for Word. Visual Basic Searchable Source Code Library.

  • to save it to disk) Download:, RE_Gries.doc ( Note : double-clicking these links should start Microsoft Word in your browser and you can save the file from there.) Back to top Custom file goodies for Office XP 2002-97 Applications: Download my Word for Windows power keyboard containing my speed-reader macros and power keyboard accelerator functions (Norm_Dot.exe, 197k) Download my Word power Keyboard template in Word document format (Word_Tpl.exe, 27k) that you can print out on LaserJet or color printers Help from Bill Microsoft has a sophisticated User Support Site with natural language query capability

  • ZDNet Help Zone Type whatever you want into the top input box where it currently says 'Word Tips', and a window will open with your query results when you click 'Search' TipZone find help with… Visual Basic programmer, VB programmer, VBA, Client-Server, SQL Server, RDO, Excel, Microsoft Office Automation, macro Microsoft Agent Voice Synthesis Integration for Word Download my Word for Windows integration template for MS Agent (MSagent.exe, 207k) Download my MS Agent Integration Installation instructions in Word document format (MSagent.doc, 27k) to print out and keep handy

    PowerBASIC: Basic Compilers
    Site about PowerBasic.

  • Bookmarks, more undo space, and source file templates

    Dr. Dobb's | Befriending Templates | May 13, 2003
    Looks at why befriending a template in another namespace is easier said (in the
    standard) than done (using real-world compilers that don't quite get the ...


    Dr. Dobb's | The New C++: Typedef Templates | April 15, 2003
    Presents an overview of the proposed typedef templates.

    Wordsworth Writing Editing and Researching Services Home Page
    Lori Jo Oswald, who has a Ph.D. in English, specializes in technical writing and
    editing; online editing and proofreading; resume and cover letter writing; ...

  • IN WORD We offer the Standard Form 330 (SF 330) in Microsoft Word for only $25 , formatted in an easy-to use Word template , and it looks exactly like the government's PDF

  • MS WORD CREDENTIALS: SF330 Template in Word created by Dr

  • Stay warm - and again, MANY THANKS! -Kink Brauer, Van Auken Akins Architects LLC The SF330 came out beautifully and we met the deadline, thanks to your support and templates

  • The [templates] are wonderful! I appreciate your folks spending the time to develop this form

  • Thank you for the easy-to-use template and all your help! We like the template and want to use it corporate-wide

  • It is very easy to "manipulate." Thanks for creating this template for us all! This is a nice clean WORD document

  • Please visit our sister site:, for thousands of government and business templates and forms!

    Apple - AppleWorks
    Do word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and presentations with this compactly
    designed multifunctional program from Apple (formerly from Claris).

  • Simply start with one of the built-in assistants or templates &#151 or a blank slate in one of the six modules

  • You can also work with Microsoft Word and Excel documents with the included file translators — even the 2001 editions.(2) Using a template doesn’t mean your files will look like everyone else’s

  • It also offers improved printing and resolves issues using web based templates and clip-art on networks using proxy servers

  • AppleWorks 6.2.8 for Mac OS 8.1-9.x This free update enhances the reliability of AppleWorks’ spreadsheet environment and resolves issues with web based templates and clip-art on networks using proxy servers

    MBA Depot - Resources & Tools for MBAs and Managers
    An online community for MBA students, or alumni. It offers searchable databases,
    discussion forums and other useful resources.

  • Original Content - Check out our collaborative area for templates, presentations, article summaries, case help, class notes, and more! - Some MBA Depot members have submitted original articles for everyone to read

    CyberAds Studio: Content Management Integration Framework on ...
    Our CM integration framework, supports rules-based publishing, XML Templating,
    Workflow, Metadata, personalization, multi-lingual, syndication, ...

  • Smart creation of XML based Teamsite Templates ensured that the cost of content creation at each of these customers was significantly reduced

  • Using our skills in XML and Perl, coupled with our experience in Macromedia Dreamweaver templates (DWT), Our stands ready to offer custom XML and perl based Interwoven Teamsite Templating

  • Using this Help Desk, companies count on us to administer the enterprise application, provide day-to-day TeamSite template, workflow and Opendeploy configuration, administrative perl and Datadeploy scripting and Interwoven TeamSite Monitoring services

    Sarm Software Desktop Utilities - Web Album, Web Camera, IE ...
    Software utilities, custom software, Web Album, Translator Internet, Easy Resume
    Creator and other utilities. [Win Windows NT/95/98/2000/XP]

  • Updated free cover letter samples that you can use as a template for developing your personal cover letters

  • You can choose from numerous themes and templates to create your own gallery , customize just about every single detail publish your web album instantly, or save it for future use

    Amir Ali Tayyab, Biodata - CV - Resume, Software Marketing ...
    Senior level executive marketing management in a large corporation and international
    business environments.

  • copyediting, templates, etc

    North American portal with email, YellowPages, heavily integrated search engine,
    personal settings and weather.

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