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Bus and subway schedules, fares, and announcements in New York City.

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    Metropolitan Transportation Authority
    Manages transit, buses, subways, trains, bridges and tunnels in New York City
    and surrounding areas including Long Island.

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    New York City Transit-bus and subway mass transit in new york
    Subways, buses and general transportation in and around the city of New York.

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    Features historical and technical information about the New York subway system,
    including images, maps, and museum collections.


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    Informazioni geografiche, storiche, economiche e turistiche sulla città.

  • Queste linee sono gestite da diverse società, tra cui le più importanti sono: l' MTA ( Metropolitan Transportation Authority ), che fa capo principalmente alla città di New York e gestisce la metropolitana, gli autobus urbani e i treni verso Long Island (LIRR) e verso Nord (Metronorth) ; la Port Authority of New York and New Jersey , sotto il controllo congiunto degli stati di New York e New Jersey, che gestisce il PATH ( Port Authority Trans Hudson ), la metropolitana extracittadina che collega Manhattan al New Jersey, e diverse linee di autobus che convergono al Port Authority Bus Terminal , vicino a ; la New Jersey Transit , società dello stato del New Jersey, che gestisce le linee ferroviarie che dal New Jersey terminano a Penn Station, oltre che a molte linee di autobus

  • in inglese - sito ufficiale NYC - sito Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) - guida non ufficiale alla Subway newyorchese presa da 's at NASA's Earth Observatory da NASA's Earth Observatory - sito sulla candidatura alle del 2012 sito su New York sito sull'11 settembre 2001 con archivio audio-video - Fotografie di New York - Suoni di New York [] Libri su New York 'Vado a vivere a New York' di Stefano Spadoni 'I segreti di New York

    NYCDOT - Bridges Information
    Profiles, photographs, bibliographies.

  • Many are the responsibility of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority or the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

    Brooklyn Manhattan Transit
    Dedicated to the history of the Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corp (1923 -1940).
    Includes maps, schedules, annual reports, rulebooks and other company ...

  • For example, the NYC Transit Authority would re-discover door chimes in 1969

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    TWU Local 100 | We Move New York
    Representing workers in New York City's transit system.

  • of Labor Metropolitan Transportation Authority From Update #4: The starting point of the Union’s case is that the MTA has already agreed to a contract and our members have already approved it

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    The New York Subway Finder
    Subway directions to any Manhattan street.

  • And, of course, there may just be plain old human error that will affect the quality of this information as well, in addition to changes to the system introduced by the New York City Transit Authority which we have not yet been able to update

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    Links to web sites of religious relevance within New York City.

    New York City Taxi Drivers . . .
    Comprehensive information is given on New York City Taxi Drivers' working
    conditions, the Medallion system and strategies for improving quality of service.

    Page for Channel 4, New York City, which provides many views.

    The Roads of Metro New York
    Covers the New York City metropolitan area.

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    Subways / Transport
    Maps for subway transit systems from a number of cities all over the world.

  • image: Stockholm Local Transport Authority page, late 1990's (select a city's initial letter to minimize the need to scroll) [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] -- subway (principally) and other transit from my own collection and those of others relating to subways and urban transit Photo by Robert Reynolds City subway maps Tyne and Wear Metro Logo (thanks to Roger Fern for identification) ], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] Kerem F

  • Sapozhnikov for citation information; see also ; thanks to Robert Schwandl) (gift of Mark Ovenden) (Robert Schwandl original; UrbanRail.Net) (official with ; original thanks to Marcy Huttas) (map by Osamu Abe 2000.04) (abandoned, never used; thanks to Jake Mecklenborg for original notice and to David Forgue for link update; thanks to Mike Taylor for spelling correction for the city name!) (official Greater Cleveland Rerional Transit Authority; thanks to Mike Cermak for update 02/06; are available for all lines [earlier: thanks to Frank Gerlak; thanks to Paul Samuels for map update information; thanks to Sean Mate for further update information]) (scanned image from the David Williams collection) (map by Osamu Abe 2004.05) (official page; also available in ; thanks to Rasmus S

    The Municipal Art Society of New York
    Non-profit organization for excellence in urban design and planning. Offers public
    programs, including panel discussions, lectures and courses, ...

  • “This insight is remarkably in keeping with Evangeline Blashfield’s own convictions — making it all the more appropriate that the MAS honor her with the Blashfield Award.” Tribute in Light and Engaging Lower Manhattan (Photo/Charles Nesbit) The Municipal Art Society has reached an agreement with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to stage Tribute in Light through 2008 from an MTA facility just south of the World Trade Center site

    New York City Attractions - Top NYC Tourist Attractions
    Brief descriptions and links to the city's most popular attractions.

  • There are many varied passenger rail services into the city: Amtrak, Long Island Railroad, Metro-North, Metropolitan Transit Authority, New Jersey Transit and Path Trains

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  • Buses, run by several companies including, and New Jersey Transit, are usually much cheaper then trains and planes and they are just as convenient, arriving at Port Authority, located at 42nd Street and 8th Avenue

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  • Who would be left to stop them? Where the hell are our lawmakers, they couldn't have bought them all off....could they? New: 8-16-2000 , Unscrupulous Transit Authority Manager withholds drinking water from Signal Workers as a severe form of retaliation

  • 8-18-2000, Unscrupulous Transit Authority Manager continued from above story , I got the OK from the victims to print this story, and now we add a civil rights violation based on discrimination (the singling out, name calling, and harassment of an individual based on a physical characteristic)

  • 8-15-2000: Many people have asked me to install a message board: 8-13-2000: Of interest to transit authority employees t-innocent worker is framed by the New York City Transit Authority-GOVERNOR DOES NOTHING! Foreman testifies under oath that his investigation

  • A little history, about me, The Transit Authority and The Union

  • Where the Supervisors pick becomes a meaningless exercise, the Transit Authority takes advantage of a golden opportunity to assign their favorite people to the choice positions

  • This is where the human garbage that manages the Transit Authority really shines

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