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Crossword Puzzles
Offers many types of crossword puzzles, creation software, and solving tools.

  • Crossword Puzzles Interactive English crosswords on the web

  • Try our American crossword puzzles daily crossword Sunday and daily puzzles (need to register, except one free per week) (need to register) puzzles by Fred Piscop crosswords by Bob Klahn Educational crosswords Other crosswords and collections quick crossword coded puzzles daily quick crossword monthly mystery free puzzles magazine of the arts for girls Need help with a puzzle? Use to lookup definitions and synonyms or find words matching a pattern, or try the

  • Cryptic crosswords daily crossword (need to register) Crossword (need to register) (need to register) (need to register) monthly online crossword a very British crossword (need to register) monthly puzzle prize puzzle South Africa US cryptics Themed puzzles daily animal puzzle monthly competition crossword puzzle automotive crossword puzzles Other crossword puzzle sites various crosswords to solve news stories and links Constructors' Discussion Forum newsgroup If you find this page useful please add a link to your web site! create crosswords and publish on the web crossword solver: thesaurus/dictionary with word and anagram search solving software compiling and solving software solving software : software for Palm These are all American products

    An instructional and philosophical essay by an enthusiast.

  • B A R E L Y B A D W E B S I T E Crossword Because this whole thing about crosswords goes on rather at length, you'll find several intersections on this crossword main page where you can either scroll straight on and miss something you might like or take a detour


  • Introduction I've worked an average of just over one crossword puzzle a day since 1972

  • During that time I've learned a thing or two about crosswords, and I've even gotten a few of my acquaintances hooked on them

  • Plus which, since I first posted this essay about crosswords on this Web site I've engaged in a number of electronic conversations with a number of crossword constructors and other fans

  • Without meaning to seem to draw a too-rapid conclusion, I can say that constructors of crosswords are more interesting to talk to than, say, your average doctor or lawyer or corporate chief

  • Both as you're reading this and as you're working them, the most important thing to keep in mind is that crosswords are for fun and relaxation, and I hope you don't take them any more seriously than I do

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    CRUCIVERB.COM :: News Articles
    A place for constructors and enthusiastic solvers to find fellow enthusiasts and
    related resources.

  • Crossword Constructors Community Center Login Username: Password: Don't ask for password Navigate Resources Who's Online Users Total users 13 Total guests 13 Welcome to our latest member, Donations You can help support this site by making a small donation using either a PayPal account: or with a major credit card such as: Click for details

  • Have fun! Posted by Kevin McCann on: September 22, 2006 1:54:04 PM Antony Lewis, creator of Crossword Compiler, made this brief announcement on CRUCIVERB-L: "Over the years various people have suggested an open XML file format for puzzles

  • Crossword Star An excellent resource for constructors and solvers

  • Find out more Other Sites Resources: People/Puzzles: Blogs: Merchandise: Let me know if you have a crossword-related or blog site!

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    American Crossword Puzzle Tournament
    The nation's oldest and largest crossword competition.

  • March 23-25, 2007 30th Annual American Crossword Puzzle Tournament Stamford, Connecticut You've seen the movie, now come join the fun! Congratulations to Tyler Hinman, winner of the 29th Annual ACPT, held March 24-26, 2006

  • | Will Shortz Directed by New York Times Crossword Puzzle Editor Will Shortz, this is the nation's oldest and largest crossword competition

  • Solvers tackle eight original crosswords created and edited specially for this event

  • What's in this website Compete online and compare your scores! Want to compete but can't attend? Keep me informed! The details Print and send! Sample Puzzles (pdf) Other crossword websites What's going down Short history of crosswords, including the first one! Will Shortz • • • Previous Years | | | | | • SPONSORED BY • St

  • Martin's Press New York Times Digital Techno Source's Touch Screen Sudoku Games Host and Puzzlemaster Will Shortz and Webmaster Doug Heller Website launched March 31, 1996 Copyright ©1996-2006 by The American Crossword Puzzle Tournament Crossword & Sudoku Tourney! Sep

    Crossword Compiler: Crossword Puzzle Maker Software
    Aimed at both educational and professional market. Provides downloads, ordering,
    screenshots, and company information. [Windows]

  • Contents Info Extras Links Crossword Puzzle Maker Software for Windows NEW Version 7.2; includes Sudoku puzzle generator and export Crossword Compiler has everything you need to create great educational, professional, and fun crossword puzzles

  • You can print out and export your puzzles in many ways, including interactive online crosswords for your web page

  • Professional crosswords A complete suite of tools for creating high-quality crossword puzzles

  • Web publishing Make interactive crosswords for your web site! Create web pages quickly and easily with the flexible solving applet

  • Puzzle styles American, cryptic, quick, freeform, coded, French-style, and clues-in-squares crosswords are all supported

  • Crossword Compiler is widely recognized as the best puzzlemaker software available

  • Also available with Crossword Compiler are some great add-ons: - to give you complete control over every word used - a thesaurus, dictionary and word finder - many large English word and phrase lists, geographical lists, and words in other languages

  • Benefits

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    Crossword Puzzles -- Your Complete Puzzle Guide
    Offers free puzzles to solve, tips for creators, a history, and links to other
    related resources.

  • Crossword Puzzles! Your complete guide

  • If you like crossword puzzles, you are in the right place! We've put together a great site that I hope will tickle your crossword funny bone and keep you coming back for more

  • So sharpen your pencils and prepare for a great time! Free Crossword Puzzles To start off with, may I recommend the ? Click here to start solving some fun puzzles

  • Make Crossword Puzzles In the mean time, you may just get some ideas for some puzzles you would like to create

  • Crossword Weaver is software that lets you enter words you would like to see in your puzzle, press a button, and you're done! You have a New York Times quality puzzle in just a few minutes

  • Crossword Puzzle History Interested in ? Read on for how the crossword craze started

  • Try to solve the first crossword puzzle ever made to see how you do

  • More Puzzles Still want ? Well, we have found that people who like crosswords usually like other puzzles as well


    Play on words |
    Discussion about the documentary movie 'Wordplay' which shows how people from
    different walks of life relate to crossword puzzles.

  • | Search: > from the June 16, 2006 edition Play on words Patrick Creadon directed 'Wordplay, ' a documentary about the cult of crossword puzzles

  • By Irene Svete | Contributor to The Christian Science Monitor SEATTLE – Who'd have thought that a documentary about crossword puzzles and the people who love them would generate the kind of excitement that gets theatergoers shouting solutions at the screen? Watching audiences catch the puzzle bug has been great fun, says Patrick Creadon, director of 'Wordplay, ' which opens Friday in New York before expanding wider later in June

  • 'As people get older, they don't always make time for that.' SOLUTION ORIENTED: Competitors work fast at the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament, held in Stamford, Conn

  • More than 50 million Americans - from former presidents and rock stars to ordinary folks around the corner - do crossword puzzles each week

  • As Jon Stewart, who proposed to his wife in a custom-made crossword puzzle, quips in the film: 'I'll solve a USA Today [puzzle] in a hotel room, but I don't feel good about myself.' Creadon and his wife, producer Christine O'Malley, had been casting about for a topic for their first feature-length documentary when they realized it was right on the page in front of them

    NPR : Jill Sobule: Singer, Actress, Crossword Addict
    For the artwork of her latest CD, Underdog Victorious, Sobule incorporated her
    love of crossword puzzles. She talks with Weekend Edition puzzle master Will ...

  • | | | | | | Pop Music Jill Sobule: Singer, Actress, Crossword Addict by and Julian Hibbard Singer Jill Sobule is also a crossword-puzzle enthusiast, as reflected in the artwork on her new CD

  • And with the release of her latest CD, the critically acclaimed Underdog Victorious , Sobule fulfilled yet another desire: she became a clue in a crossword puzzle

  • A self-proclaimed crossword addict, Sobule enlisted the help of Weekend Edition puzzle master Will Shortz to create a full-fledged puzzle on the inside cover of her CD

    NPR : Sunday Puzzle
    New York Times and Weekend Edition puzzle editors present a weekly wordplay challenge.

  • Search 'Sunday Puzzle' Search for the word(s): About 'Sunday Puzzle' Each week, New York Times crossword puzzle editor and NPR's Puzzlemaster Will Shortz presents an on-air quiz to one contestant and gives a challenge for Weekend Edition listeners at home

    The business of brain teasers | Do you sudoku? |
    Article on the puzzle's popularity in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

  • Even the New York Times is considering introducing sudoku in its Sunday magazine, alongside its venerated crossword

    Cruciverbalist Summary
    For the Macintosh, by West Pole Software. Contains documentation and information.

  • ' -- Michael Webb Cruciverbalist A Shareware Crossword Program for the MacOS by the West Pole Software Company You can use Cruciverbalist to: Construct newspaper quality crosswords of your own Show possible words from its included extensive word list Create word lists from text files, add and delete words from files and puzzles, merge and difference word lists Use standard or customized printing formats for puzzles you solve or those you construct Solve Cruciverbalist puzzles, and puzzles published on the internet by The New York Times, USA Today, and others Solve traditionally published puzzles and, by viewing possible words from word lists, improve your solving skills ' Cruciverbalist is a wonderful piece of software! It does everything that I wanted and more

  • In the first few days of owning this program, I've managed to construct about 10 crosswords

  • ' I've tried a variety of Crossword puzzle generators but until Cruciverbalist I never was really satisfied with the tools available

  • ' --Noel Jessop, professional constructor, aka 'The Crossword Factory' System Requirements Cruciverbalist requires system 7 and a MacPlus or later CPU

    I'm addicted to a Japanese logic puzzle. By Seth Stevenson - Slate ...
    An article by Seth Stevenson offering a brief overview of Sudoku.

  • Right next to the Sunday crossword, no less

  • Being a crossword nut myself, I understand how folks can get excited about puzzles

  • I actually subscribe to a newsgroup for professional crossword constructors (please, go easy—I can't tell you how reluctant I was to admit this), so I sent out an e-mail asking the crossword pros for their thoughts on the sudoku craze

  • One crossworder suggested that it's mostly about clever marketing

  • The best I can do is to compare sudoku to crosswords

  • Here's what I like about crosswords, and how sudoku matches up: I like the feeling of accomplishment

  • With each square I fill in the New York Times crossword, there's a tiny sense of completion

  • I know that I am in fact an idiot.) Unraveling the painful puns in a crossword's theme entries is even more of a thrill ride

  • Some crossword puzzles are near unsolvable (without an Encyclopaedia Britannica nearby)

  • Granted, writing 'oleo' and 'aria' into crossword grids for the 9, 000 th time doesn't feel so new at this point, either

    puzzles free crossword puzzles free sudoku brainteasers crosswords ...
    Find online crosswords, access software to write your own puzzles. Includes logic
    problems, palindromes, cryptics, and foreign-language crosswords.

  • Monday August 7, 2006 | Anybody who likes Scrabble (or crossword puzzles) will probably enjoy this game and while Scrabble is limited to four players, this game will accommodate 2-3 times that many

  • Have fun! Wednesday August 2, 2006 | How the Japanese puzzle's invasion has rocked American crossword writers Matt Gaffney has written an interesting article detailing the 'love-hate relationship the U.S

  • crossword community has with Sudoku.' This Japanese puzzle has upstaged the venerable crossword puzzle and is enjoying a popularity reminiscent of the 1920s when crossword puzzles became a national obsession in America

  •   Monday July 31, 2006 | The New York Times provides great crossword puzzles from North America's premier crossword puzzle creators

  • A great resource for crossword puzzle solvers and creators

    Crossword Puzzles - Standard American-style, Cryptic and ...
    Offers reviews and information about several puzzle sites.

  •  You are here: >>> FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Puzzles newsletter!   Search > Crossword Puzzles Standard Crosswords Cryptic Crosswords Crossword lovers, this is for you! Links to the best in American-style crossword puzzles, foreign language crossword puzzles, cryptic crosswords (where the challenge is to decipher the clue), freeform crossword puzzles (also called vocabulary puzzles), making and selling crossword puzzles, themed crossword puzzles, and solving tips and tutorials

  • Subtopics Articles & Resources Sort By : Guide Picks | An eclectic selection of themed crossword puzzles by Dave Fisher

  • If you like to do crossword puzzles that don't have you pulling your hair out, then here's a selection of puzzle books that are compiled with the novice or casual solver in mind

  • Here's a selection of crossword puzzles that will challenge even the most experienced solvers

  • Definitely a great gift for the crossword fan who commutes to work or the business traveller on cross-country flights

  • Here are the helpful books that every crossword puzzle solver needs whether they're a novice or a seasoned pro

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