27th REGT. IND. VOLS., Co. F - "The Monroe Grenadiers"
The Monroe Grenadiers, a reenacting unit based in central Indiana. Contains
information on joining, history, photographs, and links.

Sunseri Bartending Service, ABC licensed and fully insured ...
A beverage and bar catering business serving all areas of Southern California.

Kitsilano 47th Trinity St. Marks Scouts
Contains meeting time, location, contacts and program information for Beavers
colony, Wolf Cub pack, and Scout troop.

  • Uniforms not required

  • This event is mandatory for all Cubs and uniforms should beextra neat as this is the 75th Anniversary Parade

  • Uniformsnot required

  • Then at 1:00 - 2:30 PM there is the big Scout Parade and CeremonyÉ In full uniform, all the Cubs, Scouts and Leaders from both countries marchdown to the Peach Arch and walk underneath it together in one impressiveparade! In addition to our crafts, you may want to buy a dozen KitsilanoDistrict badges from Scout House if you want to trade for American badges- always lots of fun! The RCMP and Washington State Patrol even close thehighway between 11:30 am and 3:30 PM for this event as there are so manythousands of Cubs and Scouts attending

    Haworth Primary School
    Online tour of the school, with information for parents, news, and displays of
    student work.


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    Kathleen News
    Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

    Dahlonega News
    Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

    Jump Little Children - I Can't Get Enough
    Photographs, article archive, links, Tater Tomater information, and personal views.

    Homepage of an e-newsletter covering rare, primarily tropical and sub-tropical,
    home fruit cultivation. Subscription information and back issues archive.

  • Hopefully, in time, they will be edited and presented in a more uniform style

  • Benefits

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    FS-731 - Production of Purple Coneflower as a Cut Flower
    Includes cultivars, propogation, insects and diseases.

    Fire Department Operations Archive
    Fire and rescue news and analysis.

  • Summary of data: Full (Searchable) Version of the ERG2004 (2.8M) in .pdf format: 10 Aug 2004 Updated: August 10th, 2004 12:07:48 PM DHS Bulletin: Potential Terrorist Use of Official Identification, Uniforms, or Vehicles Department Of Homeland Security Information Bulletin OVERVIEW: Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Information Bulletins are informational in nature and are designed to provide updates on the training, tactics, or strategies of terrorists

  • The following information is meant to advise the owners and operators of the nation's infrastructures about the possible use by terrorists of official identification, uniforms, or vehicles to gain access to sensitive facilities for purposes of planning or carrying out attacks

  • (In this Information Bulletin, 'official' refers to recognized implements of federal, state, and local governments and private sector entities.) While DHS possesses no information indicating an organized effort by extremist elements in the United States to illegally obtain official identification, uniforms, or vehicles in furtherance of terrorist activities, it has identified the recent theft or disappearance of large numbers of these items

    CNN - Karla Faye Tucker's last hours? - Feb. 3, 1998

  • Tucker also chose to be executed wearing the white prison uniform that has been her only wardrobe for more than 14 years

    Course notes for a class at Stephen F. Austin State University covering both
    basic and more advanced concepts in seed germination.


    The Green Line
    Fact sheet from the University of Illinois Extension, and a recipe for Jiffy
    Peach Cobbler.

  • Mulch isn't used to keep the cold from damaging perennials and well established plants, but to maintain a uniform soil temperature

    North Allegheny High School Marching Band
    Performance and rehearsal schedule, staff information, band manual, music, photos,
    and news. Located in Pittsburgh.

    True Romance
    Screenplay for the film by Quentin Tarantino.

  • He's dressed in a security guard uniform

    Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company, Inc.
    Information and homepage for Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company.

  • Become a BVFC member! Start by getting your application here! Patch Collectors: The Bozrah Volunteer Fire Company has a long standing policy of not trading, selling, or providing uniform patches to those outside of our department

    Usenet Images: Neon Genesis Evangelion
    Large, thumbnailed collection of images gathered from Usenet.

  • (41k) 350x478 () (139k) 600x833 () (77k) 360x420 () (173k) 640x908 Gendou Ikari: Nice picture, it shows the three Rei clones: Rei in her plugsuit, Rei in her school uniform and Rei as a little girl

  • (50k) 690x480 (71k) 640x800 (93k) 526x753 cybervago: Rei Ayanami en uniforme escolar

    Terra Nova Nurseries, Inc.
    Oregon breeder and wholesaler of select perennials.

    The vitamin C content of fruit of the world.
    The vitamin C content of over 50 commercial and wild fruits is listed, both by
    serving and by 100 mg sample.

  • The serving size most of us choose is pretty uniform - most of us would eat one apple, half an avocado in a salad, half a medium sized tomato as part of a salad, one banana, a slice of melon, and so on

    Technical paper about experiments in rope finishing and enzyme treatments carried
    out on woven lyocell fabrics in order to determine the influence of these ...

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