AIRLINERS.NET - Accept No Imitations.
Photo gallery containing mostly commercial airliners but also some military planes
and helicopters.

Photo Class
Lessons on underwater photography: basics, equipment, lighting, composition,
common photo errors, and special lenses.

Brenors Home Page
A detailed log of the progress towards earning a private pilots license.
Includes details of flights.

Go Fug Yourself
Commentary on celebrities with unfortunate dress sense.


Photo by www.hickerphoto.com

Xy-pic Home Page
A free package for typesetting graphs and diagrams in LaTeX, AMS-TeX and Plain
TeX using the principle of logical composition of visual components.

Texas Tailchaser's Stormpage
Stormchasing page for Texas. Links to many useful sources of data related to
chasing storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

Motorcycle Luggage from Luggage Locker
Providing lock-on luggage tail bags and tank bags for sportbike motorcycles.

Maryland Small Ruminant Page - Sheep and Goat Information Resources
Extensive list of links covering all aspects of sheep and goat production sorted
according to categories.


Photo by www.wildnatureimages.com

The Shadowlands Sea Serpent page
Contains many articles and pictures of sea serpents and lake monsters.

  • New species of water creatures that were discovered recently include the Japanese beaked whale (1958), the cochito porpoise (1958), (1976), and Prudes Bay killer whale (1983)

  • There are no whales in this area that are this size and shape

  • Trunko On the morning of November 1 1922, visitors to the beach at Margate, South Africa, were treated to an amazing spectacle out at sea: two whales could be clearly observed engaging in battle with a bizarre sea monster with snowy-white fur and a huge elephantine trunk.As the titanic battle progressed, the monster seemed to weaken, and three hours later it was dead.During the evening it's lifeless body was washed ashore and proved to be truly colossal, measuring just over 14 metres(47 feet) in length, and including a 3 metre (10 foot) tail.Apart from it's luxuriant 20-cm (8-inch) long fur, however, the most remarkable feature abou this creature is that it did not possess a distinct head; instead, it bore only the trunk-like appendage, 1.5 meters (5 feet) long, that had been visible during it's fatal encounter with the whales.This creature was dubbed 'Trunko'

  • One theory is that these creatures are Beluga whales that have entered the lake from the sea

    Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
    Daily archive of interesting astronomy photos by NASA.

    Coastal British Columbia - surfing, windsurfing, rock climbing ...
    Directory of links to sites that provide information and/or goods and services
    for specific outdoor activities.

    Variety.com - Entertainment news, movie reviews, industry events ...
    News of the entertainment and media industries.


    Ring of Snake Lovers
    A ring linking snake related webpages.

    The Character Shop
    Animatronics, makeup effects, puppets, and robotics for motion picture and television.

    Welcome to Doug Reeves' www.VansAirForce.net
    Online community for Pilots and builders of Van's RV kitplanes. Includes forums,
    news, and resources.

    Utah Backcountry, Powder Skiing - Mountain Biking Videos Pictures ...
    Online publication containing articles and photographs relating to skiing and
    other outdoor activities in the Western US.

    V for Vendetta: JoBlo.com's Upcoming Movies: Posters, Plot ...
    Provides plot synopsis, cast and crew details, movie stills, related news articles
    and viewer popcorn meter rating system.

    Photos by Thad V'Soske / Night Sky, Time-Lapse, Scenic, Solar ...
    Photography of the night sky, deep space, lighthouses, fireworks, skylines,
    architecture and design, ships, and landscapes.

    Blade GIRLZ - Teen Zine where Girl Skaters show their stuff!
    Zine dedicated to the Hot Skate Ladies who get out there and catch some air.
    Chatroom, mellies, sports, music, gossip, pictures.

    Blue shark
    How much they weigh, how long they are, and pictures and accounts from people
    who have caught this shark.

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