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This page helps to answer questions regarding what you should look for when buying
an engagement ring.

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  • Though with so many engagement rings to choose from and all that engagement ring terminology it can be hard to know where to start when embarking on your quest to choose the perfect engagement ring

  • This engagement rings advice page provides engagement ring information to help you through the process of choosing your engagement ring design

  • Wedding Rings: If you are looking for wedding rings please visit the page or the page

  • To choose your engagement ring, there are essentially three components that you need to decide on

  • The engagement ring components are: The ; What metal to choose; and The

  • Engagement Ring Diamonds You may have already made some sense of the Diamond grading system, called the - known as the diamond Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat

  • For detailed information on selecting a diamond for your engagement ring, have a look at information page

  • Which Metal to Choose for Engagement Rings Next, you need to consider the quality of the Metal used in the construction of engagement rings

    Wedding rings, Engagement rings, Diamonds by Elsa New York
    Manufactures custom wedding and engagement rings. Does business with retailers
    as well as the general public.

    Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Diamond Bands, Mens Diamond Ring ...
    Designer and manufacturer of engagement and anniversary rings, wedding bands,
    earrings, bracelets and necklaces, using precious metals and gemstones.

  • Featured: Search: Diamond Engagement Rings Sun Jewelry has the finest collection in, and more

  • Available in diamond, gold & platinum, these men's diamond rings are an excellent start to a blissful life

  • The Three Stone Rings represent past, present and future

  • Also called, these rings come in round, princess, oval diamonds etc

  • Perfect for engagement rings our Three stone rings come with certified diamonds

  • Don?t let the opportunity pass by on these spectacular pieces featuring special pricing

  • All loose diamonds come in 14kt yellow gold rings with 14kt white gold heads

  • You also have an option to mix and match these loose diamonds with our huge selection of engagement & anniversary rings

    Understanding Certifed Diamonds for diamond platinum engagement ...
    Describes the 4Cs of diamonds (cut, clarity, carat and color) and some information
    about certification.

  • We have never and will never sell "Conflict" Diamonds!! or Fracture-Filled or Enhanced Diamonds!! We encourage you not to buy them from others as well! We Want You To: - Make an Educated Certified Diamond Purchase - Avoid Future Disappointment [1] Do you know anyone over 40 who is still driving the first car they ever bought? [2] Who do you know after 10-20-30, even 50 years, is living in their same apartment ? [3] But, might your grandmothers still have the engagement rings your grandfathers gave them 20-30-40 or even 50 years ago? Bottom line, if you're are visiting our site to potential purchase from our engagement rings, anniversary rings or bridal purchase, it is worth taking just a little time to understand the basics of certified diamonds

  • Just beware when you compare us to other sources versus price, make sure you are comparing our high quality to the other potential purchase

  • If their diamond engagement rings are less expensive than ours, which we would doubt, immediately compare the quality ratings of their diamonds and our certified diamonds before finalizing your purchase or risk being disappointed for the next 10-20-40 or 50 years


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    Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings - Heirloom quality at Internet ...
    Markets gold and platinum diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, wedding
    bands and certified diamonds.

  • Considering Gold & Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, Anniversary Rings You have come to the Right Place! Make an Educated Purchase as You Can Save Hundreds.....Even Thousands Second to none prices 9, 000+ At "Rock" Bottom Prices Costs nothing to Compare View Hundreds of Gold & Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings Gold & Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings with their matching Wedding Bands Gold & Platinum Wedding Bands as well as Gold & Platinum Diamond Wedding Bands Very Popular Gold and Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings & Diamond Anniversary Rings Add a Wrap to Solitaire Gold or Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings Charles & Colvard Moissanite™ Sapphires CZ's (Elvish) inspired by J.R.R

  • Tolkien author of Lord of the Rings saga Custom Gold & Platinum Diamond Engagement Rings, Anniversary Rings and Wedding Bands We are honored our gold & platinum diamond engagement rings, diamond anniversary rings and wedding bands, have been chosen by so many in our active military

  • Web Site Information What the heck is happening to the price of Gold or Platinum for my Engagement Ring or Wedding Bands??? Example of what has happened to precious metal prices in the last 5 years Remember this is for JUST a block of the raw material BEFORE any casting to create your Engagement Rings or any drop-forged die striking process for your Wedding Bands

    Engagement rings, diamond rings, wedding bands, fine gold jewelry ...
    Offers jewelry on credit terms regardless of customer's prior credit history.
    Features online credit approvals and online shopping.

  • Search for in Price Range : Crown Jewelers offers engagement rings and diamond rings, wedding bands, fine gold jewelry & watches! Offers a wide selection of, gemstone jewelry, fine gold jewelry & watches

  • Shop our online catalog for the best diamond engagement rings , wedding rings , bracelets, earrings, diamond pedants, anniversary bands and other gold and diamond jewelry

  • Sale $979.00 1/2 Carat Total Weight, Invisible set Baguette and Princess Diamond Engagement Ring with 1/5 Carat Round Center Diamond Sale $995.00 1 Carat Total Weight Princess Cut Diamond Bridal Set Sale $39.95 Princess Cut Sapphire CZ with Round Clear CZ Earring Sale $54.95 Long dangle prong set clear CZ, Sterling Silver Sale $299.00 Sapphire and Diamond Pendant with 18' Pendant Chain

    Engagement Rings, Custom Jewelry Design and Antique Jewelry ...
    Offers custom gold and platinum jewelry, as well as antique and estate jewelry
    and diamond brokering.

  • Engagement Rings, Antique Jewelry, Custom Jewelry Design Custom engagement rings, fine jewelry design, diamonds, colored gemstones and antique jewelry are among our specialties

  • Please visit our on-line galleries of fine jewelry, custom engagement rings and beautiful gemstones

  • We are committed to sharing our expertise and knowledge, so that you may better enjoy fine jewelry and gemstones

  • Whether your interest is jewelry from the past or a contemporary design, diamonds or colored gemstones, designing an engagement ring, or just learning more about jewelry and gemstones, we hope that you enjoy the Bijoux Extraordinaire web site

    SUPERBcert Diamonds, Wedding Rings, and Diamond Rings - engagement ...
    Offering loose diamonds, rings, and earrings.

  • The ring is a symbol of eternal love

  • Show the world your love's radiance with a brilliantly cut Super Ideal diamond engagement ring, diamond wedding ring, or diamond anniversary band

  • Build your own engagement ring or choose from our variety of designer rings and diamond jewelry

  • View our dazzling loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry in our beautiful showroom located in the heart of the New York City Diamond District

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    Diamond Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings, Diamond Jewellery ...
    Selling diamond jewellery items. Also wedding and engagement rings, bracelets,
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  • Customer Service Helpline 0845 355 1164 Email Or to visit our list of Frequently Asked Questions Your Basket Empty Your Account Your E-mail: Password: | DIAMOND RING OF THE WEEK Featuring one of our stunning designs each week DESIGN WITH DEJORIA Work with us to produce your unique design Why Buy from Us? Full members of the Professional diamond jewellers Dedicated Personal contact with our clients All precious metals are Diamond Engagement Rings Diamond engagement rings are the ultimate symbol of love

  • From classic solitaire diamond engagement rings to more elaborate trilogy and multi-stone, there is a wide range available

  • Diamond Rings The romantic tradition of giving diamond rings as tokens of love and commitment began in the 15th century when Archduke Maximilian of Austria gave Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring on their engagement

    Jewellery by Ampalian Jewellers. Jewellery at Trade Prices
    Sells bracelets, earrings, engagement rings, and diamonds. Located in the UK.

  • Jewellery Diamonds Engagement Rings Wedding Rings Site Search | » | Shopping Information Search Use keywords to find the product you are looking for

  • See our free ring size charts..

    Diamond Rings: engagement rings, wedding rings, wedding bands ...
    Search for loose diamonds by cut, color, clarity, carat weight or price.


    Wholesale Canadian Diamonds, Engagement Rings, GIA and AGS ideal ...
    Diamond brokers offer wholesale Canadian diamonds and platinum jewelry.

  • Wholesale Canadian diamonds direct, fine diamond jewelry and engagement rings Welcome to Canada Diamonds your source for Wholesale Canadian Diamonds Wholesale Canadian diamonds direct from Canada's Arctic diamond mine

  • Wholesale Canadian Diamond Rings

  • Client Testimonials 'I'm so happy we found you...I could never dreamed I would be wearing such a beautiful diamond.' -Christine (Miami, FL, USA) 'It was very nice to find a honest jeweller with integrity...Monica and I are extremely happy with the beautiful diamond ring you created...I'm especially happy with the low price!' - Dr

  • (Santa Barbara, CA, USA) 'We had been shopping for a diamond engagement ring for over six months...your price and quality were's incredible the money we saved.' - Suzanne (West Vancouver, BC, Canada) | Suite 359 - 5525 West Boulevard, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6M 3W6 Tel: 604-618-6807 Toll Free: 1-888-790-4244 Vancouver, British Columbia - Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada Your source for wholesale Canadian diamonds!

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    Wedding bands, engagement rings, three stone rings at MontRED
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  • Apr 18 2006 guest wonderful rings..

  • ...don't rings signify ownership? hmm.

  • Right hand rings however would symbolize freedom

  • Apr 15 2006 guest wonderful rings..

  • ...don't rings signify ownership?!? Feb 22 2006 guest rings that will sparkle and dazzle her forever

  • Jan 31 2006 guest Weave magic with these rings

  • Be it for love or promise, our diamond rings will make you feel special

  • Add a splash of color with our gemstone rings

  • Tell your beloved that she means a world to you with our classic designs Shop by Budget Our collection of rings to fit your budget Best Sellers Receive Special offers, upcoming promotions and gift reminders :, © Copyright 2005-2006 MontRED LLC

    Absolute Titanium Design - New Black Zirconium Metal rings ...
    Wedding and engagement rings in titanium and diamonds.

  • | ( Select an above image to enter the Absolute Titanium Design Ring Collections ) Featuring Designer Maria da Costa's™ Signature Line of stunning tension settings in titanium and diamonds

  • Absolute Titanium Design introduces the new Titanium Accessories Collection Featuring necklaces, tie and money clips, and pendants

  • Free Engraving; Express Shipping Available Highlights and special features include: We ship our Titanium rings and bands worldwide, free of charge, or for nominal fee when expediency and insurance are required

  • All rings and bands bear their grade identification engraved

  • Privileged, top value 10, 000+ diamond purchasing for your ring, for seamless diamond & ring matching & sourcing

  • All rings and bands are custom-made and hand crafted

  • Most ring and band styles are available in the full range of 3-33 mm

  • Please refer to the ring pages or to the order form for prices and the width availability for each ring style

  • Important Information on titanium grades: All titanium rings, bands, and accessories offered here are quoted at their 'base' price when made of Commercial Pure Titanium, grade II (Ti 999), sporting the upwards of 40, 000 psi in tensile strength

    Diamond Exchange Ltd. - Diamonds Engagement Rings
    An international exchange for web users to procure certified diamonds.

  • Imagine discussing Diamonds, Engagement rings and Jewellery with graduate gemologists and highly trained jewellery professionals

  • Retail Value of Diamond: $ 25, 000! Ice on Fire © Born in the EKATI ™ From the BHP Billiton Ekati™ diamond mine, the first operating mine in Canada, we bring you a dazzling array of Super Ideal Cut, Canadian certified and branded diamonds

  • Specializing in super Ideal Cut AGS000 with Hearts and Arrows diamonds from 0.50ct up "Ice on Fire © " Canadamark™ AGS000 diamonds feature; Ideal Cut Ideal Symmetry Ideal Polish Each "Ice on Fire" CanadaMark™ diamond comes with a certificate of origin certifying the Canada origin Engagement rings The designs featured in the engagement ring sections represents what we feel are currently the most popular engagement ring designs world wide

  • Our high tech manufacturing facility is able to produce these engagement rings in yellow gold, white gold and platinum

  • Wedding Rings We manufacture a huge range of wedding rings in white Gold, yellow Gold, Platinum and Titanium

  • Wedding rings can be plain or include diamonds and other gemstones Wedding rings can be purchased as individual pieces or in an engagement ring and wedding ring set The "Ice on Fire™" Ultimate Ideal Cut Diamonds Round Ideal Cut Ice on Fire™ Ideal Hearts & Arrows Hearts & Arrows is the term used for super ideal cut diamonds that exhibit a complete and precise Hearts & Arrows pattern "Your Private Jewelry Store"
    Engagement rings, earrings, and pendants. Offering diamonds and colored stones
    in a variety of settings.

  • ·· - - - · · WELCOME See The Difference Quality Makes 0 Product(s) in cart Total $0.00 » A Diamond Engagement Ring As Perfect As She Is..

  • I FOREVER DO Diamond Jewelry Store 3-Stone-Classics Invisible Set Engagement Ring A fine diamond engagement ring should be as unique as the person to whom it is given, As well as the company from which it comes

  • Diamond Engagement Rings Blue Diamond - Sapphire Rings - "I Love This One" Princess Cut Promise Ring His and Hers matching As a manufacturer and reseller of the fine jewelry, we have the advantage of selling items at wholesale prices

  • Loose diamonds, Engagement rings, Blue diamond & color diamonds jewelry

  • ---------------------- [Home] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] This month's specials: - - - - His & Hers - Promise Ring Unique Style Promise Ring

    3Djeweler Michael Drechsler Jewelry custom jeweler designer.
    Fine custom gemstone, gold, and platinum jewelry in a wide selection of designs.
    Product catalogue, list of services, and photographs.

  • Our expertise is the creation of exceptional handcrafted, diamond right hand rings ,

  • Be a King with your own Gold Signet Ring ! Michael Drechsler Jewelry makes with your family crest or company logo, hand engraved in 14 Karat or 18 Karat gold

  • Order now, as these personalized rings take time to create

  • Add Ring Style, Karat Gold, Stone or Head Millimeter Size, Finger Size to assist us with your quote

  • Bring your work online, 3Djeweler offers - the internet’s fine-make boutique for Hearts and ...
    Features A Cut Above branded diamonds. Also offers a comprehensive online
    educational section.

  • When the time has come for you to start looking at diamond engagement rings, Whiteflash is the place to start-and finish-your search

  • In addition to engagement rings, Whiteflash sells other diamond jewelry, in gold, platinum and silver

  • Select from our collection of value-priced engagement rings or consult with our designers to create your own

  • We even carry a selection of right hand rings

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