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  • SmartXX v2 o nly US$ 48 / € 43 (This Product is for: XBox) Working on all XBox versions The SmartXX V2.0 is the latest generation of the SmartXX line of Modchips and brings new functions to what is already one of the most advanced upgrades on the Xbox, with an incredible 4MB Bios space

  • The SmartXX Modchip has a built in feature whereby when connected to a network (or connected directly to a PC) you can update the chip's OS, flash the bios (which only takes around 4 seconds due to Ultra High Speed Sys-Con feature)

  • It's the only device capable of on the fly bios configuration and more

  • • 2MB Flash Rom With 15 Bios Storage Options • Dedicated 256K Backup Rom with a new Linux based bios (Can be upgraded to any bios you wish) Xenium ICE ModChip only US$ 53 / € 49 ( This Product is for: XBox) Working on all XBox versions The Xenium ICE is a ground breaking chip, specially bundled with many innovative and simple to use accessories making up a great value packed kit

  • Dual bios feature 2x512k Compatible with V1.0, V1.1, V1.2, V1.3, V1.4, V1.5 and 1.6

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    tpctl homepage
    ThinkPad configuration tools for Linux.

  • This kernel module provides access to functions of the ThinkPad SMAPI BIOS via the new interface found on recent ThinkPads

  • October 2001 Added Update information about bugs in setpnp and PnP BIOS Release version 3.0pre1 of thinkpad and tpctl packages September 2001 Update information about bugs in setpnp and PnP BIOS Added note about future development to development section, below August 2001 Update development notes ..

  • You can consult this in combination with of all the PS2.EXE help outputs on my ThinkPad 600.) tpctl gives the user access to all the functions of the SMAPI BIOS that are documented in the various ThinkPad Technical Reference manuals

  • It will let the bios do loopback tests on the serial and parallel ports (if you have loopback connectors) and it will format a floppy disk to make sure the floppy drive can write correctly.' Function keys Some ThinkPad function keys run firmware routines that control certain runtime aspects of the ThinkPad's behavior, without OS support

  • YMMV.) Microsoft-OS-based utilities The ThinkPad configuration utility for Windows and the Windows Device Manager and the DOS program PS2.EXE use the PnP and SMAPI BIOSes to configure devices

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  • We highly recommend you also pickup the High Speed air cooler with your case order this directly cools your CPU and GPU's in your 360 prolonging the life of your console substantially! For more details on the High Speed air cooler please go Detailed product images (click for larger version) Get your XBOX 360 CASE MODS today! The Xeno 360 Connectivity Kit allows you to plug your Xbox 360 Hard Drive into your pc thus allowing you to reprogram the FIRMWARE on the XBOX 360 DVD Drive allowing you to play DVD-R Media on your system and eventually homebrew software and more! This kit is identical to the but it is $10 cheaper and it comes with a FREE SATA Cable! Detailed product images (click for larger version) Get your XBOX 360 MODS today! The SmartXX v3 is the latest and only 5th Generation modchip for the XBOX! These chips come with so many amazing features, such as an enormous 4MB BIOS capacity

  • This chip comes with a massive (for cheap mod) 1MB BIOS STORAGE CAPACITY, when the aladdin chip only came with a tiny 256KB Bank - Xbox, DS (Lite), GameCube, PS2, PSP, and Xbox ...
    Modchips offered for Playstation, Playstation 2, and Dreamcast.

  • The only device capable of on the fly bios configuration and more

    PC110 Manual
    The aim of this manual is to provide you with the essential information you will
    need in order to operate the PC110.

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  • Notice that with some other distributions/kernels like Mandrake 8.2, one must add the option nobiospnp to the kernel boot prompt in order to avoid circular reboots due to a problem with the PNP-BIOS! There is also a hang problem with old kernels which can be avoided by using the noathlon kernel boot option

  • Actually, ACPI is a better PM than APM since with ACPI, power managment is the responsability of the Operating System instead of the BIOS

  • BIOS

  • You can enter the PhoenixBIOS at boot time by pressing F10 when the big Compaq logo is displayed

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  • It´s the only device capable of on the fly bios configuration and more

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  • Here is what is new in this release: Subcode reading (libcrypt games should now work) Better support for self-modifying code (fixes Spyro3) More anti-mod protected games now work (tested on WildArms2) Added support for MDEC STP bit (fixes DragonWarrior7 spell effects) Fixed quickload menu bug Fixed crash loading v1.5 state saves Fixed bug where .bin file was named .cue when converting CDZ file Fixed bug where CDZs created without .cue file did not work ESC can now be configured (either quit, or exit fullscreen) CD drivers now retry when an error occurs (up to 16 times) Fixed bug where switching back to windowed sometimes didn't work File requester is now displayed when BIOS is not found You can get it from

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  • To send us a suggestion, please post here ( ) Good luck and thanks DMS 4 Toxic Bios + OS v0.3 Coming Soon..

  • Below are the changes and updates to TOXiC BiOS v1.3 as well: Added support for DVD+R dual layer media, making DMS4 the worlds first modchip to support dual layer backups

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