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  • This fleshes things out somewhat as those who would rather build resources and research for a while can keep a minimal amount of non-upgraded troops to stave off invaders, though only for a brief amount of time, as there's only so long a sling can hold out against a machine gunner

    CounterPunch: "America's Best Political Newsletter"
    Muckraking leftist newsletter edited by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair.

    Band rages against Napster ban of fans | CNET News.com
    Another round of music fans has been banned from Napster's music-swapping service
    for trading copyrighted music - but this time, the band involved appears to be ...

  • Fans of rock band Rage Against The Machine began reporting that they were banned from Napster early Thursday morning

  • Sony Music Group, the parent company of Rage Against The Machine's label, Epic, is one of several record companies suing Napster

  • The Rage Against The Machine block came as a particular surprise to many fans, as the band has long been an outspoken opponent of corporate America and even defended Napster in an earlier interview

    fUSION Anomaly. The Prisoner
    Prisoner episode guide with narratives and permanently morphing non-Prisoner nodes.

  • TelexExternal LinkInternal LinkInventory cache The Prisoner 'is all the world jails and churches?' - Rage Against The Machine - _Vietnow_ This last updated March 22nd, 2005 and is permanently morphing..

  • Rover was originally to be a robotic machine, but when the prototype failed to work during the first episode's shoot, the crew used a weather balloon out of desperation


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    Complaint about the unauthorized use of PVN's Mumia Abu-Jamal interview,
    demonstration, and documentary footage in the December 9, 1998 edition of 20/20.

  • 28 minutes $20.00 LA2000: Coverage of the protests against the August 2000 Democratic Party Convention in Los Angeles from the streets, including the march of 5000 against the Prison Industrial Complex and for Mumia Abu-Jamal, police violence at the Rage Against the Machine Concert, the rally for women and the rally against the sanctions in Iraq

  • THE KILLING STATE is an expose of the Philadelphia killing machine by journalist Cathy Scott who shows the growing struggle to bring back justice, focusing on the protests around Mumia Abu-Jamal

  • In this video are Zack de la Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, Chucky D of Public Enemy, Tom Morello of Rage against the Machine and Danbert Nobocon of Chumbawumba

  • 29 minutes $20.00 WE RESISTED, MILLIONS FOR MUMIA, PHILADELPHIA, PART ONE: Poet, Sonia Sanchez, Rage Against the Machine’s Zack de la Rocha, Mumia’s attorney, Len Weinglass, Mumia’s son, Mazi Jamal, the French delegation and Mumia Tribunal attorney, Michael Tarif Warren, all speak for Mumia on his Birthday at the huge demonstration in Philadelphia on April 24 th , 1999

    Legends of Dune: Butlerian Jihad, Machine Crusade, Battle of ...
    Read about the Legends of Dune trilogy, based on the Butlerian Jihad, by Brian
    Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Includes reviews, links to buy, news and future ...

    computing machinery and intelligence - am turing, 1950
    Turing's original 1950 article on machine intelligence, where he introduces the
    famous Turing Test, and started this profound multi-decade debate.

  • No.236.] [October, 1950] A QUARTERLY REVIEW OF PSYCHOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY Computing machinery and intelligence - A

  • Computing machinery and intelligence (Turing) (abelard) (Turing) (abelard) The document, decision processes by abelard, gives an empiric analysis of the Entscheidungsproblem.

  • Computing machinery and intelligence was published by Alan Turing in 1950

  • Web abelard.org Index COMPUTING MACHINERY AND INTELLIGENCE BY A.M.TURING 1 The Imitation Game I PROPOSE to consider the question, 'Can machines think?' This should begin with definitions of the meaning of the terms 'machine 'and 'think'

  • If the meaning of the words 'machine' and 'think 'are to be found by examining how they are commonly used it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the meaning and the answer to the question, 'Can machines think?' is to be sought in a statistical survey such as a Gallup poll

  • We now ask the question, 'What will happen when a machine takes the part of A in this game?' Will the interrogator decide wrongly as often when the game is played like this as he does when the game is played between a man and a woman? These questions replace our original, 'Can machines think?' 2 Critique of the New Problem As well as asking, 'What is the answer to this new form of the question', one may ask, 'Is this new question a worthy one to investigate?' This latter question we investigate without further ado, thereby cutting short an infinite regress

    V for Vendetta | movies : ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
    As a fix of pop iconography, V for Vendetta is eyeball grabbing, even if it lacks
    the relentless videogame bravura that sold the Matrix films.

  • I was awestruck at his naïveté in a world where fight-the-power anarchy is now marketed as a fashionable identity statement — by the corporations that helped raise a generation on bands like Rage Against the Machine, by the armchair-leftist bloggers who flog the same righteousness day after day

  • It's rage against the machine by the machine

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    Rise and Fall of English Deism
    Essay by Cky J. Carrigan provides historical survey, discusses proponents and
    main tenets, and analyzes its demise.

  • Isaac Newton's Principia in 1687, offered three laws of motion that constituted the Newtonian world machine

  • Deism was encouraged by this scientific finding because it suggested a world machine governed by inexorable laws set forth by the Creator which permitted no miracles, or violations of the laws of nature.22 Incipient Biblical Criticism23 Attacks on the reliability of the Scriptures gave rise to Deism as well

    Mean Machine
    Mongoose's review: "'Mean Machine' does manage to rise above the fray for its
    duration, because of an amusing script and a decent soccer match, ...

  • Mean Machine There is a big reason why Mean Machine resembles the cult classic 1974 film The Longest Yard ; it is based on the original play

  • Mean Machine does manage to rise above the fray for its duration, because of an amusing script and a decent soccer match, but this is still forgettable stuff

  • Events are set in motion when Danny "Mean Machine" Meehan (Vinnie Jones, ) arrives in jail

  • The game at the end is when Mean Machine picks up

    Revisiting the "Revisionists": The Rise and Fall of the Japanese ...
    Cato Institute essay exposing the shortcomings and failed predictions in Japan
    revisionist thinking.

  • Japan’s Troubled Economy In his book, Trading Places , Clyde Prestowitz wrote: The power behind the Japanese juggernaut is much greater than most Americans suspect, and the juggernaut cannot stop of its own volition, for Japan has created a kind of automatic wealth machine, perhaps the first since King Midas

  • So, too, did the Japanese "wealth machine." Prestowitz was referring to the gravity-defying rise of Japanese stock and real estate values during the late 1980s

  • 28 Revisionists were so impressed by the Japanese system that they viewed the bubble economy’s escalation of stock and real estate values not as speculative excess but as a deliberately engineered turbo-charging of Japan’s export machine

  • The bubble was the "automatic wealth machine" that Prestowitz referred to, and it made the Japanese predatory threat seemingly unstoppable

    suicide notes and butterfly kisses :: bleeding on the inside
    Includes personal information, photographs, art, and writings.


    Green Day News
    Site with Green Day games, stories, dictionary and a lot of other original content.

    PROGRESSIVE REVIEW: Since 1964 Washington's most unofficial source
    Founded in 1966 and based in Washington, PR challenges conventional wisdom inside
    the Beltway. Edited by Sam Smith.

  • In this highly readable short book, journalist and social critic Sam Smith takes on this crisis not as a political issue but as a personal one: how does the individual survive in such a place? Drawing from a wealth of sources and experience ranging from philosophy and anthropology to the Internet and rock zines, from Kierkegaard and Camus to Humphrey Bogart and Rage Against the Machine, Smith confronts directly despair and survival, approaches to personal rebellion, speaking truth to power, suicide and false faith, the loss of democracy, and what to do when nobody cares whether you do it or not

  • Items of interest to big folk Making machines that smash themselves Without revolution and rebellion we would let mating and mutation do their thing

    Homemade Bread Recipes - Pizza Dough, Italian Bread and more!
    Bread machine recipes include oatmeal molasses bread and pizza dough.

  • Most of my friends now have bread machines and/or make their own bread from scratch and we enjoy sharing recipes, tips and techniques

  • Please feel free to write with any suggestions or recipes of your own! Featured Bread Machine Recipes Baking bread is something that connects us to our ancestors and to the countless others who have come before us

    The Hume Machine
    [Mac] The sociological Candide software use Clustered Graphs (also called Cogntive
    Maps or Co-Word Mapping) to represent textual knowledge (by Geneviève Teil et ...

  • SEHR, volume 4, issue 2: Constructions of the Mind Updated 4 June 1995 the hume machine can association networks do more than formal rules? Geneviéve Teil & Bruno Latour introduction The study of science and technology by social scientists has led some of us to develop a theory of the growth of socio-technical imbroglios in terms of associations

  • We have given our project the code name of 'the Hume-Condillac machine' in honor of the Scottish (1711-1776) and French (1714-1760) philosophers whose research programs we are partially reviving using computers, to which they obviously did not have access

  • What we have been able to show from studies of laboratories, theories, machines, and technology is that their robustness, their solidity, their truth, their efficiency, and their usefulness depend less on formal rules or on their own characteristics than on their local and historical context-independently of the various ways that there are of defining that context

  • the robustness of structured relations does not depend on qualities inherent to those relations but on the network of associations that form its context The principle we started from in constructing the Hume machine is a principle of calculability different from that of Turing machines, but one which occupies the same strategic position for our project as his did for his project

    The Rise of the Bakelite and Catalin Radio in the US During the 1930s
    A text-only article by Louis Vloedbeld on the background and development of
    bakelite and catalin radio designs.

    Revolution! Clandestine Radio and the Rise of Fidel Castro
    Looks at how Castro's rebel soldiers used underground radio in their fight to
    control Cuba in the revolution.

  • Fidel's camp, the center of revolutionary activity, began to resemble a small city with a hospital, schools, and a small hydroelectric station A rebel newspaper, El Cubano Libre was published on a mimeograph machine

    Welcome! - Rate Your Music
    User submitted album reviews and ratings.

    Aspects of EM Forster: The Machine Stops (1909)
    E-text of Forster's short story first published in 1909 in the Oxford and Cambridge

  • The Machine Stops (1909) :::::::the machine stops: Imagine, if you can, a small room, hexagonal in shape, like the cell of a bee

  • The chair, like the music, was worked by machinery and it rolled her to the other side of the room where the bell still rang importunately

  • 'What more do you want?' 'I want to see you not through the Machine, ' said Kuno

  • 'I want to speak to you not through the wearisome Machine.' 'Oh, hush!' said his mother, vaguely shocked

  • 'You mustn't say anything against the Machine.' 'Why not?' 'One mustn't.' 'You talk as if a god had made the Machine, ' cried the other

  • The Machine is much, but it is not everything

  • She could not be sure, for the Machine did not transmit nuances of expression

  • The imponderable bloom, declared by a discredited philosophy to be the actual essence of intercourse, was rightly ignored by the Machine, just as the imponderable bloom of the grape was ignored by the manufacturers of artificial fruit

  • 'Do you mean by that, contrary to the Machine?' 'In a sense, but----' His image is the blue plate faded

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