Rubik's Cube Solution
Contains information, terminology, Java applets, tips on the physical and mental
aspects of cubing, and a description of the Petrus method for solving a Rubik's ...

Rubik's Official Online Site
The official Rubik's site. Provides forum, online games, contests, and ordering

Graphic Rubik's Cube Solution
Simple Graphical Solution to Solving the Rubik's Cube.

How to Solve the Rubik's Cube
Two distinct solutions for the Rubik's Cube and miscellaneous information on the cube.


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Solving Rubik's Cube Using the Bestfast Algorithm and Profile tables
The Prolog language and an efficient heuristic searching technique is used to
solve the Rubik's Cube.

Magic Cube 4D
This downloadable software allows you to play with a 4D Rubik's Cube on your own
computer. The software is Windows, Linux, and UNIX compatible.

  • , this by a solver explaining his technique

    Rubik's cube
    Advanced method to solve Rubik's cube very fast. Includes advice to improve your speed.

    Solve RUBIK's CUBE using 4 formulas
    This web page is for those who cannot solve the Rubik's Cube, after completing
    one side.

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    rubik's rubik cube NxNxN solution
    Easy to remember solution to all rubik cubes such as 2x2x2 3x3x3, 4x4x4, and 5x5x5.

    Rubik's cube by Georges Helm
    Rubik's Cube fan site and information page, includes virtual cube and solutions.

  • He proposes amongst other things solutions to the cube as well as an automatic solver

    Adam's Rubiks Cube Solution
    A corners-first method, optimized for visual speed.

    NP Rubik's Cube Solution
    Solution geared towards beginners.


    Systematic Solution to Rubik's Cube
    A systematic method for solving the cube.

    Rubik's Illusions - The Rubik's Cube site
    Si occupa del cubo inventato nel 1978 dall'ingegnere ungherese Ernö Rubik.
    Propone alcune soluzioni.

    Wedran's Cube Solution
    Web program that will solve your cube giving you step by step instructions.

    3x3x3 Puzzle Solution
    A one-page solution that uses three simple arrow diagrams to indicate which plane
    of the cube is to be turned a ¼ turn. No knowledge of notation required.

  • Graphic Rubik's Cube Solution - Simple Graphical Solution to Solving the Rubik's Cube

    Permutation puzzle page of David Joyner. Contains links to some papers, student
    projects, lecture notes, and MAPLE programs on the Rubik's cube and related ...

    Gaetan Guimond
    The site of the world record holder. Includes videos, press clippings and the
    method of solving the cube.

    Fun · Rubik's Cube
    Interactive 3D models of Rubik's Cube and Rubik's Octagon as well as collections
    of interactive patterns; the Virtual Rubik's Perpetual Calendar; ...

  • I would like to thank Tomas Rokicki for running all the scripts through his amazing solver

    Dan's Rubik's Cube Solution Page
    Easy to follow Rubik's Cube eight step corners first solution, with illustrations
    and explanations.

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