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Article by David Cheng, MD.

Scorpion stings and venoms
Photographs of highly venomous African scorpions, prevention, symptoms, and treatment.

Scorpion Stings: Bites and Stings: Merck Manual Home Edition
Short article on the symptoms and treatment.

MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia: Insect bites and stings
Prevention, symptoms, images, and treatment.

  • The bite from fire ants and the sting from bees, wasps, and hornets are usually painful

  • Bites caused by mosquitoes, fleas, and mites are more likely to cause itching than pain

  • Considerations In most cases, bites and stings can be easily treated at home

  • However, some people have a severe allergic reaction to insect bites and stings

  • Some spider bites, like those of the or brown recluse, are also serious and can be life-threatening

  • Most spider bites, however, are harmless

  • General steps for most bites and stings: Remove the stinger if still present by scraping the back of a credit card or other straight-edged object across the stinger

  • For those who have a serious allergy to insect bites or stings, carry an emergency epinephrine kit (which requires a prescription)

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    MedlinePlus: Insect Bites and Stings
    Directory of factsheets on various arthropod envenomations.

  • The primary NIH organization for research on Insect Bites and Stings is the | , 8600 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20894 | Date last updated: 01 September 2006 Topic last reviewed: 05 June 2006

    Entomology - Bites and Stings of medically important venomous ...
    Medical journal article with photographs, symptoms, preventions, and treatment.

  • Bites and Stings of medically important venomous arthropods and P

  • Toxicologically, there is far more diversity in spider venoms than in the venoms of Hymenoptera and scorpions, so that the correct identification of spider bites has special significance

  • Spiders are rarely correctly identified by bite victims or their physicians and are readily transported by human commerce out of their native range

  • There are stellar reviews of the toxicology of arthropod venoms and poisons 1, 2 , as well as an excellent quick guide to bites and stings of arthropods 3


  • STING In discussing human envenomation incidents, quite often both the lay and medical communities use the words "bite" and "sting" interchangeably, even in the same sentence, to describe one mode of venom injection

  • In the strict sense, "bite" describes venom injected via structures associated with the mouth such as fangs or mandibles and "sting" connotes the injection of venom via a tapered, posterior structure most accurately called a sting (or colloquially, stinger)

  • Except the carpenter bee, all insects shown are social, and create nests inhabited mostly by sterile workers

    Introduction and guide from the City of Phoenix, Arizona on snake, insect, gila
    monster and africanized honey bee bites.

  • BITES AND STINGS About 45, 000 people are bitten by snakes every year in the United States

  • More than half of the poisonous snakebites involve children, and most occur between April and October

  • Of the poisonous bites in the United States, 55 percent are from rattlesnakes, 34 percent from copperheads, 10 percent from water moccasins, and onepercent from coral snakes

  • Rattlesnake bites account for 70 percent of the fatalities and between 95 and 98 percent of the bites occur on extremities

  • Each year the Samaritan Regional Poison Center has more than 65 calls about rattlesnake bites

  • Baby rattlesnakes are capable of a venomous bite from birth

  • Nonpoisonous snakebites are not considered serious and are generally treated as minor wounds; only poisonous snakebites are considered medical emergencies

  • Symptoms generally occur immediately, but only about one third of all bites manifest symptoms

  • In 50 percent of coral snake bites, no venom is injected because the coral snake has to chew the skin for envenomation to occur

  • In as many as 25 percent of all venomous pit viper bites, no venom is injected, possibly because the fangs may be injured, the venom sacs may be empty at the time of the bite, or the snake may not use the fangs when it strikes

    S. Thelwall translation, with notes. From the Ante-Nicene Fathers, vol. 3, American

  • Finally, we often aid in this way even the heathen, seeing we have been endowed by God with that power which the apostle first used when he despised the viper's bite

  • Benefits

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    Scorpions (DesertUSA)
    Description and biology of scorpions from Desert USA.

    Flairpath are the sole UK distributors of Aspivenin, bringing ...
    Aspivenin brings relief to all types of bites and stings, including those from
    insects, wasps, bees, snakes, and spiders. Includes ordering instructions.

  • Instant pain relief from insect bites and stings

  • Flairpath Marketing are International distributors of Aspivenin®, a unique and natural treatment that brings instant relief from bites and stings

  • Aspivenin® is a special vacuum mini-pump that painlessly draws poison from insect stings and insect bites

  • The Aspivenin® treatment works on all bites and stings as well as snake bites, bee stings, wasp stings, mosquito bites spider bites, jellyfish and scorpion stings

  • For full information about Aspivenin® and how it can treat all bites and stings, read on...

  • HERE'S HOW IT WORKS By pushing the white plunger right down to the barrel of the Aspivenin®, a continuous vacuum is created in the selected nozzle over the wound site and this gently draws poison from the bite or sting

  • It only takes about 20 to 30 seconds in the case of a mosquito bite, 90 seconds for wasp stings and up to 3 minutes for more serious attacks

  • In the case of life-threatening attacks, such as snakebites, it is recommended that the pump be used repeatedly to extract as much poison as possible, and that the vacuum then be retained as long as possible over the wound site until professional medical help can be reached

    Introduction to the Scorpiones
    A brief description of scorpion history, biology and taxonomy from UCMP Berkeley.

    Animal Bite
    Advice on treatment of dog and cat bites, for emergency medical personnel.

  • Assorted Pages Animal Bite Book Chapter Page See Also Indications Management: General Inject 1% through intact skin Copious wound irrigation with normal saline Set up 500 ml saline bag with 20 gauge angiocatheter Place bag into BP cuff and pump up to 300 mmHg Irrigate wound with 500 cc of normal saline closure Indications for closure by Secondary Intention s Infected wounds s older than 24 hours Indications for d closure less than 8 hours old s located on face s near joint or bone Obtain baseline XRay of puncture Obtain Orthopedic Consultation Tetanus Vaccine Indicated if dog with Unknown vaccination status Animal cannot be quarantined for 10 days Unprovoked attack Immediate wound management (see ) Administer vaccine within 48 hours Antibiotic See


    United States Navy
    Offers resources and information on the United States Navy.

  • Treating a scorpion bite, healing an abscess and removing shards of shrapnel from a friend’s arm is all in a day’s work for men like Petty Officer 3rd Class Chad Jorges and his fellow corpsmen

  • Personal relationships between officer and enlisted members that are unduly familiar and that do not respect differences in rank and grade are prohibited, and violate long-standing custom and tradition of the naval service

    Wilderness Emergencies
    Consumer health resource center providing information on wilderness aid.

    Ancient Egyptian Medicine - Smith Papyrus - Ebers Papyrus
    The practices of physicians ranging from embalming to faith healing to surgery
    and autopsy.

  • It would not be unusual for a patient to receive a bandage for a dog bite, for example, a paste of berries and honey and a incantation said over the wound as well as a magical amulet for the patient to wear

  • Insect, especially scorpion bites or snake bites, both very frequent in Egypt, were treated by magicians, as there appears to have been no specific balm or ointment used, and as we have records of many spells, written on papyri and magical charms devoted to these two occurrences

    FAQ: Venomous Critters
    A summary on poisonous snakes, spiders, lizards, and scorpions, with recommended
    treatments. From Texin's Outdoor Club.

  • Bites from any of the, even the most potent rattlesnakes, rarely result in death

  • Don't use a snakebite kit

  • In fact, there is no good first aid for rattlesnake bite

  • If you must do something, she said, 'elevate and immobilize the limb, rest quietly, and don't freak out.' Most of the popular literature on snakebite is out of date, and some hospital emergency-room physicians may still attempt to use ice

  • Almost all cases of amputation after snakebite are actually the result of using ice, a tourniquet or both

  • If you're not in an area where snakebite is common, insist that the doctors call the Regional Poison Control Center (listed on the inside cover of the phone book)

  • Still, that is usually preferable to the effects of untreated snakebite

  • Boyer said, 'It's a lousy, stinking product that causes a lot of problems, but there's nothing else around.' The cure for snakebite is to avoid it

  • A rattlesnake can bite up to an hour after decapitation

  • A 'spasm' from a dead snake will reflexively deliver the full load of venom and can be worse than a live snakebite

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    Scorpion Mezcal Tequila premium certified 100% Agave mezcals from ...
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  • Listen to the " I Dare You! Show me what you're made of, What are you afraid of? Sweet Sting, Smooth Bite, It's one of a kind

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    English language organ of the European New Right.

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  • A bite to which a normal person would awake

  • A bite to which your face will break

  • It bites not just once or even twice

  • It bites and bites and bites and bites until death will soon come to this filthy lice

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