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Molycoated bullets
Decrease pressure by 3-5% depending on cartridge, bullet and powder, while only
decreasing velocity by 0,5-1,5%, plus reduced metalfouling.

  • Since we have been coating bullets for a few years we would like to share our experience

  • Briefly we have found that molycoated bullets do: - decrease pressure by 3-5% depending on cartridge, bullet and powder - decrease velocity with 0, 5-1, 5% - reduce metalfouling - increase accuracy under certain circumstances - very likely increase barrellife During testing we have also observed that first shot out of a cleaned barrel is within the following group (@ 300 m)

  • When a molycoated bullet enters the throat and travels down the barrel it has less friction than a ordinary bullet

  • Thus, by increasing the charge you can usually get 1-2% higher velocity with moly bullets

  • It seems as coated bullets gives a certain degree of fouling but it more or less stays there

  • This depends on cartridge, pressure, powder and bullet

  • During our initial testing of moly we fired some 140 gn 6, 5 bullets for accuracy

  • These bullets look very much like Sierra’s # 1740

  • We went back and retested the 6, 5 bullets with two different powders

  • Then we coated our 130 gn VLD (Bill Davis design) bullet and fired a substantial number

    Mike J's 6mm Ackley Improved Reloading Page
    Providing load data for the 6mm Ackley Improved cartridge.

  • 20 cal bullets are now readily available

  • Bullet wts

  • listed: 55, 68, 70, 80, 87, 95 Bullets listed: 70 TNT & 70 Btip Bullets listed: 68 Berger, 70 Btip, 95 Berger Bullets listed: 55 Btip, Berger 95VLD, Starke 95FB, Berger 105VLD Bullets listed: 58 Vmax, 65 Berger MEF, 70 Btip, 70 Speer HP, 75 Vmax Bullets listed: 80 Berger, 87 Vmax Bullets wts

  • listed: 65 Berger, 66 Fowler, 68 Euber, 70 BR, 100 Rem, 105/107 VLD Bullets wts

  • Bullets listed: 70 Speer TNT, 70 Sierra Blitz King Bullets listed: 55 Nosler Btip, 70 Nosler Btip, Sierra 80 Blitz, Sierra 75 HP Bullets listed:105 Hornady Vmax, 105 Berger VLD Bullets listed:105 Hornady Vmax, 107 Sierra Lots of data for 100 grn bullets

    Sierra Leone
    Provides country brief and profile, Millennium Development Goals and Regional
    Integration Assistance Strategy along with news, projects and total IDA credits.


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    Maximus Press Rock Climbing & Hiking Guide Books; Bishop, Eastern ...
    Publishes guides and books for the Bishop area, Mammoth Lakes, and the High Sierra.
    Includes cover photos and contact information for the company.

  • Bite the Bullet Dave Pegg 1997 - 1st Edition $8.00 - 72 pages - 6” x 9” ISBN: 1-873341-26-1 A Rock Climbing Guide to the Limestone of Rifle Mountain Park, Colorado

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    GORP - The Sierra High Route - A Journey at Timberline
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