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    The Tao Te Ching
    Using the Feng/English version, Masahito Koishikawa compares chapters of the Tao
    Te Ching with passages from the Bible.

  • If after they have developed, they experience desires to strive, they can bury those desires under the nameless Uncarved Block

  • The nameless Uncarved Block can protect against desire

  • It is to govern the under heaven with the nameless uncarved wood

  • Using the nameless uncarved wood in order to govern our mind means casting desire and returning to simplicity and humbleness

    a literary ezine || Double Dare Press ||
    Features stories and visual art in an online gallery.

    Duman6 WebZine
    Heavy metal gruplarının biyografileri, albüm incelemeleri, röportajlar ve haberler.

    Tao Te Ching
    A translation by JH McDonald, with hyperlinked table of contents.

  • The nameless is the boundary of Heaven and Earth

  • 32 The Tao is nameless and unchanging

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    Shelley Jackson
    Online novel describes how Pinocchio succeeded at last in becoming a puppet.

  • He decorated himself with carrion; he sewed spinach gone black and slimy into gloves and leggings, filched nameless scuzzy hanks from the kitchen drain and used them as rats among his curls

    The Mad Dog Media Liberation Arf Farce
    News and cartoons from the demented mind of Patrick O'Grady.

    Tao Te Ching - English Version on The Gold Scales
    Interpolation by Tormod Kinnes, based on the English versions of Lin Yutang,
    Arthur Waley and Wing-tsit Chan.

  • Heaven and earth sprang from something else: the bright nameless; The named is but the said mother that rears the ten thousand creatures of heaven and earth, each after its kind

    Рок-энциклопедия. Музыка.
    Информация о , состав, дискография, фото,Музыкальный архив зарубежных исполнителях
    рок-музыки в формате Real Audio.


    Neologism Cliche Aphorism and Novel Language Form
    Extensive list of new sayings, cliches, aphorisms, and neologisms. Has additional
    pages on related language matters.

    Nova Scotia
    Recent messages from the e-mail group for birding and natural history in NS.

    Free Practical Jokes, April Fool's Day Jokes
    A small collection of pranks and practical jokes.

    The Tao Teh King, Liber CLVII
    Translation and personal introduction by Aleister Crowley.

    Pope Peter & the Moon Child
    A surrealist farce which plunders the Roman Catholic myth of the last pope and
    the Nietzschean assertion of the death of the Christian God.

  • all that innocent worship of these loving, heathen images & illustrious idols with his grandmother, his mother, father, sister, brother, the dog, the snake, the hamster, the chicken, the cat, the toad, the newt, the vulture, the pregnant ewe sheep, This Goat, &, those lovely, yet, strangely unfortunate goldfish, not to forget these innumerable, nameless rats, mice, roaches, eels, flowers, plants -----------> (transmigrationist family values)..

    Homelessness in America
    Gerald L. Campbell's preprint on homelessness in America and the causes and
    prevention methods thereof.

    Cybertron Dreams
    By Benjamin D. Hutchins. []

    Collection of short fiction. All in one HTML file. 489K.

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