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    Natural Skin Care - Make your own cosmetic products with Aromantic
    A range of natural skin care and beauty products, from Findhorn Nature Care.
    Includes product details and online purchasing.

  • Complete and in-depth information on all the raw materials you will use in making natural skin care products..

    Soap Opera World, Back Issues, Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera ...
    Specializing in recent and hard-to-find back issues of soap opera magazines from
    the '80s to the present.

    Software Testing Quality Assurance Testing Tools - iTKO LISA
    Developer of the LISA Composite Application Testing Software, an automated software
    testing solution for multiple platforms. The Company also offers associated ...

  • Only LISA automated testing solutions offer unmatched breadth and depth in software testing across multiple platforms, for everyone on the team

  • info: SOAP IN DEPTH

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    flower essences soap
    Retail sales of handcrafted all vegetable glycerin soap with flower essences.

  • This essence soap works to balance the energies associated with a desire for greater clarity and depth of vision, or when there is a consciousness of fragmentation

    A XML SOAP AJAX WSDL UDDI Web Services Mall - information and ...
    Information and resources on web services and related technologies, including
    XML and SOAP.

    BBC NEWS | In Depth | UK and the euro
    Presents the latest news and analysis about the euro debate plus background and
    history. Includes the case for each side, the five tests, how the euro is doing ...

    BBC NEWS | In Depth | Blunkett resigns
    Full coverage of David Blunkett's resignation as Home Secretary and the events
    preceeding and following. With profiles, background material, poll and message ...

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    May 1997 Soap Making Traditional Methods Lye Rain Water Wood Ash
    This online handbook includes easy to follow step-by-step instructions, diagrams,
    and a collection of related links.

  • Each of the seven points below are described more fully, then later the general method of Soap Making is gone through in depth.) Simple hard soap making has seven main steps to it: Getting the right mixture of lye and grease, called " proving"

    Nessa's Port Charles
    Includes recaps, videos, cast information, and links. -- Online Catalog: Programming Web Services with XML-RPC
    XML-RPC, a simple yet powerful system built on XML and HTTP, lets developers
    connect programs running on different computers with a minimum of fuss.

  • This book also provides in-depth coverage of the XML-RPC specification, which is helpful for low-level debugging of XML-RPC clients and servers [Webservices]
    Articles explain building and using Web Services for .Net platform.

  • WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation and, as the name indicates, is about managing your IT infrastructure this article provides an in-depth look at WMI and MOM 2005 WMI stands for Windows Management Instrumentation and, as the name indicates, is about managing your IT infrastructure this article is the second part of a two-part series

  • Murach's ASP.NET web programming with VB.NET by Doug Lowe and Anne Prince is a in depth training and reference book for ASP.NET programming using VB.NET


    Wholesale and retail soap making supplies including melt and pour glycerin and
    transparent soap base, fragrances, colourants, moulds and kits.

    The Linden Ashby Worshiping Page
    Includes fan club, picture gallery, and biography.

    Natural soap making, Soap formula, Soap making Supplies, Natural ...
    Step by step soap and soapmaking instructions. Cold process method in detail.

  • The base note, or end note, adds depth to a blend

    Exploratorium: Science Snacks
    Miniature versions of some of the most popular exhibits at the Exploratorium.

  • How does this stack up? Using two eyes gives you depth perception > The Google API Is a Two-Way Street
    John Udel's article about the API's uses, how it fits in to the 'bigger picture'
    of Web services, and the importance of metadata.

    Computerworld > SCO not disturbing AIX users yet
    With deadline expired, IT community eagerly awaiting latest chapter in SCO-IBM
    soap opera; local AIX users appear unconcerned at prospect of IBM losing Unix ...

    O'Reilly -- Microsoft .NET vs. J2EE: How Do They Stack Up?
    A high-level comparison of the two platforms. By Jim Farley, O'Reilly.

  • Read more on the .NET platform in this in-depth interview by O'Reilly Windows editor John Osborn: --John gets to the bottom of not only Microsoft's detailed plans for the C# programming language but also the .Net framework

    Allen County Ground-Water Resources, AEX-490.02-97
    Factsheet providing information on ground-water resources in the county.

  • The chemical and physical nature of these formations varies from area to area, creating a wide range of water yields and quality at different depths and formations

  • Well Yield The yield of a well, in gallons per minute (gpm), will vary considerably depending on the age and depth of the well, the diameter of the casing, well construction, pump capacity and age, and most importantly, properties of the geologic formation

  • The exact yield and depth of each well will depend on the properties of the geologic formation at the specific location of the well

  • Farm and domestic wells usually obtain a sufficient supply at depths of less than 100 feet

  • Figure 2 is a generalized cross section (referenced in Figure 1 as the line X-X'), which shows the range of depth to bedrock, as well as the variation in the composition of the glacial deposits within the buried valleys

  • 1 2 3 4 5 WQ Std 2 Well Depth (feet) 260 300 360 360 370 Capacity (gpm) 75 600 150 300 175 Depth to Bedrock (feet) 6 15 10 6 15 Water-Bearing Formation 3 LS LS LS LS LS Chemical Constituents 4 Total Dissolved Solids 899 765 629 734 604 500 Hardness (as CaCO 3 ) 661 587 478 590 463 none 5 Calcium (Ca) 156 136 109 139 108 none Magnesium (Mg) 66 60 50 59 47 none Chloride 32 28 44 28 30 250 Sulfate (SO 4 ) 404 295 197 256 197 250 Hydrogen Sulfide (H 2 S) 22 17 1.0 7.0 2.9 none Fluoride 1.6 1.6 1.0 1.4 1.4 2 1

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