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  • SQL Server Magazine By July 27, 2006 Who needs the latest summer-reading thriller when Microsoft has released a new version of SQL Server 2005 Books Online? Here’s how to get the latest update and eliminate duplicate copies

  • SQL Server Magazine By Will Visual Studio Team Edition for Database Professional bring the discipline to database development for the SMBs and other organizations running a SQL Server environment? SQL Server Magazine By Now that Microsoft has added database mirroring to SQL Server 2005 SP1, check out how this important high-availability feature works to automate switching between databases

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    MySQL AB :: The world's most popular open source database
    The software's official homepage with news, downloads and documentation.

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  • Best of all, this is a free resource! While you're here, try our or see our archive of ! We also appreciate your support with purchases from our or our magazine! Need Help? Got a Question? - The PASS Summit is Nov 14-17th this year in Seattle and guarantees to be the best event for learning about SQL Server 2005 and meeting the developers who know how it works

  • Article Rating: By: Brian Knight has started a new series base on his impressions of SQL Server 2005, Beta 2, aka "Yukon"

    SQL Server Database Performance Tuning And Other Articles
    Performance tuning and optimization articles and tips on Microsoft SQL Server,
    including versions 6.5, 7.0, and 2000.

  • We offer articles on SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, and SQL Server 2005

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    PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database
    Sophisticated open-source Object-Relational DBMS supporting almost all SQL
    constructs, including subselects, transactions, and user-defined types and functions.

    GNU SQL Server Home Page
    SQL Server is a free portable multiuser relatational database management system.
    It supports the full SQL89 dialect and has some extensions from SQL92.

    Database Journal: Daily Database News, Information and Tutorials ...
    Daily database news and articles for the database professional.

  • In this article, BI Architect Bill Pearson leads hands-on exposure to Perspectives, another new Analysis Services 2005 feature

  • 8/09 Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services concentrates on providing you with real world solutions to real world problems..

    SQL Server ユーザーグループ

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    UK SQL Server Community
    UK's SQL Server User Group site.

    SQL Server information @ Narayana Vyas Kondreddi's website: A good ...
    This site features SQL Server administration, programming and security best practices.

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    Official home page of the company that owns and supports Sybase SQL Server.

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  • Microsoft SQL Server articles, news and forums | Topics (83) (59) (108) (29) (57) (119) (66) (9) (38) (13) (25) (44) (29) (13) (63) (14) Newsletter Your e-mail address: Poll Plans to upgrade first production server to 2005 Already in production Before Nov

  • Features Hosting User Info or on 08/14/2006 in SQL Server 2005 introducted the OUTPUT clause which we can use to capture values from the inserted and deleted virtual tables

  • [ | ] MSDN Webcast: What I Wish Developers Knew About Writing Applications for SQL Server 2005 on 07/14/2006 in I have another webcast coming up in a couple of weeks

  • This is I described as ' Many of my consulting engagements come about because of an application that is causing Microsoft SQL Server 2005 to behave poorly

  • The abstract reads ' As a consultant, I visit many companies that are having performance problems with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 database

  • [ | ] on 04/19/2006 in SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 is now available for download

  • It appears Microsoft won't be releasing a version that will read SQL Server 2005 trace files

  • That gave me a good reason to write my own version that will read SQL Server 2000 and 2005 trace files

    SQL Security
    News, FAQs, and scripts focusing on Microsoft SQL Server security.

  • Based on your experience with SQL Server 2005, how would you rate it's security? Swiss Cheeze Needs Work Pretty Secure Rock Solid Links Books Welcome To SQLSecurity.com This site is dedicated to those who are serious about security - specifically, Microsoft SQL Server security

  • SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 1 has been released

  • In a Computerworld article on SQL Server 2005 SP1, I was asked to provide some commentary

  • Since I've been relatively satisfied with SQL 2005 to date I addressed what I see as some annoyances as well as the ongoing issue of there still being way too many extended stored procedures available to the public role

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  • Search the PASS site · · · · · What's New Get a Sneak Peak at the Content You'll find at the 2006 PASS Community Summit! Visit Microsoft's site to view some of the highly-regarded Microsoft sessions presented at the 2005 PASS Community Summit

  • Free Web Seminar Series On Demand: Empowering Business Users with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Visual Analysis from Tableau Software

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