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  • Jinn, a proponent of the living Force over the more serene unifying Force, had long been a maverick in the eyes of the Jedi Council

  • Obi-Wan implored his Master not to go against the Council, but Qui-Gon always responded by saying that he must do as the will of the Force advises

  • Kenobi avoided the deadly cutting swipes of a vicious creature long enough for Jedi reinforcements to arrive

  • Though Yoda's withering lightsaber attack nearly stopped the evil Jedi, Dooku was able to distract the diminutive master by endangering Obi-Wan and Anakin with a fallen pillar torn free by the Force

  • High above Coruscant, an enormous battle raged, as capital ships from the Republic tangled with the escaping forces of the Confederacy

  • Weaving through the chaos were Obi-Wan and Anakin, backed by Squad 7 of the clone starfighter forces

  • Aboard the starship, Anakin and Obi-Wan cut their way through droid forces as they raced to free the Chancellor

  • He Force-pushed Obi-Wan with terrible strength, tossing the Jedi Master like a ragdoll against the wall of the quarters

  • He flew ahead of them, to scout out the area by himself before his troops arrived in force

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  • Homeworld: Unknown Species: Human Gender: Male Height: 1.93 meters Weapon: Affiliation: A venerable if maverick, is a student of the living Force

  • Unlike other Jedi Masters, who often lose themself in the meditation of the unifying Force, Qui-Gon Jinn lived for the moment, espousing a philosophy of 'feel, don't think -- use your instincts.' Were it not for Qui-Gon's unruly views, he would have undoubtedly been on the Jedi Council

  • During the trip to the capital, damaged sustained to the forced an unscheduled stop on the Outer Rim world of

  • There, Qui-Gon discovered a young slave boy named, who was strong in the Force

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  • When the Empire turned more and more to the forces of the underworld, Xizor, the leader of the underworld and a close confidant of Emperor Palpatine's, moved in to crush the Empire and the Rebellion in a single stroke

  • You really start to understand how powerful Luke is in the Force


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  • MESSAGE - Put your trust in your feelings and instincts, not logic; a unifying Force joins all creatures

  • ( Note : Parents who adhere to conventional religious beliefs may be upset by the explicit theology of the film: All living things share symbiotic microscopic organisms that unify life in the universe; they apparently constitute The Force

  • The more of these organisms a creature has, the stronger The Force is with him/her/it

  • Said Force is amoral, i.e Star Wars Book Reviews
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  • Legacy of the Force - Betrayal [HC] Republic Commando - Triple Zero [PB] Outbound Flight [HB] Dark Nest III - The Swarm War [PB] Dark Lord: The Rise of Darth Vader [HB] Dark Nest II - The Unseen Queen [PB] Creating the Worlds of Star Wars : 365 Days [HB] Star Wars The Ultimate Visual Guide [HB] Dark Nest I - The Joiner King [PB] Last of the Jedi #2 - Dark Warning [PB] Do you plan to attend Celebration IV next year in Los Angeles, California? Yes, I'll be there! Maybe, not sure yet


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    Despite proving that the Internet is a genuinely unifying 'force', email stunt
    will not work. By Will Knight.

  • AOP Awards finalist: Online Publisher of the Year - Business > Tuesday 26th September 2006 Star Wars fans stung by Jedi email ZDNet UK April 17, 2001, 10:11 BST Despite proving that the Internet is a genuinely unifying 'force', email stunt will not work Star Wars fans in the UK have been stung by an email suggesting that the forthcoming UK Census would recognise "Jedi" as a religion if enough people put it on their form

    Controversial theory that Episodes 1 and 2 have a complex analogy about Adolf
    Hitler and World War Two "encoded" into them.

  • Benefits

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  • A movement was gaining force in the independent, calling for constitutional freedoms and the unification of the weak princely states into a single nation

  • The incipient was quickly crushed by an allied force of Saxon and troops, and warrants were issued for the arrest of the revolutionaries

  • Röckel and Bakunin failed to escape and were forced to endure long terms of imprisonment

  • In December 1865, Ludwig was finally forced to ask the composer to leave Munich

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  • Contents [] Fictional perspective Tau Empire Form of Government / Official Language Tau Capital T'au Head of State Aun'Va - Master of the Undying Spirit Governing Body Council of the Highest Military Forces Fire caste (Shas) Hunter Cadres Air caste (Kor) The Kor'vattra (Tau ) Allies Mercenaries Fleet Scouts Stingwings Militias Establishment approx

  • They spoke of a '' that could be achieved through unification of the tribes, and by sunrise, the two forces had declared a truce

  • Fire caste Tau are motivated by a code of honour, and prefer to use tactics and their advanced weaponry to defeat opponents, as opposed to brute force

  • Fire caste military forces are known as Hunter Cadres , are similar in size and role to an , and are primarily made up of Tau from the same sept

  • Auxiliary forces are drawn from the alien races within the Tau Empire, and Hunter Cadres can include warriors, Stingwings, and, among other forces

  • In the new background material published with the Codex, it is explained that the weakened state of Imperium worlds on the frontier of Tau space (as these forces were reassigned to the Cadian sector to defend against Thirteenth ) prompted the Tau Empire to declare a crusade of their own; the Third Sphere Expansion

    Juliette Rossant writes about chefs most well-known in the United States.


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  • Norman Geisler details 14 primary "doctrines" of New Age religions: (1) an impersonal god (force); (2) an eternal universe; (3) an illusory nature of matter; (4) a cyclical nature of life; (5) the necessity of reincarnations; (6) the evolution of man into Godhood; (7) continuing revelations from beings beyond the world; (8) the identity of man with God; (9) the need for meditation (or other consciousness-changing techniques); (10) occult practices (astrology, mediums, etc.); (11) vegetarianism and holistic health; (12) pacifism (or anti-war activities); (13) one world (global) order; and (14) syncretism (unity of all religions)

  • Everything is a different form of that essence (energy, consciousness, power, love, force)

  • New Agers view God as an impersonal life force, consciousness, or energy (M

  • 7-8) (e.g., the "Star Wars Force"), rather than a Person

  • Point out that if God is an impersonal force, then love and forgiveness are not possible

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    the release of Shogun sequel Medieval: Total War. Avoid."

  • The game offers four campaigns — set in Britain, Gaul, Italy, and Norway during the days of the Roman Empire — with the ultimate goal of unifying all of the territories by diplomacy or brute force

  • Once the fighting starts, you have zero control over your forces

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  • We have received positive reviews in such esteemed publications as Factsheet Five, The Chicago Reader , and Spectrum , and have formed alliances with top fan-run internet sites such as TheForce.Net and T-Bone Fender's Star Wars universe

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  • Now there’s an argument whether I should use the stage to do that, but I’ve always regarded music as a legitimate tool for comment on political and social issues and also as a healing force, a unifying force, it’s so many things

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  • Ford, Michigan's only president, who reached across partisan lines to become a unifying force during a time of great turmoil in our nation's history

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  • Royalists have argued that democracy creates division, and that a monarch is a strong unifying force

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  • If you do not come up with an alternate ending to the game which eliminates the use of the so-called 'checkmate' I shall be forced to immediately file suit at The Hague

  • Flying is for birds.'work you beast!'I said this rather forcefully just after lunch

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