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  • : | E-mail: Password: | background color: search: Tune in at 4pm PDT for our live weekly show! Downloads It's an interesting bit of role-reversal for Peach, and it does a good job of defining itself outside the Mario formula, but the game is just too easy for its own good

  • Posted Aug 21, 2006 7:22 am PT good 'Worth playing' Super Princess Peach is a fun platformer that will last you a couple hours but its just way to easy

  • Posted Jul 22, 2006 5:27 pm PT Tell the world what you think of Super Princess Peach

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  • Finally, the tables are turned--Mario needs saving from Princess Peach in the Nintendo DS platformer, Super Princess Peach

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  • | • | • | • | Platforms Console Handheld Sections Resources Planet Sites Get Games Subscriptions Contact Us Partners FilePlanetDaily Download Half-Life 2 Mod! Special Features See the latest trends in game development from the front lines! Search for a Game Super Princess Peach (DS) Tired of always seeing Mario save the princess? Your pleas have been heard as the roles are reversed in Nintendo's Mario off-shoot Super Princess Peach

  • You take control of Princess Peach and must work your way through a series of 2D side scrolling stages in order to save the classic mascot character

  • Peach isn't alone in her platforming adventure

  • Kassaa can be used for a variety of actions, from striking enemies, to helping Peach float

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  • But Princess Peach wasn't able to celebrate with her special someone, seeing that she's been taken prisoner by Bowser and Bowser Jr


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  • : | Email Password | Search for: Platforms: | » Super Princess Peach Title Data Genre: 2D > Action > Platformer Developer: ESRB Rating: E Release Data Super Princess Peach 10/20/05 JP Super Princess Peach 02/27/06 US Super Princess Peach 05/26/06 EU Credits Main Programmer Kenta Egami Programmer Hisatsugu Shiro Programmer Kazuya Watanabe Programmer Shintaro Iguchi Programmer Takeshi Yoshida Programmer Naotaka Noda Concept Takayuki Ikeda Design Atsushi Okamoto Design Kazuya Doi Design Mika Nishitsuji Design Ryosuke Kusada Main Design Akira Mochizuki Main Design Yuichiro Nakayama Voice Charles Martinet Voice Jen Taylor Artwork Yasuko Takahashi Artwork Daiki Nishioka Artwork Chiharu Sakiyama Director Akio Imai Director Azusa Tajima Contributions Information and/or credits for this game contributed by llamaman2 and Alex91

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  • And also, the character, Princess Peach was excluded, although she appeared in most Mario games, like Super Mario Bros

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  • Pubblicato in | 15 May 2006 ” La Principessa Peach è protagonista di questo platform a tinte rosa! Bowser è finalmente riuscito a rapire Mario, spedendo lui (e Luigi!) nel suo castello di Emoziolandia

  • Bowser però non ha fatto i conti con Peach, che ha preso la cosa come un’offesa personale!” Così comincia la prima avventura mai dedicata interamente alla “dolce principessina” della saga Nintendo, in uscita il 26 maggio per Nintendo DS

  • Con questa avventura potremo rivivere la passione di un platform nel classico stile dei giochi Super Mario Bros e scoprire 8 mondi imprevedibili inseguendo Bowser, il tutto interagendo col touch-screen! Infine, come in molti degli ultimi capitoli della saga “mariesca”, potremo sbloccare e collezionare minigiochi durante l’intera avventura, per poi giocarli ogni volta che vorremo! Non ci resta che attendere la data di uscita per seguire le mirabolanti avventure della Principessa Peach! Pubblicato in | 11 May 2006 Anche quest’anno Nintendo, come sempre, si presenta alla conferenza mondiale per eccellenza dei VG con moltissime novità e sbalorditive innovazioni, che presto stupiranno i fan del mitico Mario! Pubblicato in | 11 May 2006 Shigeru Miyamoto, ha confermato i rumor della rete, anche Wii avra’ il suo Super Smash Bros

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  • But Princess Peach wasn't able to celebrate with her special someone, seeing that she's been taken prisoner by Bowser and Bowser Jr

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  • - May 9, 2006 Rescue Peach from outer space in this two-player-ready action-platformer sequel! - May 17, 2005 Nintendo's mascots set to appear on Revolution

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  • When some creature escapes into space with Princess Peach, Mario gives chase, exploring bizarre planets all across the galaxy

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  • | Posted by on 03.15.2006 After playing Super Princess Peach, I can't wait for this one! It's due out early May

  • | Posted by on 03.15.2006 So how is it?!?! You know, Princess Peach, not that I'd buy it myself! Nooo sir! But if I ever did(yea right), a heads up would be nice

  • Peach has 4 special ability hearts (Fly, Cry, Angry, Heal) that can be ..

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  • If you got it right, you will see Luigi appear over Princess Peach's Castle in Adventure mode during a cut-scene

  • Melee Hint: Peach's Quick Float In Super Smash Bros

  • Melee, Princess Peach is the ultimate throwback to Super Mario Bros

  • Knowing that Peach fanatics want to use it liberally, the developers of the game, HAL, have added in a quick float feature

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  • Site News: March 9, 2006 Incase you are still deciding if Super Princess Peach is for you, I have written a

  • There will appearences by Mario, Luigi, Toad, Peach, and Bowser, but not Yoshi because he conflicts with the 'back to the basics' additude of the game

  • Nintendo News: February 27, 2006 Super Princess Peach is released in the US today

  • But Princess Peach wasn’t able to celebrate with her special someone, seeing that she’s been taken prisoner by Bowser and Bowser Jr

  • The title features stunning 3-D models moving through lavish, cleverly designed 2-D worlds, culminating in a final showdown for the freedom of Princess Peach

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  • - December 19, 2001 Smash Moves: Peach - December 18, 2001 Today: We show you how to use Nintendo's biggest star in battle

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  • The concept behind the latest adventure is that Mario and Peach are taking a much-deserved vacation from the so often troublesome Mushroom Kingdom Games : Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga
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  • MSRP*: $19.99! An evil witch has stolen Princess Peach's voice, replacing her fair speech with explosives! As chaos breaks out in the Mushroom Kingdom, Mario and Luigi head for the castle and meet up with Bowser, who just arrived to kidnap the princess

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  • You get to return to Princess Peach's Mushroom castle with all of its transdimensional wall paintings and secret, locked doors

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