Color Wonder Treasure Hunt
Learn your colors with this fun game of treasure hunt. [Shockwave]

Kids Online Games -- Underwater Adventure Treasure Hunt
An online adventure game with a treasure hunt and sharks. Learn about ocean life
and Christian salvation.

  • Please be patient as the graphics load! Have you been looking for kids online games? This site is great for kids, teens, the whole family! How to Play : This is an underwater treasure hunt and YOU, UnderWater SuperSeeker have to find the greatest treasure you can ever find! There are 2 levels of play before the great treasure is revealed in the end

    Treasure Hunt Adventures - Leading Your Team in the Right Direction
    Offers orienteering training events throughout the US. Specializes in school
    programs, teacher training seminars and corporate team building.

  • CEO Tommy McGloin donned the pirate hat and led his crew on a real map-based adventure! The Great Central Park Treasure Hunt™ Game Test your treasure hunting skills and play our new online version of

    Action Treasure Hunts-team building events for corporate clients
    Offer a range of tailor made functions. Contact details and list of services.


    Photo by - Play Free Online Games, Free Game Downloads and more…
    Offers clones of classic games as well as unique offerings.

  • Top Game Featured Games Are you ready for an all-new Hyperballoid challenge? Price: $14.95 Snowy's new game is finger-clickin' good! Size: 23.3 MB Revenge of the Chicken - You should have become a vegetarian

  • For Game Developers..

    Kids Domain - Party Games
    A wide selection of party games for all ages. Includes a short description and
    instructions for each.

  • | - - Party Games With a little creativity you can adapt any of the games below to fit your theme

  • Most of these games are good for almost any party with kids - they're not just for birthdays! We will be adding new games often so be sure to check back with us soon

  • Be sure to check out our Pinata This is a game that requires room and good supervision - the children are blindfolded (or not, if they are young and don't want to be) and they take a stick and try to break a hanging container that has candies and other small goodies in it

  • Pin the _Something_ on _Something_ Traditionally pin the tail on the donkey, this game can be changed to fit any theme

  • In this game, blindfolded guests try to stick a paper 'tail' onto a poster of a donkey

  • If a player makes a mistake they slide out of the circle and the game continues

  • The game continues until every child has retrieved their prize

  • If they answer correctly they stay in the game for another 'round, if they answer incorrectly they pull a balloon out of Bag 'B', pop it and have to do what it says...'Rub your tummy and pat your head at the same time', 'Strut and cluck like a chicken three times' – Sportsbook, online casino, casino games, sports ...
    Offers free downloadable software.

  • Play Poker for Real or Free All your sporting action!...Fast Play our casino games

  • World's finest online poker Black Jack, Video Poker Progressive Games We are safe and secure

  • New and existing sportsbook members are eligible to receive free gift items, including tickets for NFL, MLB, and NBA games

    Educational Games: Free Online Games at The Problem Site
    Solve math problems, brainteasers, word games and riddles. Featuring a selection
    of free puzzles to help develop problem solving and lateral thinking skills.

  • Educational Games - Free math problems, puzzles, word games, brainteasers, and mystery hunts

  • Online educational games designed by the creator of and

  • Educational Games, Puzzles, and Problem Solving Welcome to The Problem Site , a special problem solving site for both students and adults

  • Here you will find math problems, word games, word puzzles, mystery quests, and many other free educational resources

  • As you browse the educational games and resources on this site, you will quickly realize there is simply too much to take in all at one visit, so we encourage you to , so you can return to it again and again, discovering new games and resources each time you visit! Most of the games on The Problem Site were designed with children and teens in mind

  • Come back each day to test your wits! The Word Games section of this site includes a variety of English language vocabulary games and word games, including the popular Hangman, a Scrambled word game, and a challenging vocabulary quiz

  • The Math Games section of this includes an Order Of Operations game, two 'Secret Number' puzzles, and other fun ways to practice math facts and math principles

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    A Dr. Clue Treasure Hunt
    Team building treasure hunts: low impact, challenging and fun. Based in California.

    Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint
    Explanation of the sport, collection of recent news stories, maps of cache
    locations, a FAQ, and announcements of geocaching parties and events.

  • () 12 Mar 2005: There's a new GPS game in town: Shutterspot! are up to their old tricks: inventing cool new games to play with your GPS

  • This time it's "Shutterspot", a game in which some players take photographs and other players are challenged to find the exact spot where the photographer stood when the photo was taken (the "shutterspot")

  • To keep the game fresh...

  • -Bux 7 Nov 2004: High-tech hobby sets off security turmoil at LAX () Geocaching, a game that combines GPS devices and scavenger hunting, raised red flags at the airport last week

  • Everyone be careful out there! -Bux 29 Oct 2004: Geocachers say police overreacted at Tin Lizzy () The Star Press received several e-mails from geocaching game players around the country condemning the police for overreacting to the Tin Lizzy bomb scare on Tuesday..

  • () 27 Oct 2004: Bomb scare turns out to be part of Internet game () An Internet game gone awry forced police to shut down three businesses and evacuate all employees and customers on Tuesday

  • Will they kick him out? () April 2003: There's a new game in town: EcoScavenging () EcoScavenging is a new alternative to Letterboxing and GeoCaching

    Pirates Homepage
    Includes biographies of famous pirates, stories, poems, and a summary of RL
    Stevenson's "Treasure Island".

  • Want some Pirate games? We've been looking at a couple from in the USA that were kindly sent to us - Morgan' s Revenge and Gold Rush

  • MORGAN'S REVENGE comes complete with authentic replicas of gold doubloons and silver Pieces of Eight with a 16 page handbook of Pirate Lore and rules to this brass top game of chance

    Neuroscience For Kids - Experiments and Activities
    A collection of simple science experiments exploring neuroscience, plus science
    fair ideas and other activities.

  • Can your eyes deceive you? How good is your memory? Do you like to play games or challenge your friends? Then check out the brain teasers, puzzles, games and jokes related to the nervous system

  • Anyone ready for a game of 'Synaptic Tag'? Color any or all of these pictures to make your own coloring book

  • Games, puzzles, activities and lesson ready to print


    Golden Gate - PC & Macintosh Review - Coming Soon Magazine
    Rated 85%. "One can't help being impressed by the research and hard work that
    went into this work."

  • Watch your back! One of the more interesting features of this game is that its story is based on authentic historical research and San Francisco legends

  • Combined with the thousands of watercolor images of San Francisco, the atmosphere of this game really comes alive and is uniquely suited to the story line

  • The entire game can be easily played using only the mouse and a single mouse button

  • The focus of the game is a visual one, with a first-person point of view as in MYST or Zork Nemesis and a full 360 view

  • If you find that the game is moving too slowly, turn off the turning and transitions

  • In this mode, the music from different parts of the game can be heard although the game is not active in this mode

  • The music to this game is only accessible through the jukebox as there are no audio tracks

  • The usual warnings about installing DirectX also apply to this game

  • Conclusion: This game is best described as unique

  • A game with impressive impact and a visual look and sound that set it apart

  • This is a game that plays very well with little or no frustrations to take away from the adventure

    Geocaching with NaviCache - Home Page
    Provides a wide range of information and listing resources for the geocaching
    enthusiast including worldwide cache listing.

  • Geocache Quick Search By ZIP Code: / Home Page Geocaching, the high-tech GPS treasure hunt game

  • Geocaching With Navicache is your online geocaching community providing the resources you need to enjoy all the fun! To learn more check out our where you can find answers to some of the more common questions about the game and how it is played

    GameWyrd - RPG news, reviews and famous last words
    News and reviews with forums and chatrooms.

  • GameWyrd Roleplaying The Wyrdlings Echoes from the Wyrd Battle Imps Interactive Stories GameWyrd Challenge Corrupt Others RPG News New Releases Partners Roleplaying stories

  • You find yourself in the GameWyrd; a site dedicated to the roleplayer

  • You'll find many things here, an online text adventure game, where you can guide the heroes through the dilemmas and dangers created by previous narrators

  • Free form roleplay in the, laugh at the '', read the latest or vote for your favourite game in the

  • Game 24x7 (July 24th) Sale : CRPGers in the UK know that does a big sale every year - the 24x7 sale to mark Internet Shopping day on July 14

  • This year GameWyrd's guess/worked out the secret

  • At the time of posting the page is unfinished but clearly a) a time-related sales page (as per every Game 24x7 sale) and all about Nintendo

  • GameWyrd welcomes our newest player: There are 31621 Wyrdlings

  • >> >> 220 let the games begin!!! >> >> 26 Vampires wander this forest, they promise they will bite..

  • >> >> 171 Feature : GameWyrd's reviews try to provide a detailed and neutral opinion on all sorts of roleplaying games and products

    Another Day ::: Home
    Puzzle and platform games, many featuring Fatman.

  • This time you meet him in our new arcade game Shoot-n-Roll

  • The only thing remained is the captivating game process bringing an ocean of fun and inspiration

  • Top games Join PC gamers worldwide and help Fatman complete his treasure hunt adventure

  • The game puts you in control of really cute creature named Fatman who is, to say, not that fat and definitely far from being lazy

  • Fatman! He is bound to outsmart crafty monsters, solve all the puzzles and get the cherished treasure! On Christmas and New Year's Eve our company released a brand new boardpack for this admirable game - This time Fatman renders a good service to Santa Claus himself and prevents evil monsters from spoiling a Celebration! 50 fresh levels, cool festive design and 5 graphical themes are waiting for you! Moreover, we have added new fairy soundtracks! Hurry to our new boardpack for $14.95 only..

  • It is our pleasure and honor to present New Episode of this brilliant game: Fatman Adventures 5: Space Odyssey

  • Will you take the risk of this incredible adventure? Go ahead, Space Odyssey is waiting for you! We have put the best game ingredients ever found and got the most enjoyable mixture: captivating idea, bright design and unusual combination of block building scheme

    Murder Mystery, Murder Mystery Events, Murder Mystery Party, Game ...
    Specialising in Murder Mystery production. Also offering game shows, treasure
    hunts, Dracula Hunt and more. Based in the UK.

  • 36 Barratt Avenue, London N22 7EZ Email: murder mystery, corporate entertainment, game shows, quiz, incentive & events, theme party, treasure hunt, corporate hospitality, roadshows, team building, film day, comedy, product launch

  • murder mystery, corporate entertainment, game shows, quiz, incentive & events, theme party, treasure hunt, corporate hospitality, roadshows, team building, film day, comedy, product launch

  • murder mystery, corporate entertainment, game shows, quiz, incentive & events, theme party, treasure hunt, corporate hospitality, roadshows, team building, film day, comedy, product launch - free lesson plans, free worksheets, free ...
    Interactive learning games, free printables, and software as well as an extensive
    library of theme resources available to paid subscribers.

  • Lots of online games for children and adults too

  • Choose a learning game

    UK Game Shows - The Crystal Maze
    Detailed show descriptions, including games, hosts, episodes and maps.

  • In each zone, the team play three or four games (see below) which are housed in one of six chambers

  • Although the contestants work as a team, each game is played by a nominated, individual player who enters cell

  • Completing a game correctly caused a contraption of some variety to release a time crystal

  • Each game was given a time limit of between 2 and 3 minutes

  • [] The games Make a magic square - a puzzle from Medieval zone

  • As explained earlier, the purpose of winning each game was to win a time crystal (one of which can be seen in the picture illustrated here)

  • Each series of Crystal Maze used approximately 50 different games

  • Each game was categorised as either: Physical - Emphasis on being agile, strong and flexible

  • Mystery - Anything at all! Some games were designated as 'automatic lock-in' games

  • If a player attempts an automatic lock-in game and fails to perform some specified part of the task, or performs some forbidden action (e.g

  • The contestant has no choice as to whether they play an automatic lock-in game or not; they will always hope not to have to play one! Once a player has been locked in, the captain must choose whether to buy them out or not

    newStandard: Quest mystery promises treasure to first solver
    by Lonnie Brown.

  • She's also making personal appearances for the game

  • The game includes an original soundtrack of 11 songs by Jody M

  • Instead, they can trade information with one another at the Sirius World Wide Web site for the game: '>http:////

  • If you don't have an Internet provider, Sirius has included its SiriusNet software and Web browser with the game

  • The game, a company spokesman said, should have a shelf price of about $50

  • Brain Quest Multimedia is an enhanced version of International's quiz-type learning game

  • The game can be played alone or with others as partners

  • The computer version of the program is based on the popular Brain Quest card deck game from Workman Publishing, which has more than 9.6 million decks in circulation

  • The games should be available for about $25

  • The games and challenges are simple to learn, with three levels of difficultly

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