Brown Recluse Spider Bites
A variety of pictures of brown recluse spider bites in different stages.

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  • Brown Recluse Spider Bite on Ankle 2 Years Old This young gentleman was bitten by a brown recluse on his ankle

  • Brown Recluse Spider Bite on Thigh This middle-aged man was bitten on his left thigh by a brown recluse spider

  • This reaction is more severe with female brown recluse bites as opposed to male brown recluse bites


  • Day 1 Day 2 Day 9 Day 11 Shift Graft 38 days later Brown recluse spider bite on the right hand of middle-aged woman

  • Well over 90% of spider bites have one single lesion

  • Understandably, this is difficult but will help the healthcare practitioner treat the bite

  • Cleaning the bite area is of the utmost importance

  • Basic wound care are the essentials in all bites

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    Brown Recluse Spider
    Information and pictures from the central US; bite treatment.

  • They are usually non aggressive, and bites are usually sustained by rolling over in bed, putting on socks and shoes, or carrying boxes out of a dark basement

  • It's very common for this bite to be painless at the time that it occurs

  • The venom is not completely understood, however we do know that it causes severe tissue death at the bite site and less often generalized reactions including renal failure, and even death

  • In 2-3 days an ulcer may occur at the bite site

  • The best way to identify a brown recluse spider bite is by identification of the spider

  • Outdoor Treatment for Brown Recluse Spider Bite: Elevation of the extremity is important

  • Keep the bite site clean until reaching your health care provider for further treatment

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  • In Europe there is one spider, called "Black widow", whose effects of the bite may hurt

  • Recent, controlled, studies show that the necrotic or neurotoxic effects of spider bites are often mild and of no medical importance

  • Severe necroses is never caused by a spider bite

  • Only the Australian funnel back spiders are to be avoided, but with only two registered bites a year, not to worry about

  • More about venomous spider bites in that is still a draft

    Children of Arachne
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  • There was in fact a reasonable cure for such venomous bites at the time which consisted of the patient being made to sweat the poison out by sitting in an oven

  • The audience would often sing ribald songs with explicit amorous lyrics such as 'Where did the spider bite you, dear?'; 'Up under my petticoats' the girl would sing

  • To an extent, nothing has changed in a lot of people's minds; our little house-proud eight-legged friend, who has inhabited this earth for over 300 million years, has played an important role in the folklore of Europe and indeed throughout the whole world where in some parts she is still worshipped, having many links to sacrifice, blood, harvest, herfest and the like


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  • They are not dangerous to man although they can inflict a painful bite

  • As mentioned above, theraphosids are harmless to man although the bite is painful and mildly neurotoxic

  • If bitten, one will experience an intense burning pain in the region of the bite where two red blood spots will develop from the fang punctures

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  • Kids, don't try this at home, spiders can and will bite, if provoked

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  • The only time I ever handle a tarantula is if it is one that is familiar to me and known to be reluctant to bite or kick hairs, or one that accidentally ran up my arm or something when I was taking pictures

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  • Technically, the house centipede could bite, but it is considered harmless to people

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  • Similarly in South Texas if a Black Witch lands above your door and stays there for a while you would win the lottery! Note: the Black Witch moth does not bite, sting, nor carry diseases

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  • At 20 hours, Bugrepel was still working; the flies landed but didn’t stay to bite

  • A mosquito was hovering over me, but alas was repelled by your spray!! It really worked!! I didn't have one bug bite when I would have otherwise had several!! I tied using on myself and it was fine

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