Zhou Long
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  • Chen Tao, Wang Ci-heng, di zi; Bao Ji-an, Hu Zhi-hou, guan; Han Guo-liang, flute; Wu Man, pipa; Huang He, yangqin; Li Meng, zheng; Wu Wen-guang, huqin; He Jian-guo, Li Zhen-gui, percussion (China Record Corporation: CRC RL-29, 1984) Guang Ling San Symphony ; Fisherman ' s Song ; Dong Shi

  • Bian Zu-shan, Shao En, Yao Guan-rong/Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China (China Record Corporation: AL-52, 1986) King Chu Doffs His Armour

    Chen Yi
    Article from the Living Composers Project notes education, honors, marriage to
    Zhou Long, and includes complete works list and links.

  • Liu Li-zhou, viola; Shao En, Shui Lan/Central Philharmonic Orchestra of China (China Record Corporation: AL-57, 1986) The Palm Tree from Three Poems from the Song Dynasty

  • Yan Liang-kun/Central Philharmonic Society Chorale (Pacific Audio-Video Corporation: P-2318, 1989) Duo Ye (original version)

  • Shi Shu-cheng, piano (China Record Corporation: CCD90 088, 1990) Dian

  • Chen Hongyu, soprano; Vera Hsu, violin; Ted Mook, cello (China Record Corporation: CCD-94/388, 1994) Dian

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  • T'ai Chi Ch'üan is seen by many of its schools as a variety of, and it does seemingly incorporate many Taoist principles into its practice (see below)

  • Journal of Bodywork & Movement Therapies, 5(2):120-3, 2001 Apr, 5(23 ref), 120-123 Calorie Burning Chart Tai Chi boosts T-Cell counts in immune system Tai Chi, depression, anxiety, and mood disturbance (American Psychological Association) Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 1989 Vol 33 (2) 197-206 A comprehensive listing of Tai Chi medical research links References to medical publications , Australian Broadcasting Corporation , 20 December, 2005 - Pilot study of Qigong and tai chi in diabetes sufferers

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    The Austin Chronicle Music: Review - Aix Em Klemm, The Pilot Ships
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    Review by Peter Barry of the book of this title, by Umberto Bresciani. Summarizes
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  • While each had their own stresses and orientations of thought, he claims, what they had in common was to absorb Western culture and incorporate it into traditional Confucian culture

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  • This collection leads readers to the corpus of traditional Chinese culture

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    An illustrated article reviewing the basic Confucian teachings and the history
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  • Her works are recorded on New Albion (‘97), CRI (‘99), Teldec (‘97, ’99 with Grammy, ‘03), Nimbus (’93/‘00), Cala (‘95), Avant (‘98), Atma (‘99), Hugo (’00), Angel (’01), Bis (’02, ‘03, ‘04), Albany (’04), Cavalli (‘04), Centaur (‘04, ‘05) & China Record Corporation (‘86, ‘90)

    易善穠博士中華古文物藝術研究室/ Dr. Yie's Study Room for Fine ...

  • Please refer the holder's publication: "Detals of Fine Chinese Antique Arts and The Inspection by Scientific Methods", issued by Lee-Ming Culture Corp., 2005

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    A huge list of links (+1000) to Tai Chi Chaun resources on the internet.

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