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  • Following a healthy eating plan can be difficult when you are pregnant, but we have a number of fantastic recipes in our that will help you follow a fun and healthy eating plan

  • Discover all there is to know, including what the symptoms may be of each, and how they are best treated, or how they can be prevented Baby Corner provides pregnancy and parenting information, expert advice, message boards, tools and shopping for those those trying to conceive, pregnant, or parents of children ages 0-3

    Valuable information for patients and physicians regarding ultrasound in pregnancy
    and infertility.

  • Now that you are pregnant, just what is inside of you? A pregnancy contains things inside of other things inside of still other things

  • When the uterus contracts, which it frequently does whether you are pregnant of not (incidentally, you do not feel these contractions), the placenta may appear closer to the internal cervical os than it really is when the uterus is relaxed

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  • info: 15 WEEK PREGNANT

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    Abortion Procedures : American Pregnancy Association
    Description of the different types of pregnancy termination procedures and which
    ones are used during which trimester.

    My Pregnancy Calendar
    Tracks your pregnancy and your baby's development daily, weekly and monthly.

    Fetal Psychology
    Research study published in Psychology Today (Oct. 1998) addresses the relative
    developmental capabilities of the human fetus at particular gestation points.

  • Well before a woman typically knows she is pregnant, her embryo's brain has already begun to bulge

  • Many pregnant women report a fetal jerk or sudden kick just after a door slams or a car backfires

  • Researchers who have inserted a hydrophone into the uterus of a pregnant woman have picked up a noise level 'akin to the background noise in an apartment, ' according to DiPietro

  • 'The most stressed are working pregnant women, ' says DiPietro

  • 'The pregnant woman who chooses to work is a different woman already from the one who chooses not to work, ' she explains

    My Pregnancy
    Week by week pregnancy journal.

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    Welcome to Toni's Angel Pages
    A collection of stories showing strength in the face of loss.

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  • Are you having twins? When I was pregnant with my twins, I thought for sure there ought to be some way to tell I was pregnant with two rather than one - without the use of medical technology

    Miscarriage - Womens Health and Medical Information on MedicineNet.com
    Causes, preventive measures, and additional information.

  • Some miscarriages occur before women recognize that they are pregnant

    Girl-Mom | support, community, and education for young mamas
    Provides articles, information, resources and postive discussion for teenaged mothers.

  • I never thought that me, Heather, would become pregnant

  • Or be a single mother or be one of 'those' pregnant girls in high school

  • Then that December I was pregnant

  • I knew how I looked upon girls I knew that got pregnant and it wasn’t how I wanted to be looked at

  • As my pregnancy continued and then as my son grew I got use to the stares and the remarks, “You look to young to be his mother!” But as I talked with people they always ended up saying how “different” I was then other teenagers that got pregnant

  • While I was pregnant, I was referred to an OB/GYN, which I didn’t question

  • Instead, I felt ashamed of my pregnant state, and too embarrassed to rock the boat

  • I told her it was horrible, but she sent it anyway.” The woman sending the email was the mother of two; one my closest ‘pregnancy buddy’ and the other, the reason I was pregnant

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  • Hopefully they will have calmed down a little Telling your parents you are pregnant is one of the hardest things you will do


    Kelsey's Memorial Dolphin Page
    Born 5-13-93, she lived three months and passed away due to a genetic disorder
    called Trisomy 13.

  • I was 30 weeks pregnant at my first appointment with them

    Zita West
    Offering a book promoting healthy pregnancy, as well as vitamins and relaxation

    The Superficial - Because You're Ugly
    Outrageous commentary on celebrities, what they wear, and what they say and do.

  • Especially when it makes you look three months pregnant and like you've put yourself in an imaginary competition against Britney Spears to see who can eat the most mayonnaise

    General management practices throughout the production cycle.

    Center for Media and Democracy - Publishers of PR Watch
    Asserts that citizens today find themselves confronted by a bewildering array of
    hired propagandists paid to convince the public that junk food is nutritious, ...

    Pregnancy problems - morning sickness, anaemia, urinary infection etc
    Concise factsheet on pregnancy. Also available in Adobe Acrobat format.

  • Itchy skin About 20% of pregnant women get some kind of skin itchiness

  • Pregnant women can help to relieve the symptoms or reduce the risk of getting varicose veins by getting regular gentle exercise, not crossing their legs when sitting, putting their feet up when possible, and putting on support tights or stockings before getting out of bed in the morning

  • Piles Piles (haemorrhoids) may first appear or become worse during pregnancy and result from changes in the circulation of blood around the pregnant woman's body

  • Identifying problems Pregnant women should attend regular antenatal appointments so that any problems with the pregnancy are picked up

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    Pregnancy on Yahoo! Health
    Information on each stage of pregnancy, how to plan for having a baby, how to
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