Bible for Palm OS, Pocket PC (PPC), Smartphone, Blackberry and ...
For the Palm Pilot, Handspring Visor, and Windows CE. Reader with KJV New Testament
is free; some of the Bible versions must be unlocked. KJV, NKJV, NIV, Darby.

Olive Tree Bible Software :: Products
Bible freeware for Palm OS and WinCE (PocketPC). Several English and foreign
language translations, including a Greek New Testament and Latin Vulgate.

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    Palm Bible Software and Pocket Bible Software, HOME of PDA Bible ...
    Palm OS Bible study commercial software and a variety of translations. Full-functional
    free trial for all products is available.

  • Price: $40.00 Save $18.50 on GMPSoft's Bible Study software for Palm PDA with the Bible Bundle (NASB)! Bible Bundle (NASB) is the complete set of NASB products you need for efficient study of the Bible on your Palm PDA

  • Search for words, phrases and Strong's numbers using the powerful search software Bible Concordance With You

  • The attractive rich text presentation including Jesus’ words in red and footnotes, as well as the easy navigation, make Bible With You (KJV) software the perfect assistant in your Bible study

  • Price: $28.00 Save $11.00 on GMPSoft's Bible Study software for Pocket PC PDA with the Bible Bundle (ESV)! Bible Bundle (ESV) is a set of GMPSoft Bible study products for reading and studying the Bible on your Pocket PC with the English Standard Version of the Bible

  • Search for words and phrases in the ESV using the powerful search software Bible Concordance With You

  • The attractive rich text presentation including Jesus’ words in red and footnotes, as well as the easy navigation, make Bible With You (KJV) software the perfect assistant in your Bible study

  • Requires: Bible With You Pocket PC PDA software

    Pocket PC Software, Pocket PC Freeware, PDA software, PDA freeware ...
    Offers various software downloads, including games.

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  • This site has free Pocket PC software to download, including medical, bible, games, freeware, themes; Pocket PC 2002, PocketPC 2003 software and Windows Mobile 5 software

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  • Looking for Palm software? offers full selection of downloadable software


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    Offers forums, tutorials, downloads and links for users of the Dell Axim.
    Also features reviews of Pocket PC hardware and software.

  • Aug 10, 2006 - 12:42 PM :: by :: Comments () :: » Pocket Watch Software is proud to announce the release of ActivePrint 4.7! Do you print from your pocket PC? Then you may want to check out the latest version of ActivePrint

  • THE MIDLANDS, UK - August 2nd 2006 - Astraware and Revolution Software are pleased to announce the release of Broken Sword(R): Shadow of the Templars for devices running Windows Mobile(R) for Pocket PC

  • However, none of these devices include connectivity or synchronization software that supports the Mac

    Parsons Bible Study Software
    QuickVerse (STEP-compatible), QuickVerse add-ons, Bible Illustrator, Membership
    Plus, and other software. 32-bit Windows only.

    Bible and Mishneh Torah for All - Jews and Gentiles / Mechon Mamre
    Online resources for learning Torah. The Hebrew Bible (Tanach) and The RaMBaM's
    Complete Restatement of the Oral Law (Mishneh Torah) in parallel Hebrew and ...

    תנ"ך מנוקד - מפתח
    Hebrew text of the Bible, with vowel and punctuation marks. Also, full Hebrew
    text of the Mishne Torah of the Rambam.

  • Benefits

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    Smartphone & Pocket PC magazine
    Bi-monthly magazine for PDA users which features news, tips and reviews.

  • From Lakeridge Software From UCanCode Software From Nagual Pictures ltd/ --> Search site Search Encyclopedia of Software and Accessories When you get a speeding ticket in certain locales, the officer may be using a Pocket PC to handle the entire process...

  • Ilium Software's latest version of ListPro for Windows Mobile Smartphone is nothing short of brilliant

    Dr. Constable's Bible Study Notes and Commentary
    Detailed, conservative commentary includes issues of special introduction:
    authenticity, historical background, authorship, date. Engages current scholarship.

    Sonic Light - Bible Study Resources for Christians
    The Good News explained. Audio Bible studies (MP3) and downloadable Bible
    commentaries (PDF) by Thomas Constable.

    Bible Software from The GRAMCORD Institute. Greek/Hebrew/English ...
    Resources for learning Biblical languages, including Hebrew and Greek Bible texts,
    lexicons, grammar and vocabulary helps. Accordance software also available.

  • Bible Software from The GRAMCORD Institute

  • Nonprofit Computer-Assisted Biblical Studies Tools Search TGI: Greek/Hebrew/English Bible Software for the Publishing Scholar..

  • Greek/Hebrew/English Bible Software for the Publishing Scholar..

  • : ) GRAMCORD SOFTWARE FOR: and If you are anxious to learn more about the nonprofit GRAMCORD Institute's various programs, just click to the appropriate platform link: or

  • GRAMCORD BONUS BUNDLE SALE **** Phone (360) 576-3000 or email BibleScholars{at}GRAMCORD•org **** ONLY $195 FOR GRAMCORD ULTIMATE BUNDLE plus *TWO* FREE PROGRAMS! Greek/Hebrew/English Bible research software for both the power user & the beginner

  • Extended Payment Terms: Those with special financial needs may request 1/2 down now & 1/2 in 60 days! International Students: Organize a group and get free software for yourself

  • Thank you all! (Visit our webpages for more information.) And if you are looking for a great value in desktop Bible software PLUS free handheld software bonuses, checkout our BONUS BUNDLE special offer above.


    History of Tom Thumb -- Hypertext and eBooks
    Complete on-line text of the classic children's story, as well as complete text
    of The Cat and the Mouse and Fire, Fire, Burn Stick. All stories also available ...

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    EBibleTeacher - Computer in Worship & Sunday School Blog
    Resources for lesson preparation and presentation, including Powerpoint Sunday
    School lesson sets, games, and puzzles. Free previews of Sunday School sets, ...

  • Check out our free graphics & Bible Atlas software! - SITE INDEX - Hot News &Tips Free Images & Maps PowerPoint & Worship Graphics 2100+ PPT Slides Free Children's Lessons, Worksheets & Games Church Song Presentation Our Favorites in One List Hardware/Software Other Top Links Build it yourself Previous News & Hot Tips Free Libraries Tech Seminars ChurchMedia Forum Seminars How to buy Free Subscription - - Search: eBibleTeacher Site Search Web Advertisements Advertisements Report inappropriate ads to Resources for the Computer in the Bible Class and Worship

    Dake - The Ultimate Study Bible
    Christian publishing company. Titles and ordering information.

  • In this moving account of Dake's life, you will read of his Desire to be a “cowboy actor” and riding the range Brief stint as a hobo Conversion to Christ Reception of the gift of the Scriptures in his life Bible school days as a student and as a Professor Two week courtship and marriage lasting over 60 years Effect of Alexander Dowie’s ministry on his life Trials and confrontations faced for believing the Word Ability to quote from any chapter and verse in the Bible Founding of Dake Publishing Nickname of “the walking Bible” and why Teaching from his Bible Chart, and so much more Finis Jennings Dake: His Life and Ministry will begin shipping March 1 for only $19.99 Click to order If you have a computer, we have some great news for you! The WORDsearch 7 Dake Reference Library includes the software version of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible, as well as every book written by Rev

  • Finis Dake, including God's Plan for Man, Revelation Expounded, The Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ, and much more! This package not only includes the software version of the Dake Bible and all the Dake books, but the following Bible Study resources as well: Jamieson, Fausset & Brown Commentary Barnes' Notes on the New Testament Smith's Bible Dictionary Vincent's' Word Studies in the New Testament Nave's Topical Bible Torrey's Treasury of Scripture Knowledge Bible Reading Planning Morning and Evening Devotional by Spurgeon Easton's Illustrated Bible Dictionary Torrey's New Topical Textbook TALKING Strong's Greek and Hebrew Dictionary Foxe's Book of Martyrs Complete Works of Josephus Why Upgrade? Lots of good reasons..

    Palm Software - PDA Software - Pocket PC Software - Treo Software ...
    Essential Software for all Palm, Treo, Clie and Pocket PC Devices.

    The Bible History Page
    Annotates and categorizes links to archaeology, music, history, texts, research
    tools and church writings.

  • Τηε Βιβλε Ηιsτοrγ Ραgε This page is dedicated to the student of the Bible and provides links to the vast resources of the Internet; whether it be archaeology, Greek, history, Bible software, textual criticism, early church writings, ancient texts or research tools, you can find it here

  • Possibly the very best Bible search software on the market for the Windows platform

  • Bible search software for the MAC

  • Accordance is considered by many scholars to be the best Bible software there is, especially for the MAC

  • You might also want to browse their , as they have a number of other software packages (and fonts) available for Unix as well as MACs and Windows

  • Silver Mountain offers search software for both the TLG (Thesaurus Linguae Graecae) and the PHI (Packard Humanities Institute) CD ROMs

  • Perhaps you're familiar with Logos Bible Study Software, but did you know they have much more? They have electronic books for sale, covering a wide range of Biblical topics

  • You can download this software and try it out for free, and if you decide to keep it, it's only $35.00! Includes Strong's Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, concordances and other study helps

    Société spécialisée dans la publication de magazines destinés principalement aux
    loisirs et aux jeux vidéo pour les jeunes enfants ou les adolescents. - PDA Software Download Pocket PC, Windows Mobile ...
    Softwareportal voor Pocket PC / Windows Mobile handhelds en smartphones met
    programma's en nuttige informatie.

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