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  • rose: Most Viewed Designs Love life loyalty design.

  • Three nautical stars and tribal design.

  • Tribal design with the chinese symbol for love in the centre .

  • Pages:1 Total Number of Tattoo Designs: 2296 Looking For The Hottest Tattoo Ideas? If you're looking for an idea for your next tattoo design, I have something that you might wanna check out

  • You can print them right out of the book, then bring the design to the parlor

  • Or you can print them and just use the designs as a starting place for something else

    Tattoos By Design, Tattoo Designs, Galleries, Rate my Tattoo and ...
    Image gallery, language conversions for potential tattoos, and historical information.

  • Tattoos By Design Tattoos :: Designs Pictures & Galleries where you can vote/rate real tribal tattoos for free or get a custom design

  • These designs have been created by artists for your inspiration, browse by genre or search for a specific type of design

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    Kay Zahn's Tattoo Art, inking in St. Louis, MO
    Hand drawn designs listed by type. Custom work is available. Instant access to
    product via download.

  • Tattoo flash, tattoo art, tattoo designs, and samples of tattoos done by Kay Zahn in St

  • Louis, MO This tattoo site contains tattoo flash designs of; animals (birds, tigers, lions, panthers, eagles, etc...), many tribal tattoo designs including astrology and custom tribal names and words, and many other tattoo designs of dragons, fairies, sea creatures like octopus, dolphins and fish, with hearts, crosses, Runes, oriental, women, unicorns, cultural and sport symbols and more! Kay Zahn inks out of St

  • Louis, MO and does custom tattoo designs for sale on-line

  • Louis Looking for the perfect design for your next tattoo - find it here

  • I do custom tattoo designs for people and tattoo artists around the world! This site is dedicated to the art work of tattoos designed and/or inked by artist Kay Zahn, licensed in St

  • Louis MO tattoo tattoo tribal art tattoo tattoo tribal CUSTOM TRIBAL DESIGNS OF YOUR NAME(S) Add all your children's names together for a design truly yours! Tribal Names - Names and initials done in K'Zahns famous style ~ Lots of great flash art work by Kay Zahn for sale as little as $5.00 per design Animals : Realistic tattoo designs, animals of mythology and many tribal animal designs ~ Astrology signs done in K'Zahn's well-known tribal design with Moons, Stars, and Sun designs Culture oriented and Symbols - Egyptian, Mayan, Chinese writing/symbols, Runes, Carduses ~ Fantasy Art plus Dragons - tribal, rip-outs, & oriental style Monsters, Wizards, Vampires, dark natured beasts ~ Women and nasty fun ~ Prideful Designs - Gay pride designs ~ Christian/Religious ~ Crosses, praying hands, angels Join - largest BDSM/Alternative Lifestyle Personals! St Tattoo Flash Art and Tattoo Designs by Top Artists ...
    Artwork and designs by Edward Lee and a variety of other artists. Sample galleries,
    free flash section, and an 'artist bio' area. Online catalog and ordering.


    Photo by Free Tattoo Flash, Tattoo Designs Art Contest
    Tribal, Celtic, butterflies, skulls, flowers, dragons, stars, and other themes
    as single designs and sheets. Monthly tattoo flash contest for artists.

  • No site navigation? for the MAIN MENU Free Flash Gallery & Contest Think you can draw great butterfly tattoos? How about tribal tattoos, or Celtic tattoos? This section of our site is dedicated to artists from around the world who draw tattoo designs, and those who love to look at their artwork! Some of the most popular tattoo design themes can be found right here including crosses, dragons, hearts, Native American, Dragonfly and fairy tattoo designs

  • If you've got talent and want to show it off to the world, we invite you to add your own tattoo designs and enter our very prestigious tattoo flash competition! to submit your artwork! (login required, see guidelines below)) The guidelines for submitting artwork are as follows: By submitting artwork, you are stating that you are the authentic artist of the work, and that you are giving the rights to post your work on this site without compensation and free of copyright infringement

  • There is no limit to the number of designs an individual can submit, as long as they follow the submission guidelines

  • JUDGING: At the end of each month, the Artist with the most popular design will win a FREE 5 sheet set of their choice from this site

    TATTOO PICTURES MUSEUM - The biggest tattoo pictures collection in ...
    John E. Holland's categorized tattoo flash galleries.

    The Tattoo Copyright Controversy [Guest Column]
    Article discussing the pros and cons of copywriting tattoos. Written by Marisa
    DiMattia for

  • [The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition.  2001.] Trademark is a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrases, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others

  • (And I love a good fight.) Artists that create tattoo design sheets own the copyright to their work at creation

  • When flash is sold, the creator sells the buyer a license to use the work for their own profit, essentially, to ink the designs from the sheets

  • To fight those unscrupulous tattooers who appropriate the designs of others for a quick buck

  • I first asked him the basic question: is an original tattoo design inked into the skin a copyrightable work? He said, “Yes, all ‘original’ works of authorship are copyrightable: the design was probably originally created as a drawing, so the actual tattoo is a ‘reproduction’ of the original work

  • In the context of tattoos, this means that an artist can take, say, traditional Polynesian motifs, arrange them in a certain way, reinterpret or embellish the designs, and come up with an original copyrightable tattoo

    Dark Angel Tattoo Studio - Home Page
    Details include artist information, designs and location.

  • We offer an extensive range of designs for you to choose from in the studio and we also specialise in custom work and cover-ups

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    Celtic Art from THE CELTIC LADY - Tattoo Designs, Fonts, Wedding ...
    Offers original and traditional Celtic art for computer, jewelry, tattoo flash,
    fonts, and books. Also includes history of the seven Celtic nations, ...

  • Celtic Art inspired by the ancient Celts - traditional and original designs - celtic tattoo art design symbols - angel fairy fairies faeries tribal tattoo wedding celtic symbols - jewelry - claddagh - celtic art - fonts - horse - irish dance The Celtic Lady (TM) Intricate Celtic knotwork art based on the Illuminated Irish and Scottish manuscripts, Scottish symbol stones, jewelry from Ireland, horse harnesses from Brittany (France), metalwork, tribal jewelry, burial mounds - even Roman statues honoring Celtic gods

  • Designs ready for use as Tattoo Flash designs, computer Clip Art or Wedding Invitations - - - - - - - - - - - - - TATTOO DESIGNS Each Artwork design created with the idea that the Art will be used for Tattoos

  • This ensures that you will have a high quality, finely detailed tattoo flash design

  • Tattoos range from Celtic to Fantasy to Tribal -- -- -- -- Celtic Crosses -- -- --- Start with a quality Celtic Art Design --- Ensure a memorable and original Tattoo --- 'the work of angels' The intricacies of Celtic artwork has been referred to as 'the work of angels'

  • Ireland preserved Celtic Art for the world by incorporating Celtic designs into their illuminated manuscripts

    K-Tattoo Benidorm, Spain, awardwinning tattoo artists, Tattoo ...
    Artists with pictures, designs and piercing. Photos and aftercare.

    Tattoo Designs and Tattoo Picture Gallery
    View current tattoo news, tattoo events, and read about upcoming tattoo conferences.
    Also includes information on aftercare, and image galleries.

  • | Tattoo Picture Designs Tons of tattoo designs and tattoo pictures are available in our free tattoo gallery! The purpose of this site is to provide user submitted tattoo design pictures, and tattoo reference books in one place, so you will not have to spend hours searching for them

  • We want to provide you with the best references so that you can find the best tattoo that is distinctly you that will suit you for your LIFETIME! Informative Content The purpose of this site is also to provide quality tattoo designs related content

  • We have also provided a links page where you can find links to other tattoo designs picture galleries websites and more! If there is a great site that we have overlooked in our links page, please let us know

  • Tattoo Designs Pictures Gallery - NEW! We are always adding on to our area of this site

  • Through this unique process you will be able to submit a photograph (real world picture) and receive a the same image back (via email) in a drawn/sketched/illustrated format suitable for use as tattoo flash! Stay tuned! Contact Us If you feel we have over looked some tattoo designs or know of some great tattoo pictures that you do not see listed - please let us know! We are also interested in your suggestions for new and additional content

    Tattoo ink (tattoos, tatoos, tattoo designs)
    Image galleries, chat forum, FAQ section, web rings, convention listings and links.

  • tattoo ink "superb designs" "best buy" "1500 tattoos" Like this site? Please vote for us at: New gallery: four tattoos judged as way cool, based on originality, design and artistic and photographic quality

  • It has had several different looks over the past four years and has been a source of education in web design and the tattoo industry itself

  • Free! tattoo you tattoo me tattoo everybody use'm for tats you get what you pay for classic art work pictures with frames! a mix of designs whaaa? pinup girls! Want cool Body Jewelry, Orange County Chopper Shirts, Skull Jewelry, or other evil stuff?


    Ambigrams - Welcome To - More Than 1000 Ambigram ...
    Commercial site with stencils for the body from Wowtattoos.

  • Welcome To We specialize in ONLY ambigram tattoos! We have designs that say Life/Death, Love/Hate, Choice/Destiny, Get Rich/Die Tryin, Agony/Ecstasy and about 1, 000 more cool ambigram tattoo designs! You might have recently seen the VH1 program "Show Me Your Tats" which features a Life/Death ambigram tattoo design on the arm of rapper Method Man

  • You might even be looking to get your own ambigram tattoo! We have 1000+ Ambigram Tattoo Designs with Stencils that you can download instantly! .

  • Book Your Appointment NOW! To view Strange99's website and get a small sample of his tattoo designs you can click here: or to see some of his actual Wow Tattoos ambigrams click here: ! Sample Forward - Hannah / Dawson - Upside Down Mark Palmer's DreamWorld Ambigram Tattoo Books and Tattoo Flash Sets $49.99 - $199.99 To Order Books or Flash By Phone: (866)-WOW-TATS U.S

  • Link to, Get A Free Ambigram!* For a limited time, put up a link to on your website and get your choice of one free ambigram design right off of our website! All you need to do is put a link to us on your Website, MySpace page, or Blog (maybe even say a nice word or two about Wow Tattoos ambigrams on your site along with the link)

    Ambrosia Tattoo Gallery, LLC - for piercing & tattooing, home of ...
    Background information on owner/artist, David Herman. Image galleries and slide
    presentations, as well as location details, and contact information. [Oak Park]

  • Just arrived - 2/16/2006 - new designs to view, over 500 new illustrations of dragon flies, butterflies, demons, fairies, Mexican Art, Aztec Art, Religious art ( pieta, cross, Jesus, lamb, stained glass in a church, etc.), and much, much, more

  • Consulting, designing, tattooing & piercing done with great care & love for mankind's linking with it's primitive nature

  • First timers : Most tattoos are done after some discussion, a design unique to your personal needs then being created, & an appointment set at a mutually agreed time

  • I will help you select and create a design just for you

  • Click photo to enlarge Tribal Bicep design

  • Click photo to enlarge A blazing "Leo" glyph in a sun design

  • Click photo to enlarge Skull and Horns design

  • is unique among tattoo directories, tattoo parlors, tattoo galleries, tattoo studios because it is here, if you are truly desiring a special custom design, that you can get that one on one attention

  • Many men and women now select and add new unique symbols, designs, dragons tattoos, religious symbols, logos, text, poems, religious bible text, butterflies, tribal, crosses, star tattoos, fairy tattoos, angel tattoos, rose tattoos, flower tattoos, foot tattoo, foot tattoos, toe tattoos, hands tattoos, whatever inspires and beautifies each unique human

    Tattoos and Tattoo Pictures
    Large collection with flash animation.

    Tattoo pictures, body art, tattoos: Every Tattoo Magazine
    E-zine that showcases categorized pictures of tattoos, an after care guide,
    convention list and forum.

  • Find your family crest in our catalog Got a cool design idea, have our artist draw it

    Takase Studios - Fine Japanese Calligraphy
    Site features hundreds of works, articles and books on Japanese art and culture
    as related to calligraphy.

  • In April 2006, the first of this scroll design was purchased by Warner Brothers to appear in the new Clint Eastwood movie "." We can't wait to see it up on the big screen! Visit for more gift ideas Names in Japanese A name as a beautiful work of Japanese art

  • Names in Japanese is a completely custom design where you would be working directly with Master Calligrapher Eri Takase to create an original work of art based on a name translated to Japanese

  • This particular design preserves both the pronunciation and the meaning of the name

  • This work of art combines two names translated to Japanese with a design of the kanji for "soul mates"

  • Soul Mates in Japanese is " tamashii no tomo " and here is combined into a single, elegant design

    Cartoon Logos, Funny Logos & Cartoon Pictures
    Freelance cartoon illustrator creating funny cartoon logos, comic clip art,
    mascots and birthday greeting cards.

  • Cartoon pictures, Funny cartoons - Cartoon Characters - Funny Logos Cartoon Logos & Funny Logos are My Business! I draw funny cartoon pictures, design cartoon logos and create humorous smokin cartoon characters

  • I am a cartoonist, comic illustrator, logo designer, greeting card artist and all around Internet entrepreneur

  • Hi Toonheads! It's your lucky day! You've stumbled into one of the hottest, hippest custom cartoon logo designers on the Internet today! As your gracious cartoonist and illustrator, I would like to invite you to browse through my cartoonists portfolio filled with funny cartoons, cartoon pictures, cartoon logos, unique cartoon characters and a

  • I would like to thank all of my loyal clients and new customers for their patience as I take the time needed to create fantastic looking logo designs

  • I will strive to reduce the wait time in getting to new designs but until I find the perfect cartooning partner I will continue to create all designs from start to finish on my own

  • News Alert! - I have been honored to have been picked as the 2004 and 2005 designer of the official Punkin Chunkin t-shirt design! News Alert! - Curtoons was chosen by Fast Company magazine and Seth Godin, author of the New York Times best seller Purple Cow , as one of the Top 500 companies and freelancers that can make their clients remarkable! WeinerDuck Pop Art Prints, T-shirts, Calendars, Hats, Buttons, Magnets, Stickers and Gifts now available! Help support my cartooning habit and buy my cartoon merchandise today

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    Custom logos, sample products, design gallery, and a FAQ section.

  • TATTOO ART GALLERY © Copyright 1997-2006 | TMI designs and manufactures temporary tattoo body art for retail, wholesale

    Tattoo und Bodyart Tattoovorlagen Tattoos
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    und Bodyart-Lexikon. Ausgewählte Motive sowie ein Awardprogramm speziell ...

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