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  • I guess we shall wait and see … Posted by ---> | Category: quotes Jada Pinkett Smith who has visited the Cruises and thinks Suri is “gorgeous”

  • “She’s an absolute beauty and she’s Daddy’s little girl.” Pinkett Smith and her husband, Will Smith, have visited with Suri twice, both times at Cruise and Holmes’s Beverly Hills mansion

  • “She’s beautiful and they’re very happy and they need to be left alone, ” says Pinkett Smith, who described Suri while talking to PEOPLE about her participation in last weekend’s Philadelphia anti-violence event, Party 4 Peace, run by pal Charles “Charlie Mack” Alston

  • Friedman speculates that if the wedding takes place it will have all the secrecy of the birth of Suri and wonders about the location

  • It’s possible, however, that Cruise will use a wedding as a vehicle for letting out a picture of baby Suri, ” writes Freidman

  • Posted by ---> | July 20, 2006 Category: King of Queens star and Cruise pal Leah Remini, who saw Suri at the couple’s L.A

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  • Suri Cruise The baby photo seen around the world: This is an amazing photo

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  • Katie Holmes Bits by into 1 month ago via The 'Thank You for Smoking' star - who gave birth to daughter Suri four months ago - is desperate to shed her post-baby weight to reprise her role as Rachel Dawes, Bruce Wayne's love interest in the 'Batman Begins' sequel

  • | by into 1 month ago via Katie Holmes sought to quell the controversy surrounding her invisible baby, telling Us Weekly, 'Suri's doing great!' Katie was snapped by the weekly�during a vacation in Telluride, Colo., strolling down the street with a ..

  • | by into 1 month ago via National Ledger - It appears that Angelina Jolie and her little baby Shiloh will forever be linked with the fabulous Katie Holmes™ and baby Suri Cruise

  • While Suri Cruise photos are reportedly set to be revealed soon, Angelina Jolie took the highest bidder, donated .....

  • | by into 1 month ago via Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes welcome daughter Suri .....

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  • Go to the Wednesday Aug 2 | Stuff | Rumours that Yesterday | Earth Times Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise and girlfriend Katie Holmes have said that they would finally give fans a glimpse of their baby girl Suri through photographs soon

  • Wednesday Jul 26 | National Ledger The fabulous Katie Holmes may not yet be ready to place baby Suri on display as Angelina Jolie did with baby Shiloh, but the actress is reportedly set to follow in Jolie's footsteps and enter the ranks of ..

  • Wednesday Jul 12 | National Ledger | The celeb watching world was a bit taken aback when the fabulous Katie Holmes' parents left Los Angeles right before baby Suri was born to head to Florida

  • The movie idol and his actress fiancee Katie Holmes have kept little Suri completely hidden since her birth was announced in April

  • Jul 6, 2006 | 2 Things Yankee Doodle Dandy That ball of fire Jimmy Cagney sure can dance! Jun 28, 2006 | Stuff Tom Crusie may have refused to release pictures of baby daughter Suri because of his Jun 28, 2006 | The Bosh Tom Crusie refuses to release pictures of baby daughter Suri Tom Crusie has refused to release pictures of baby daughter Suri because of his Jun 26, 2006 | Defamer | While millions hold their breath, gradually turn purple, and quietly expire from self-inflicted asphyxiation waiting for Jun 21, 2006 | The Shallow End Here's hoping Katie Holmes is as fertile as Heidi Klum ..


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  • It's ridiculous.) We KNOW we should be watching and commenting 24/7 on this freaky situation with 'Maybe Baby' Suri

  • Asked if he was missing his new child, he said, 'How can you not, she's beautiful, ' and explained why the couple had chosen the name Suri

  • Cruisegate Namegate Update 3: Suri in Persian, Japanese, French and Scientologist Conspiracy-ese

  • We've had Persian-speaking readers inform us that, in the first place, contrary to the Cruiser's claim, their lanuguage is actually called 'Farsi', and second, contrary to the Cruiser's claim, Suri does not mean 'rose'

  • It means 'To blow a trumpet' or 'talk foolishly or at random.' Japanese-speaking readers have pointed out that 'Suri' means 'pickpocket' in Japanese

  • French-speaking readers have noticed that 'Suri' sounds like 'Souris', which means mouse in French

  • But the best explanation (or 'crazy conspiracy theory' if you prefer) came from a reader who goes by the nom de guerre Darth Chef: 'Suri = S.U.R.I

  • April 21, 2006 "Suri? That's a kind of alpaca, right?" Cruisegate Namegate Update 2: The Cruiser to Israelis - 'You don't know Hebrew

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  • How is little Suri? Cruise: Who? Oh, right

  • Who wants it to be, you know? West: What's that crying, man? Is that Suri? Cruise: Naw, dog

  • Cruise: What? Suri's a girl, dog

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  • What's New? 8/27/06- - Suri to make debut 8/24/06- - Videos at restaurant 8/23/06- - Tourist sees Suri! 8/22/06- - Leaving Mestro's in LA 8/22/06- - Attends In Style party 8/17/06- - Shopping at Barneys 8/17/06- - Katie acts bizzare 8/15/06- - TomKat in SLC - Pics! 8/14/06- - Help accident victims 8/13/06- - First pics of Suri! 8/11/06- - Getting in shape for next 'Batman'; Beckhams to see Suri 8/9/06- - Suri pics in Vanity Fair? 8/4/06- - Back in 'Batman'; Suri spits up alot; Penelope Cruz met Suri 7/27/06- - Suri is 'gorgeous' 4/18/06- - TomKat has baby girl! _ katie holmes topless in the gift This website is designed and maintained by in Marietta, Georgia U.S.A

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  • News of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes includes plans for a fall wedding and pictures of their daughter Suri

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