The Future of the Web: Rich Clients, Rich Browsers, Rich Portals
Slides of a talk about rich clients that presents Curl in a bigger context.

  • muffins, secure file open and save, secure printing and cut and paste, etc.) for unsigned/untrusted scripts No Byte-Code; plain-text Curl scripts send-over-the-wire and compiled on-the-fly by Surge Runtime single-vendor, closed-source, payware; 'starter' kit starts at US$25.000+; runs on Windows only (browser plug-in named Surge Runtime) ; US Startup in Boston; MIT spin-off founded in 1998 by twelve MIT researchers; lead by David A

    Joe's Original Wave Files
    Collection of WAVs, beeps, slides, bops, twinkles, and other sound effects.

    About Internet for Beginners: Your Complete Guide to Being Online.
    Information on online communities, personal pages, information on hackers and
    cyber-liberties, and examination the nature of online life and identity.

  • ' Digital Rights Management ' is the padlock technology that restricts how you can download, open, install and copy digital files

    International Aquaculture association of researchers and businesses involved in
    aquaculture. Sponsors annual World Aquaculture Show.

  • info: DAA FILE OPEN

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    lf160, Software Development: Developing Gnome Application with ...
    Set of articles written for beginners in Gnome programming and GNU/Linux.

  • After creating a Gnome Application Window, open the Widget Tree dialog (you will find it in the view menu in Glade)

  • In the tool bar remove the Open and Save icon buttons

  • def on_about_activate(obj): 'display the about dialog' about = GladeXML ('color.glade', 'about').get_widget ('about') about.show () This handler opens the about dialog

    lf160, Software Development: Développer des Applications Gnome ...
    Série d'articles destinée aux débutants en programmation Gnome et GNU/Linux.

  • Dans la barre d'outils enlevez les boutons Open et Save

    チームの最新ニュースと、Windows XP のオンラインソフト紹介。

    March 2001 Troubleshooting Professional Magazine: XML
    The March 2001 Troubleshooting Professional Magazine is entirely devoted to an
    XML Programming Tutorial on the Linux platform using Xerces-Java.

  • Whether you're in the Microsoft world or the Open Source world, or somewhere in between, you'll need to interface with it in the next couple years

  • Attribute The name/value pairs enumerated in an element's start tag: <getch mthd='cmd' access='backtick' >getchbsd.pl</getch> Text Node The text between the open and close tag of its parent element: <getch mthd='cmd' access='backtick'> getchbsd.pl </getch> Node The most atomic XML entity that is programmatically useful

  • Benefits

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    The Sanskrit Heritage Site
    Sanskrit dictionary with grammatical tools. Root entries generate declension/conjugation
    tables. A stemmer is provided and a segmenter may be used to tag simple ...

  • Your browser must be html 4.0 compliant, and for proper viewing of diacritics you must have installed on your system open type fonts for roman transliteration with diacritics, and for devanagari

    The Art of Assembly Language Programming
    Detailed step by step tutorial.

    GUIS - a GUI widget server release 1.6 on Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:14 ...
    A GTK2 widget server. (Python, Ruby, GTK2) [Open source, OS Independent]

  • (Many years ago, I was a satisfied user of Sun OpenWindows system with its programmable NeWS [widget] server

  • When run with the -T flag, Guis opens a window to show the trace of all requests and replies (this is useful for script and application debugging): Figure 2: Protocol trace window initial Python script We write a small Python initial script

  • is inside your $PATH ) open questions I don't know if a builtin module can have virtual variables (as defined by the rb_define_virtual_variable C function of the Ruby runtime)

    Casinos of Mayfair International Casino Sales
    Brokerage company for the sale and purchase of casinos throughout the world.

  • $1, 000, 000.00 BKK1 CAMBODIA-Asia 2 new Casino licences available from the Government to build two Las Vegas Style Casinos one next to the new Airport opening soon, the other in the largest tourist area city, Invitation will be sent to visit from Government

  • Casino : stand-alone Casino with 240 slots, 15 gaming tables, open 24 hours

  • This hotel is looking to have a Casino reinstalled and is offering a rental of $18, 000 per month, for the 1, 000 sq ft casino area, casino management available to update and instal all gaming equipment, Security, and recruit new staff, training and open the casino in 3 months, cost including 3 months advance rental, = Total of $500, 000 Good projections

  • $13, 500, 000.00 CR8 COSTA RICA - Central America 1 Hotel with new Casino opened last year

  • The Casino lis currently closed but may be reopened at any time

  • When completed will open in the new owner’s name

  • Could be open within 40 days

  • Price is in Pounds Sterling £9m UK12 ENGLAND - Europe 3 New opportunities to open a casino with planning permission subject to the new gaming select commitee selection of new areas for the new gaming act 2005 available from £10m sterling $20, 000, 000.00 ESTONIA - Europe 1 Casino


    BABEL: A Glossary of Computer Related Abbreviations and Acronyms
    A glossary of computer science and internet acronyms.

    Z88 Developers' Notes
    Complete online edition of the definitive Z88 developer's manual, originally
    published by Cambridge Computer in 1988.

    NetHack Beginner's Guide
    Basic primer for new players. Does not contain spoilers.

  • Keep your eyes open

  • I'm open to changes and can be reached by e-mail at

    CSR Acronym Definitions AD
    Communications Standards Review offers this list of acronym expansions.

    freshmeat.net: Editorials - Why You Might Want to Try Ruby
    Editorial with description and code; resulting forum comments and discussion of
    mostly positive opinion. [freshmeat.net]

  • He is currently in the midst of a sabbatical during which he is writing Open Source Ruby modules and an article or two

  • Ruby has true open classes

  • Ruby has true open classes

    Assembly Language Library by David Parker
    Free assembler and linker download links and install instructions. Assembly
    documentaion, tips and tricks.

  • If the program leaves a DOS window open, feel free to close it

    Islam Page - Islam, Muslims, Allah, Muhammad, Salvation, Jesus
    A categorized listing of useful links on Islam, its beliefs and practices; includes
    Salafi and Arab-owned Islamic resources.

    Ask-A-Scout(er) Page
    Various topics including: camp menus, how to choose a summer camp, the Firestarter
    FAQ, making rope, backwoods ovens, and keeping raccoons out of tents.

  • The can can either be open only on the top or on its side as well, but with a portion of the can still being there so as to keep a toilet roll there and the liquid (not much) kerosene in

  • _ / / || | open || | end / | \_ _/ | * | |_| | / | / \_ / (*) this is the open side Light the torch; it may be easier to use a propane torch to light it

  • To put it out, either have a can secured to a stick such that the open end of the can is perpendicular to the length of the stick and nail to the stick or soak the burning end in a bucket of water

  • Punch holes with a can punch around the edge of the open end of the can

  • - Bat activities -- using a large trash bag, cut along the sealed end a couple of feet, down the centre of the bag, and two armholes, as per where the stars are: Sealed End _ |* *********** *| |* * *| |* * *| | * | * | |_| Open End Then the kids wear it like a cape

  • I've had Beavers prefer reading my supply of books to playing outside when it was a NICE day! - AND my big idea, all of which should fit into a large Rubbermaid Roughneck container and should be brought to camp, put into the far corner of your main cabin, and be forgotten until that time God is watering his gardens: Have a rainy-day-emergency-capsule that is opened and whose contents are used ONLY AS A LAST RESORT and ONLY DURING BAD WEATHER DAYS (or when nothing in your program is working) and is above and beyond the "overplanning" principle -- no cheating

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