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  • A more common finish for socks is one that resists the buildup of odor and bacteria

  • Although perspiration is odorless and 99% water, it provides a perfect medium for bacteria to grow

  • The bacteria cause foot odor

  • Anti-bacterial agents in the fiber reduce bacteria growth and resulting odor

  • This reduces the potential for foot odor and athlete's foot

    Underarm Odor, Foot Odor. Eliminate Odor Forever- Easily ...
    Eliminate foot and underarm odor.

  • Eliminate Underarm Odor and Foot Odor - GUARANTEED! In this website: Understand the cause of underarm and foot odor (p 2)

  • Understand how to rid yourself of these odors - Attack the source (p 3)

  • Finally, find out how to eliminate these odors FOREVER By spending less than 1 minute/day for 1-2 weeks With a fast drying, odor-free, topical (applied to skin) liquid (no messy creams) With a product which costs less than $1 and is available at any grocery store With a product scientifically proven to be effective- Not a scientifically questionable or unproven herbal or other home remedy

  • We all know how embarrassing underarm and foot odors can be

  • and underarm odor (or the fear of having foot or underarm odor) can ruin your self confidence and affect the basic way in which you interact with others- with negative consequences in your entire life

  • People with underarm and foot odors carry a stigma of being unclean, but those of us with know that being clean will control odor only for a very short period of time

  • We simply can't get a shower every 2 to 3 hours! Imagine how it would feel not to worry about underarm and foot odor anymore- not at the beginning of the day, not at the end of the day, NOT EVER

    Odor Eraser is an all natural foot odor and foot care product ...
    Offers an all-natural product that kills foot odor causing bacteria.

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    No more foot odor!
    Offers bactericide formula that kills the bacteria that cause foot and shoe odor.

  • "What can I say! I have suffered from foot odor forever (I am sure I inherited it from my mother, of all things); my feet smell NO MORE

  • I have used On Your Toes as directed and this is now Day 5 and NO odor! My 13 year-old daughter usually knows when I come home from work as the first thing I do is kick off my shoes
    Scented stockings that give off a long lasting scent with each step you take.

  • These stockings are the best treatment for foot odor

  • The scented materials are volatilized into the air with each step the user takes and a subtle fragrance is emitted which is long lasting and enjoyable all day, actually detering foot odor! Honestly, no putrid smell! SAVE Your Shoes and treat your feet! We have a variety of exquisite perfumed powders which you can choose for a more reasonable price

  • Footcare at its best ! No Foot Odor! The scents are activated with each step you take! The fragrance can be enjoyed all day! Great for anyone, but fantastic for working women or men who seem to be on their feet all day

  • The scented stockings or hosiery impart a long lasting scents or fragrances instead of that obnoxious foot odor

  • The scents or fragrances can be (perfumed powder, citrus scent, or fragrance which seems to deter foot odor and can be given as perfume for the feet or a beautiful scented gift, beneficial as a foot odor treatment! Scents vary! WONDERFUL PERFUMED POWDERS! GREAT SCENTS and FRAGRANCES! FOR Women and Men These stockings are washable and used over and over again! The scented stockings can be given as perfume for the feet or a beautiful scented gift, mostly beneficial as a foot odor treatment

    Herbal foot care
    Herbal footbath and natural foot care.

  • Traditional folks remedies, foot baths, herbal massage and body oils may help reverse and heal foot sores, lacerations, cracked heels, corns, calluses, dry skin, combat bad foot odor, foot skin pealing and promote healthy living and breathing skin

  • To help treat cracked heels, corns, calluses, dry skin, bad foot odor use footbath made of ¼ lb sachet of in combination with or

    Foot Express
    Foot care home health products and treatments.

  • Benefits

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    Dr Scholl's
    Manufacturer of foot care products for relieving and preventing foot, heel and
    knee pain.

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  • Mosquito Attracted to host by human body odor (especially foot odor), carbon dioxide, body heat and body humidity - Tools & Scripts for WebMasters - Java, JavaScript ...
    Java multi-media, animation, and utility applets with free download kits. [Freeware]

  • You want your site to look great? You want it to stand out from the crowd? You want it to be free of smelly foot odor? Then you MUST MUST MUST have..

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  • Effective for the treatment of excessive sweating and bad odor associated with sweaty feet


    Nontoxic(non-toxic) tips for who have pets and little ones
    Frugal alternatives for households using vinegar, borax, baking soda, lemon,
    salt, artgum erasers, and botantical resources. Tips for pet owners on grooming and ...

  • odor destroyers-vinegar, borax, baking soda, lit candle, charcoal pellets, and coffee grinds you can try these on mothballs smelly feet, musty old furniture, books, etc..if you use lit candles..take every precaution possible to prevent accidental fire for refrigators-leave open box of baking soda..or open lemons..for freezer-activated charcoal spread out on sheet.

  • sprinkle baking soda or borax (you can add some essential oils ie lavender etc to add a fragance(I put a few drops in oil and then rub it on rugs and possibly antiseptic effect-(I sometimes use tea tree oil or eucalyptus-which are also insect repellents) on the carpets and then vacuum-what what it is worth a friend convinced not to use commercial rug deodorants-I think his pet wound up getting sick..whether the pet got the dust in his eyes or what actually happened I can't remember

  • mildew odor from books-put books in bag with baking soda or clean cat litter and leave for a few weeks for skunk odor this is interesting linkSUGGESTS HYDROGEN PERIOXIDE, LIQUID SOAP AND BAKING SODA A lovely person just sent me this tip for skunk odor-' If your pet is sprayed by a skunk, simply bring it into the kitchen Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ -- long version)
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    Diabetic Socks - Dr. Socks specializes in diabetic socks.
    Specialty socks for diabetics.

  • We have, and a silver lined non-binding casual sock that can eliminate foot odor, athlete's foot and help protect diabetics from infection

    Taking Care of Your Shoes
    Detailed article on caring for different types of shoes from a shoe repair

  • In a pinch? Cornstarch will help remove foot odor

  • Or for a less messy application use an anti-odor insole, shoe deodorant powder, or aerosol available at Dave's and other shoe repair shops

  • The big problem is controlling odor

  • Use a deodorizing product that absorbs odor causing bacteria and counteracts it

    Hyperhidrosis | Excessive Sweating | Hyperhydrosis | Sweat Glands ...
    Excessive sweaty palms is a condition refer to as palmar hyperhidrosis. The only
    long lasting, effective treatment is by thoracoscopic sympathectomy, ...

  • Patients enjoy quality results, immediately! involves extreme, dripping sweat in the armpits, with constant odor that is usually resistant to all deodorants

  • People with complain of bad foot odor

  • Hyperhidrosis symptoms can be dripping sweat, odor along with sweat, stained clothes due to sweat and inferiority complex due to sweat

  • Sweaty underarms can be cured but the worst hit are those who have excessive armpit sweating along with a bad odor

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  • Kitchen odor-free fan

  • Kitchen odor-free fan

  • First floor with half bath and luxury kitchen with odor-free fan and microwave

  • Kitchen odor-free fan-cathedral living room on water-formerly Helena Rubenstein's summer cottage

  • Kitchen odor-free fans in both

  • Kitchen odor-free fans in both, microwave

  • Kitchen odor-free fan

  • Kitchen odor-free fan

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  • Starting with Neat Feat, the world's first roll-on antiperspirant deodorant for feet, the simple, convenient and effective solution for foot odour, the company has developed an innovative range of toiletry products, all of which are effective and exciting solutions to the most persistent of problems

  • Prevents foot and shoe odor

  • Stops foot Odor & sweaty feet

  • Foot hygiene antiperspirant and deodorant

  • Removes shoe and sneaker odor

  • Foot deodorant for kids

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