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  • Indian Festivals: Diwali T his is perhaps the most well-known of the Indian festivals: it is celebrated throughout India, as well as in Indian communities throughout the diaspora

  • It is colloquially known as the "festival of lights", for the common practice is to light small oil lamps (called diyas ) and place them around the home, in courtyards, verandahs, and gardens, as well as on roof-tops and outer walls

  • The celebration of the festival is invariably accompanied by the exchange of sweets and the explosion of fireworks

  • As with other Indian festivals, Diwali signifies many different things to people across the country

  • In north India, Diwali celebrates Rama's homecoming, that is his return to Ayodhya after the defeat of Ravana and his coronation as king; in Gujarat, the festival honors Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth; and in Bengal, it is associated with the goddess Kali

  • Everywhere, it signifies the renewal of life, and accordingly it is common to wear new clothes on the day of the festival; similarly, it heralds the approach of winter and the beginning of the sowing season

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  • FESTIVALS IN INDIA & FAIRS IN INDIA Festivals in India are characterized by color, gaiety, enthusiasm, prayers and rituals

  • Foreign travelers are struck by the scale and multiplicity of Indian festivals that have evolved in the society

  • Diwali, the popular festival of Indians, celebrates the return of Lord Rama and Sita from exile

  • Diwali is also called as the festival of lights

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  • The word festival means feast day, festive celebration

  • As kids, when there used to be festivals the only thing that came to our minds was holidays and sweets that in turn meant lots of fun

  • India being a society of may religions there are a lot many festivals

  • republic day and the Independence Day Dusshera in India is another festival celebrated by the Hindus

  • Ramzan Id is the most important festival in the Muslim calendar

  • Easter is another important festival for Christians

  • Holi is another festival that is celebrated by all communities

  • It’s a festival of colours

  • Some other festivals that are celebrated happily all over the country are Onam, Baisakhi, Pongal, Mahavir Jayanti, Buddha Jayanti, Guru Purnima, Raksha Bandhan, Krishna Janmashtami, Gandhi Jayanti, Kumbh Mela, Children’s day, Ganesh Chaturthi and many many more festivals

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  • Diwali, the festival of lights even to-day in this modern world projects the rich and glorious past of our country and teaches us to uphold the true values of life

  • Multi-coloured Rangoli designs, floral decorations and fireworks lend picturesness and grandeur to this festival which heralds joy, mirth and happiness in the ensuring year

  • This festival is celebrated on a grand scale in almost all the regions of India and is looked upon mainly as the beginning of New Year

  • Even countries like Gkyena, Thailand, Trinidad, Siam and Malaya celebrate this festival but in their own ways

  • This Diwali festival, it is surmised dates back to that period when perhaps history was not written, and in its progress through centuries it lighted path of thousands to attain the ultimate good and complete ecstasy

  • As such this day of the five-day Diwali festival has a great importance for the rich mercantile community of Western India

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  • By Malini Bisen The great diversity of Indian religious beliefs and the varied cultured traditions of the different states are very interesting and this is seen in the festival of Pongal

  • With many other verses like this the people of Tamil Nadu greet the great festival of Pongal celebrated all over the South as Makar Sankranti, in Tamil Nadu it has an additional significance as Pongal welcomes the occasion of the incoming harvest

  • The Puranas, usually prolific in legends connected with festivals, have little to say about this Pongal festival

  • It is in all probability a Dravidian harvest festival that has survived the preponderant influence of the Indo-Aryan religion in the South

  • This poem describes the mood of anticipation and excitement of the people in Tamil Nadu which gets its main rains from the north-eastern monsoon in October and November and the harvest is gathered in the period just preceding this Pongal festival

  • This festival of Pongal falls in the month of January after the winter solistice and as such this Pongal festival marks the favourable course of the Sun

  • It is a three-day festival and the fourth day is a day for outdoors and excursions


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  • Search Festivals Of India Religious Festivals ~ Sudheer Birodhkar Janmastami (also known as Krishnastami or Gokulastami) is a festival dedicated to Lord Sri Krishna and commemorates his birth

  • ~ Sudheer Birodhkar Ganesh-Chaturthi is the festival devoted to Ganesh the elephant-headed God

  • ~ Sudheer Birodhkar Nagapanchami is a festival dedicated to the snake-god

  • The festival commemorates the birth of Rama who is remembered for his prosperous and righteous reign..

  • This is one of the major festivals in the Hindu calendar

  • Festivals in India are commemorated with great passion, seemingly as a celebration of life itself

  • Rich in its cultural inheritance, festivals are an intrinsic part of the Indian ethos

  • ~ Romola Butalia A spring harvesting festival, Holi is celebrated with gaiety and wild abandon

  • Regional Festivals The tradition of collective celebration continues with every occasion, be it a wedding, birth, harvesting or even the flowering of plants and is marked by community celebration with dancing and singing of folk songs

  • Numerous fairs and festivals are celebrated all over Uttaranchal every year

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  • Some link the festival with the worship of Karma, God of pleasure and destiny

  • Holi in Chotta Udaipur Holi is an important festival for the tribals of Gujarat

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    Recipes - Indian festival sweets and prasaad
    Indian recipes for the various festivals.

  • Indian festivals and pujas have a range of dishes associated with them in the form of sweets and prasad

  • Hindu festivals incorporate mainly vegetarian dishes


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  • collaborative events colors of india virtual holi holi diary festival of colors C o l o r s o f I n d i a

    Indian Festivals
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  • Hotels in India Upcoming Holidays Indian Festivals The Indian calendar is one long procession of festivals

  • Festivals here are characterised by colour, gaiety, enthusiasm, feasts and a variety of prayers and rituals

  • Date Festival October 6 Sarvapitri Amavasya October 13 Shree Durgasthami October 14 Shastra Pujan October Navaratri Begins October Navaratri Ends October 15 Vijaya Dashami October 21 Kojagiri Purnima October 24 Karvachoutha November 2 Dhan Treyodashi (Dhan Teras) November 3 Kali Chaudas November 4 Diwali November 5 New Year November 6 Bhai Duj November 19 Guru Nanak Dev Jayanti December 15 Shree Gita Jayanti Our Diwali (Deepawali) Gift Ideas Include: diwali cards, diwali diyas, diwali lamps, diwali candles, diwali mithai, diwali sweets, diwali pooja thali, diwali dry fruits, diwali gift hampers, deepawali silver gifts, deepawali laxmi ganesh gifts, chocolate hampers, send diwali gifts and greetings to your friends and family

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  • | || | Festivals January 2001 9th Jan -21th Feb 13 Saturday 14 Sunday 14 Sunday 26 Friday 29 Monday February 2001 Ravi Das Jayanti 8 Thursday 21 Wednesday March 2001 6 Tuesday 10 Saturday Mewar Festival 28-29th 28-29th April 2001 2 Monday 5 Thursday 6 Friday 13 Friday 13 Friday 15 Sunday 14 Saturday May 2001 7 Monday June 2001 5 Tuesday 23 Saturday July 2001 25 Wednesday 23 Monday August 2001 4 Saturday 12 Sunday 15 Wednesday 22 Wednesday 31 Friday September 2001 Anant Chaudas 1 Saturday October 2001 2 Tuesday 25 Wednesday 26 Friday 31st -1st Nov

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  • Festivals of India

  • The Holi Festival © K

  • Kamat The festival of Holi is celebrated in India with exchange of colors Table of Contents -- The festival of Holi is celebrated in India by spraying colors on each other

  • Festivals of India Pictures © 1996-2005

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  • Plus you'll not want to miss such fun as the Yellow Daisy Festival or the Indian Pow Wow

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  • : Hindu Festivals HINDU HOLIDAYS It's been said often enough that Hindus celebrate everything

  • Apart from the universally celebrated festivals like Dussehra, Diwali and Ganesh Chaturthi, there are others that are observed in specific communities or geographical areas

  • Worship of Kartikeya (as during the festival of Skanda Shashti) is predominant in Tamil Nadu, where the god is considered a patron of the region

  • Onam is a good example of a festival that is celebrated solely by Keralites

  • Another interesting aspect of Onam is that it is perhaps the only major Hindu festival that celebrates the reign of an asura king, although a benevolent one

  • The profusion of legends and the contradictions inherent in them is reflected in festivals too

  • Travel around the country, and you will hear people tell you a variety of legends involving different gods behind a single festival

  • Besides, you will also find versions of the same festival being celebrated under different names in different regions

  • With so many holy days and more than 20 major hindu festivals, the calendar should be liberally sprinkled with them

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  • Festivals in India are closely interlinked with religious practices and has a strong link to the various customs and cultural practices of the Indian people

  • Every state in India celebrates some of the famous Indian festivals under different names

  • To mention a few For example: South India celebrates "sankaranti " North India celebrates "baisakshi " South India celebrates "ramanavami" North India celebrates "ram leela " South India celebrates "garuda panchami " North India celebrates "raksha bandhan " South India celebrates "vinayaka chathurthi " North India celebrates "ganesh pooja " The festival that is performed with all pomp and grandeur is the festival of dolls, which is celebrated under different names like dusserha, navarathri, durga pooja, bomma kollu, durga ashthami and the like

  • Almost all of these festival commence every year around the month of august and ends in early march the following year

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