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Havasu Ponds... Our backyard ponds in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
Arizona gardener tells of her three ponds and interconnecting river in her back
yard, with photos and lighthearted commentary.

  • Home Havasu Ponds An Aquatic Oasis Is Built In the year 2001, I wanted to put some green in my Lake Havasu City, Arizona, backyard

  • For more information on small ponds, check out my After constructing the first small pond, I was hooked

  • I wanted more ponds! I must have a bigger pond! And soon, construction began again

  • BIG thanks to Dad for all the hard work put into this waterfall! For more information on medium sized ponds, check out our While digging out the large pond, the soil was placed in a line from the hot tub to the large pond to form a river area

  • Disaster strikes the Havasu ponds when a dog finds it's way into the pond, causing a rip in the bottom; therefore, allowing all the water to seep under the liner

  • For more information on larger ponds, check out our After building the 16ft by 16ft deck, Epi decided that a barrel pond was needed to enhance the deck

  • For more information on barrel ponds, check out our Other Pages Of Interest View Our Guestbook Sign Our Guestbook This site is a member of WebRing

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  • New to ponds and don't know where to start? Check out our online course for information on building a pond and how to properly take care of it

  • We also have 100s of pond photos from our customer's ponds and 100s of answers to frequently asked pond questions ! We cover all sorts of questions like how to reduce algae, how to eradicate pond weeds, questions about water chemistry, fish stocking information and so much more

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    Making a pond in your garden - Some hints and tips from wotnext ...
    Advice on constructing a pond in your garden.


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  • We recommend our for small ponds or water gardens less than 50' x 50' and our beneficial bacteria product for ponds and lakes larger than 50' x 50'

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  • Get some ideas: Take a look at some pictures of ponds that some of our customers have sent in

  • Frequently Asked Questions: Get your most common questions about ponds answered here

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    The Edible Pond and Bog Garden - Plants For A Future
    Provides a list of plants that can be grown in ponds or boggy ground.

  • The Edible Pond and Bog Garden The following list contains many plants, most of them either natives of Britain or naturalized here, that can be grown in ponds or boggy ground

  • The list is made up of some of the plants we intend to grow and, we hope you will agree, they show that there is a tremendous potential for food production from ponds and boggy areas

  • Many gardens already have ponds in them and, indeed, will probably contain several of the plants mentioned below

  • In other gardens ponds can be very easily set up (as long as you don't mind a bit of digging) by using plastic pond liners, pre-formed glass-fibre ponds, or concrete

  • It is not intended to go into details of making ponds and establishing a water garden in this leaflet - contact us if you want details

  • Acorus calamus - Sweet Flag: A native of Europe, naturalized in Britain, growing on the shallow edges of ponds and in most soils

  • Aponogeton distachyos - Cape Pondweed: Native of South Africa, this plant is often grown in ornamental ponds and is occasionally found naturalized in Britain

  • polysepala, are often grown in ornamental ponds and they can be used in similar ways

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  • Ponds and Pond Supplies

  • Water Garden Gems 3136 Bolton Road Marion, Texas 78124 1-800-682-6098 1-210-659-5841 Water gardens and Koi ponds are relatively new to most people in the U.S., but have thrived for hundreds of years in Europe and Asia


    Your Own Garden Waterfall /Pond-Doctor-Dave/ Build Homemade ...
    Arizona pond professional offers advice and information, with online question
    form and newsletter signup.

  • Best of luck and happy ponding! Web Backyard Waterfall Step By Step! /Pond-Doctor-Dave/ Homemade Waterfall Pond Homemade Waterfalls How To Build DIY Water Garden Ponds Backyard Ponds Design

  • How to Build a Swimming Ponds or Natural Swimming Pools! Swimming holes with No chlorine allergy or poisoning

  • Homemade Swimming Pool Conversions! Chlorine Free Pools into Swimming Ponds! Chlorine Free Alternative, Natural Organic Swimming Pool, Pool Waterfall, Chlorine Allergy

  • UV Pond Light /Pond-Doctor-Dave/ UVC Sterilizers and Clarifiers Dicounte Filters, Backyard Waterfalls Garden Ponds

  • The Pond-Doctor-Dave garden waterfall blog allows for up to date info on garden waterfall backyard ponds, natural swimming ponds and pool into pond conversions, and much much more

  • Build your own Rocket Stove Venturi Camp Stove! DIY Most Efficient Camp Stove there is!!! Pond-Doctor-Dave/ Swimming ponds, garden pond backyard waterfall design aquaculture Garden Pond/Waterfall Builder / Arizona Consultations, Prescott, Sedona, Verde Valley, Phoenix, Backyard Waterfalls Garden Ponds

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  • Also, beginner start-up liner ponds by NurseryPro and cedar-barrel pond kits

  • Floating large lake fountins, stand alone patio fountains, pond bridges, mist-making fog machines, water-spitting statues and more! Lake aeration devices and filtration for extra large ponds

  • Some extreme ponds may need other components that are not offered by Aquascape Designs

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    Landscape materials, pond supplies, water gardens, garden décor ...
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    The Garden Pond and the Wildlife within it
    Home ponder tells about creating a pond, and provides some information about the
    lifeforms within.

  • Last Updated: 29th September 2003 Still updating rest of pages The Wildlife Pond click to choose a season If you live in America: If you live in England: Welcome In my website you will find everything on wild life ponds, from installing the liner to stocking your pond with fish

  • There are many reasons for choosing a wildlife pond over other types of ponds

  • One of the most important is that in the last 100 years London has lost 99% of it’s ponds

  • A wildlife pond is a haven for water life that rely on the pond as their home .If these ponds are drained or removed many species of water life will be in danger

  • The meadow is the best for helping wildlife as it attracts so many animals and is also the most Interesting in terms of plant life Pond talk - go to my and have a look, ask some questions or reply to some, it's really great !! Search This Site powered by Whats New - really great!! ask or reply to pond questions - go to the links page to see some great sights related to the topics coverered by this website, but remember when you finished on those sights go back to this website Comming Soon Pond Supplies - Quick Links to buy products catering for all your ponding needs The page's count says that you are visitor number Contact me at if you have any questions about ponds or my website copyright 2003 by jamie bajer - all rights reserved

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