NPR : NPR 100 : Ray Charles
Robert Siegel talks to musician Ray Charles about his 1959 song 'What'dI Say'.
The song was chosen by NPR listeners as part of the 'NPR 100'.

  • Charles says that the song is really about nothing; the lyrics don't make any sense, and it's just a call and response exercise between him, his singers, and his audience

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  • Originally an instrumental composed by Berlin at the age of 23, the song struggled out of the blocks, so he penned lyrics for it

  • NPR's Jim Zarroli reports, with comments from the song's lyricist Jack Lawrence

  • NPR's focuses on lyricist Edward Kleban, who was the least known member of the show's creative team and, according to collaborator Marvin Hamlish, the man who gave the show its voice

  • Fiddler on the Roof (Musical) May 7 -- NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday host speaks with Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick, the team that wrote the lyrics and music for Fiddler on the Roof , which hit Broadway in September 1964

  • After 10 days of working with local musicians, Simon returned to New York with several South African artists to produce an extraordinary juxtaposition of rhythm and story-based lyrics

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  • TM Blues Lyrics | Peace Willie Dixon Willie Dixon Poverty / Homeless Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin Freddy King, Albert Collins, Robert Cray Robert Cray Ray Charles, Eric Clapton Violence Paul Butterfield Blues Band Muddy Waters Superstions / Demons Muddy Waters, Allman Brothers Muddy Waters Albert King, Eric Clapton Robert Johnson Joy of Livin' B.B

  • King Elvis Presley, Doc Pomus Leavin' Town Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton Robert Johnson, Paul Butterfield Big Bill Broonzy, Eric Clapton, Little Walter Civil Rights Count Basie Band, Jimmy Rushing Billie Holiday Charles Mingus, Dannie Richmond Death & Disability Big Joe Turner Sonny Boy Williamson War / Vietnam Willie and Alex Dixon Junior Wells Tools Albert King, Eric Clapton Blues Lyrics | '© 1998-2004 Blues for Peace Corporation


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    Vocalese: Eddie Jefferson
    The first vocalese performer to get anywhere at all. His lyrics for "Moody's Mood
    For Love" became a hit for King Pleasure in 1952, and got the whole vocalese ...

  • His lyrics for 'Moody's Mood For Love' became a hit for King Pleasure in 1952, and got the whole vocalese thing moving

  • Around then started hanging out with him, and actually commissioned him to set lyrics to 'Birdland' just before he was murdered

  • His lyrics tend to be either about the original artist or silly, both types pouring forth in an effortless stream of consciousness

  • Letter From Home (Riverside, 1961) 'Letter From Home' Keepnews? 'Take the 'A' Train' Starts with the original Mignone lyrics, then off on a wild Jefferson vocalese

  • 'I Cover the Waterfront (Back In Town)' ? 'Soft and Furry' Jefferson lyrics

  • 'A Night In Tunisia' Starts with the original Mignone lyrics, then off on a wild Jefferson vocalese

  • (Yes, I know this is the same comment I used above, but it's true -- this and 'A' Train are the best cuts on the album, IMO.) 'Things Are Getting Better' Jefferson lyrics

  • 'Keep Walkin'' Jefferson lyrics

  • 'Son of a Preacher Man' 'The Preacher' (aka 'A Crazy Romance') Jefferson lyrics

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    The official site of the jazz guitarist. Includes news, biography, tour and
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  • Inspired Lyrical Treatment Australian vocalist, musician, and composer Daryl Aberhart has recorded The Cat Within , a CD of John Scofield's instrumental music performed for the first time with lyrics

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    Louis Jordan - Biography and Recommendations
    Brief biography of the artist.

  • Listen to the work of Chuck Berry, decades later than Jordan's original Decca work, and you'll hear the same albeit updated blues beat and humorous lyrics with a guitar break where the sax solo used to be

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    Charles Mingus
    July 23, 1998 review from the Boston Phoenix of the Mingus documentary "Triumph
    of the Underdog" and the boxed set "Complete 1959 Columbia Recordings."

  • And there's one of his great political satires, 'Fables of Faubus, ' about the segregationist governor of Arkansas (in the Dolphy edition of Mingus's band, it would become standard, including lyrics traded between Mingus and Richmond)

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  • Always aurally witty and frequently displaying scant regard for the lyrics of the songs she sings, Carter's inventiveness is ably displayed on such performances as Sounds, a vocalese excursion which, in one recorded form, lasts for more than 25 minutes


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  • Wiskerwitz, Lilly Pads, Eyes Eyes, The Girls I Love, Uncle Bob's Corner, Ratface, In Trinidad Lyrics (from memory): Watertrain: 'Saw my old lady on the other side/ Lookin good like pumpkin pie/ I guess that she didn't really die/ She just had to go/ Don't know why...' Twilight Zone: 'Everything is weird/ Turnin out just like I feared/ Voice keeps callin in a nightmare tone/ I don't wanna live in the twilight zone...' Mr

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  • Karaoke song lyrics

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  • It’s an optimistic affair, opening up with a sunny lyric to Pat Metheny’s Better Days Ahead – and sounding a bit like Mark Murphy

  • Impeccable production values (some might say squeaky clean and anal retentive ones), intelligent lyrics and a yen for gang-pressing the best jazzmen into recording service, Don Fagen and Walter Becker were (and still are) the business

    Stevie Wonder
    Short reviews of most of his albums.

  • using them to create emotionally expressive sounds), and nonstop melodic, harmonic and even lyric invention

  • All the tunes are his, as are a good chunk of the lyrics, the numerous keyboard and synth tracks, the backing band - it's basically Wonderlove - and, of course, the incredible arrangements

  • Syreeta Wright, however, deserved the favor: her voice is excellent even though she fades on the very highest notes, and her lyrics are entertaining

  • The lyrics are often preachy ('Have a Talk with God'; 'Black Man') or just shallow ('I Am Singing'; 'If It's Magic'); the hits are great but form a distinct minority ('Isn't She Lovely'; 'Sir Duke'; 'I Wish'); and Stevie loses all control as a producer, allowing himself to drag three- minute pop songs into seven-minute repeat-a-thons ('Love's in Need of Love Today'; the aptly titled 'Ordinary Pain')

    Joe Cocker
    Reviews and rates six albums, mostly early.

  • There are also decent covers of the Beatles' ', ' countrified with pedal steel guitar like much of the record, and ', ' with the obligate female chorus singing all the 'attracts me like no other woman' lyrics

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  • Though the trio liked to paint itself as a bunch of dimwitted wisecrackers who knew next to nothing, Armstrong’s lyrics insightfully comb through his feelings rather than scoff at them

  • Posted: Saturday, May 14, 2005 in: My latest new thing is to download my favorite songs along with the lyrics and create my own personal music albums

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  • The note he left eventually became the lyrics to his song 'Tomorrow Is Today.' [] Early albums 1970–1976 [] Cold Spring Harbor (1971) Joel signed his first solo record contract with Artie Ripp of Family Productions and subsequently recorded his first solo album

  • Oddly enough, the included booklet lists all of the lyrics, even the parts cut for time

  • [] Songwriting Joel's lyrics have made many references to locations in the New York City metropolitan area, particularly Long Island, in his songs

    Ben Harper: Will = Power
    ASCAP's Music Meets Business interview with Ben by Randy Grimmett.

  • Despite the differences in mediums, Harper seems a logical successor to poets of the people like Angelou, Langston Hughes, Countee Cullen, and even Walt Whitman, yet his inventive fusion of blues, reggae, rock, gospel, folk and acoustic roots music adds multiple meanings and dimensions to his lyrics

  • Music doesn't have to be a statement through its lyrics only -- it can have a statement in its rhythm as well as its lyrics

  • Lyrics have to be joined to music

  • In your writing, do the melody or the lyrics come first? They both come

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