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  • Need Help? Call 214-221-6900 Quick Index Swimming Pool Supplies & Parts Plus, the Internet's Best, News Updates and More PoolPlaza provides vast selection of products, equipment, and services

  • Premier brand name products include ; Kreepy Krauly automatic cleaners;, filters, and automatic ; , heaters, and filters; Sta-Rite Pumps, heaters, automatic pool cleaners and filters; and RayPac heaters

  • All this and Pool School too - an informative place to learn all about the upkeep and maintenance needs of your pool

  • Simply put, PoolPlaza is the one-stop pool supply store for all your needs

  • We have it all! The benefits of a are overwhelming! With a, your pool is sanitized naturally from salt in your pool, without the irritating harsh pool chemicals

  • Pool maintenance is easier, too with no chlorine or algaecides to buy

  • What kind of pool filter is best for me: Sand, DE or Cartridge? Pool filters have changed a lot in the past ten years

  • Need to understand ? How do I find the right pump for my swimming pool? Our simple step-by-step will help you in choosing a pump that is properly sized for your pool

    Saline Systems for Commercial Swimming Pools and Spas by TMI Salt ...
    Salt water chlorine generators.

  • Saline Systems for Commercial Swimming Pools and Spas by TMI Salt Pure®

  • TMI Salt Pure® the leader in Salt Pure® Swimming Pool Saline Systems for commercial swimming pools and spas

  • Feel the difference in having Salt Pure® Swimming Pool Water

  • TMI has been providing Salt Pure® Swimming Pool Water Systems since 1997

  • Contact us to see how Salt Pure® Swimming Pool Water can save you money and make your swimming pool or spa a healthier more enjoyable experience

  • - PO Box 433 Manchester, WA 98353 - 1 (800) 818-8266 © TMI Salt Pure Corporation, All rights reserved Saline Systems for Commercial Swimming Pools and Spas by TMI Salt Pure®

  • TMI Salt Pure® the leader in Salt Pure® Swimming Pool Saline Systems for commercial swimming pools and spas

  • Feel the difference in having Salt Pure® Swimming Pool Water

  • TMI has been providing Salt Pure® Swimming Pool Water Systems since 1997

  • Contact us to see how Salt Pure® Swimming Pool Water can save you money and make your swimming pool or spa a healthier more enjoyable experience

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  • USA Canada Member NSPI National Spa and Pool Institute of Canada 1959 - 2006 47 Years in the Pool Industry Best Prices on the Web DISCOUNT INTERNET STORE ONLINE CATALOGUE WE SELL DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC ALL OF OUR PRODUCTS ARE NEW AND NOT REBUILT OR REFURBISHED " NEW" "NEW" Tracking Email Us Some of our swimming pool products are pictured below

  • and Canada and take pride in offering the best pool prices on the web for swimming pools and swimming pool supplies

  • North West Wholesale is the oldest swimming pool company in Western Canada and has been in business since 1959

  • North West Wholesale has been stocking swimming pool products for 47 years

  • Our customers are homeowners and commercial pool operators who are looking to save money on their swimming pool equipment

  • We sell inground steel swimming pool kits that are custom-assembled to fit your needs

  • We offer one of the largest selections of inground pool shapes, sports pools and lap pools, and use brand name pool equipment and supplies

  • Once you purchase an inground swimming pool kit from us we are available to support you during your installation


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    Chlorine generators, swimming pool supplies, salt pool ...
    Pool and spa salt water chlorinators and water purification systems. Product
    overviews, quote form, online payments and contact details. Australia.

  • Welcome to the Sal-Chlor Swimming Pool Supplies

  • World Leaders and Specialists in Electro-Chemical Swimming Pool Treatment

  • Within our website you can find information regarding our salt pool chlorinators, processes and services, read the customer testimonials, obtain a quote and order replacement cells

  • If you would like any assistance in choosing the right swimming pool or spa products or you would like extra information do not hesitate to contact us

  • Sal-Chlor is a market leading manufacture of saltwater pool chlorinators

  • Our product range includes water sanitisation equipment for commercial pools, domestic pools, spas and industrial facilities

  • Whether you require a salt pool chlorinator for family pool or for a prestigious hotel or resort, Sal-Chlor can offer competitive factory direct pricing backed by generous warranties that you will find difficult to match

  • The safest and most economical method of sanitising pool water

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    Pool Supplies - Pool Pumps, Filters, Heaters at H2O Pool Products
    Featuring a range of pumps, filters, heaters, cleaners and toys.

  • Information If you are looking for discount swimming pool supplies you have come to the right place

  • H2O Pool Products has the most comprehensive selection of swimming pool supplies and equipment on the internet

  • We pride ourselves in offering the largest selection pool supplies from top manufactures like, and at the lowest possible price

  • We stock a large selection of pool pumps, pool filters, pool heaters and pool accessories

  • If you need something for your pool we most likely stock it

  • Most items ship within 1 business day, so save yourself a trip to the pool store and order your pool supplies from the comfort of your own home

  • Our mission is not only to deliver quality pool supplies at discount prices, but to provide every visitor to H2O Pool Products a pleasant and, most importantly, a secure online shopping experience

  • Dear Friends, Well after 4 years with the original H2O Pool Products website we thought it was time for an upgrade

  • We also added a ton of new products including pool chemicals

  • Thanks again for your continued business, H2O Pool Products $69.00 $62.00 $835.00 $950.00 $820.00 This site was designed and developed by: Copyright © 2006 : If you have a child and are looking for educational drill games and educational products vist H2O Pool Products is one of the largest discount swimming pool supply stores on the web

    Watermaid Electrolytic Salt Water Swimming Pool and Spa Chlorine ...
    Manufactures salt water chlorinators for swimming pools and spas. Located in Australia.

  • WATERMAID SALT WATER CHLORINATORS FOR SWIMMING POOLS AND SPAS WATERMAID is Australia's 1st manufacturer of Salt Water Chlorinators for Swimming Pools and Spas

  • The WATERMAID Electrolytic, Salt Water Chlorinator for Swimming Pools and Spas makes its own on-site chlorine for your swimming pool and spa by converting mild saline pool water (about 1/6th the concentration of seawater) into chlorine

  • As this happens, 100% (NaOCl) Sodium Hypo chlorite (liquid chlorine) is produced for your swimming pool

    Swimming Pool Supply | Filter Heater Pump Chemical
    Offers swimming pool equipment, spas, saunas, and auto accessories.

  • 877.891.7665 Swimming Pool Supply, Spa Hot Tub, Sauna Steam, Home Garden Decor Supplies

  • ORDER NOW and enjoy our great selections!! 5% off when Buy 2 or more Cartridges Upgrade your Pool with Filters, Pumps, Filter Systems from Waterway

  • Ready to Ship Check out our Special Pricing on New Items These Books Lets You Take Back Control of Your Pool & Spa! Higher level of electrolytic chlorine generation with convenience, reliability and safety

  • , State-of-the Art design that is smooth and easy to operate! The best swimming pool diving boards in the world

  • These handy kits are everything you need to close your pool this fall

  • Plunge into a sparkling clean pool ..

  • automatically! Think its too cold to get into your pool? Nothing says "summer fun" like a great water slide from S.R

  • Nature2 mineral sanitizers provide crystal clear water for swimming pools and spas

  • High Performance Pumps for Portable Spas, Jetted Bath Tubs, Hot Tubs or Above Ground Pool

  • & Your online Resource for Swimming Pool Supplies and Equipments, Home and Garden Decor, Spas and Saunas Supplies, Auto Accessories

  • Benefits

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    CBS Swimming Pools salt chlorinators,vacuum heads.Spain
    Distributors of swimming pools, Chloromatic salt chlorinators. vacuum heads,
    Fairlocks, Bendervac. Tufmix epoxy resin for underwater repairs. Swimming pool ...

  • No more harmfull chemicals in your pool! El clorador de sal

  • No más quimicos peligrosas! Fairlocks Professional swimming pool vacuum head

  • Epoxido material de reaparaciones y arreglos abajo agua! Super Cubes Reduce sub-micron patricles for a crytal clear pool

  • Floatron Solar powered pool ionizer

  • You'll find it at CBS! Swimming pools, accessories, salt chlorinators:- Oficial distributors for Chloromatic

  • Swimming pool construction, service and maintenence

  • Click here to learn more about swimming pools - Pool water treatment purifier
    Pool water purifier and water filter using a sea salt water chlorinator.

  • If you spend more time swarting to keep your pool clean than you do cooling off in it, New Pool Technology has the answer for you

  • The pool santizer

  • Simple, effective and safe, it makes sure that almost the only the thing you have to do with your pool is dive in

  • Compact and easy to install, the system maintains and monitors the level of chlorine in your pool automatically, all day long

  • pool sanitzer Save up to 90% on swimming pool water treatment costs No more daily dosing of swimming pool chemicals Healthy - No red eyes or skin irritation Sea Salt water sanitizer produces chlorine gas by electrolysis from salt water

    Salt Chlorine Generators by AutoPilot
    Producer of electrolytic chlorine generators and saltwater chlorinator systems.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

  • | Salt Chlorine Generators by AutoPilot Systems! For 30 years, AutoPilot Systems has been producing the finest () for your pool

  • We are your most reliable source for chlorine generators — the most sought after form of alternative pool sanitation available in today's marketplace

  • By adding a minimum saline level in your pool, the equivalent of one teaspoon per gallon of water, and our salt conversion cell, we can show you the way to trouble free pool maintenance and the most luxurious softest feeling water imaginable — everyday, the natural way

  • Never worry about manually adding chlorine to your pool again

  • AutoPilot guarantees perfect pool water with our chlorine generator

  • Not sure which unit is right for you? View our for pool size ratings

  • Do you have a Pool and Spa combo? AutoPilot can fulfill that demand as well

  • Regardless of pool size and application, AutoPilot improves on Mother Nature's concept of what water should be! Why salt chlorinate your pool? You enjoy fresh clean water in your swimming pool

  • For the health, safety and comfort of you, your children and guests you want the most sparkling water in your swimming pool

    Supplies pool and spa parts, chemicals and pumps.


  • We're your source for Automatic Pool Cleaners, Automatic Chemical Feeders, Saltwater Chlorine Generators, Swimming Pool Filters, Spa Filters and Parts, Swimming Pool Pumps, Spa Pumps, Pool Motors, Ozonators, Blowers, and other parts and accessories

  • AUTOMATIC POOL CLEANERS AS LOW AS $164.00 Includes Shipping !!! Never a Handling Charge Updated 8-24-06 (New Products ~ Lower Prices) FREE SHIPPING (orders over $65.00) anywhere in the Continental United States Never a Handling Charge PLEASE NOTE : We do not ship free to APO addresses

  • SPECIAL INSTANT REBATE ON SAVE $100.00 AT ONCE ~ NOW ONLY $675.00 OFFER GOOD THROUGH September 4th, 2006 NEW Lower Prices Shipped Free $324.00 $50.00 Rebate Offer Shipped Free $279.00 $40.00 Rebate Offer E-Pool Products provides parts and support for pool equipment manufactured by, but not limited to, the following: American Titan, Anthony Apollo, A.O


    Pool Covers, Pool Pumps, Pool Salt Water Chlorinators, Pool ...
    Retailer of pool equipment including salt chlorinators, pumps and filters.

  • Welcome to the POOLSHOP You'll Save...Check our prices before buying Fully Insured delivery anywhere in Australia Free Delivery to most areas for orders over $180 (see freight page for details)

  • GREAT DEALS Gas and Electric Pool Heaters are capable of heating the biggest or smallest of pools, extending your swimming time and enjoyment

  • Solar Pool Covers heat the water (and retain the heat) by up to 6 - 8 deg C

  • Reduce heating costs by up to 40% Helps keep leaves and dirt out of the pool

  • See our pool pumps that have been specifically designed to incorporate features that will provide reliable and efficient pump operation

  • New technology making this range ideal for in-ground or above ground pools

  • POPULAR CHOICES We have the BEST prices on sand filters in Australia with QUALITY BRANDS and SPECIALS! See our range of Onga Pantera, Davey, Hurlcon, Poolrite, and Waterco Sand Filters We have arranged Special Deals with Quality manufacturers and we'll pass these on to you

  • | Copyright 2006 Australian Internet Pool Shop | An Advantis resource for online pool and spa ...
    Laporte Water Technologies manufacturers quality swimming pool & spa products
    and accessories. Look for Leisure Time, GLB, Robarb, Blue Devil, ...

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    pool heater and chlorine generators
    Solar and electric heat pump. Information, testimonials, and products,

  • Have you considered getting a pool heater? They are available at Florida Pool Heating and give you the option to swim in comfort all year long at an affordable cost

  • A pool heater is totally safe! There are no potentially dangerous propane or natural gases

  • Check out the different heating options below or call us today for your and remember we offer a !!! Attention: California, Arizona, and Texas Pool Owners!! Why use a pool heater to heat your pool? Swim Longer, Swim Warmer! Advantages - Your swimming pool is an investment and you want to maximize that investment

  • Without heat, pool usage is limited

  • Why use a HEAT PUMP? Use Nature’s Free Heat! A heat pump uses nature’s`free heat’ from the air to heat your pool water

  • It applies the same principle used in refrigerators and air conditioners with technology adapted to pools and spas

  • The heat pump is the economical, safe and trouble free way to heat your pool

  • Remodeling your swimming pool can make a dramatic difference

  • Chlorine Generator: AutoPilot softens your swimming pool water as it purifies...the Natural Way! AutoPilot Salt-chlorine generators are available in a variety of sizes with an assortment of features to allow you to select the model that is tailored to your specific needs and budget

    Direct Pool Supplies Australia
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    chemicals, cleaners, filter cartridges, and accessories.

  • Product Search Direct Pool Supplies Is a proud member of Swimming Pool & Spa Association of NSW Direct Pool Supplies has been associated with the swimming pool industry for well over twenty years

  • Please browse our website for some realistic prices on pool & spa equipment

  • An innovation in vacuuming spas, splasher pools, pool steps, ponds & fountains

  • Arlec Pool Alarm The Arlec pool alarm uses wireless technology that transmits a signal to a receiver through most walls and other obstructions and up to a distance of 30 metres when a bulky object weighing 8kg or more breaks the surface of the water

  • Pool Blankets A solar pool cover or blanket will raise the water temperature by up to 8º C

  • Converting your pool into a giant solar collector, absorbing temperature through the day and preventing heat loss overnight

  • Automatic Pool Cleaners We have a good range of top quality automatic pool cleaners to suit most budgets

  • Just ask anyone who has a pool cleaner - they would now never be without one

  • They really do make it a lot easier to maintain your pool in top condition

  • Saltwater chlorinator systems for crystal clear water and a sparkling natural looking pool

    Poolsearch Magazine and Free Forum for swimming pool buyers and ...
    Articles and forums with advice. Directory of vendors.

  • Web Our magazine is dedicated to consumers evaluating the purchase of an inground concrete, fiberglass, vinyl-liner or aboveground swimming pool

  • Thank you to all our readers who help make Poolsearch the most accurate and read swimming pool comparison in the industry

  • To join our FREE online community, How do I find a quality local swimming pool contractor? One of the most asked questions by subscribers is "H ow do I find a quality swimming pool contractor? " As you can imagine this is a very difficult question to answer based on the local characteristics of each pool builder

  • Many factors should be considered when selecting a swimming pool contractor including experience, service area, personnel, and even the local builder's "motivation" to earn your business

  • Ultimately it is an individual choice, but Poolsearch can help

  • > Our Current Issue Ultimate swimming pool & hot tub buyers guide for consumers..

  • Video Showcase Home Phone Number Join Newsletter Include Financing Quote Zodiac G4 The Zodiac G4 offers the latest in automatic pool cleaning technology

    Discount swimming pool and spa supplies with all pool products ...
    Retailer of major brand names swimming pool products.

  • PRODUCTS TOLL FREE (888) 284-6007 (626) 839-1914 Discount Swimming Pool and Spa Supplies Offering a complete discount on-line store for pool supplies & spa supplies

  • JANDY PDA Pool/Spa Controls AQUA LOGIC Pool/Spa Controls INTELLITOUCH Pool/Spa Controls AQUA-RITE $675 Chlorine Generator Filters Baracuda G4 $310 After $50 rebate Laars Heaters from $673.00 Kreepy Krauly $260 After $50 rebate Hayward H series 2006 Cupro Nickel Pentair Pumps Hayward Pumps StaRite Pumps Jandy Laars From $673.00 Pool Cleaner Parts $50.00 Rebate Intelliflo Pump Jandy AquaPure AQUA-LOGIC Low Price! Kreepy Krauly Kreepy Krauly $267 After $50 rebate American Best Pool Supply West Covina - California Toll Free Order Line (888) 284-6007 or (626) 839-1914 Order by Fax (626) 810-9302 For Sales, Tracking, Shipping Information email

    GMX Water Softener: Chemical Free, No Hassle, No Salt - Water ...
    Distributors of environmentally safe alternative to salt-based water softeners.

  • Clearwater GMX 217 East Highway 260, Suite 114 Payson, Arizona 85541 (928) 468-8969 Safe, Secure and Reliable Since 1998 The Chemical Free Solution GMX Home Order Here Home Systems Pool & Spa Systems GMX Site Map Email Questions We Proudly Accept Credit/Debit Cards Product Selection Home Systems Pool & Spa Systems System Prices Commercial Sys

  • Product Specifications Guarantee/Warranty Comparison Chart How GMX Works Testimonials GMX FAQ GMX Reading Room Installation: Home Systems Diamond System Platinum System Gold System Pool/Spa Sys

  • What do you need for your home ? >>> GMX Home Systems <<< GMX water softeners will make cleaning much easier, eliminate white scaly hard water deposits (lime, calcium, etc.) and greatly reduce or totally eliminate spotting on: Bathroom Faucets Clothes Washers Kitchen Faucets Shower Doors Silverware Sprinklers Fountains Windows Glasses Dishes Pools Spas Simplify Your Life with GMX Water Softeners

  • (Make A Selection by Clicking on the Words Below) Key Links GMX Home Order Here GMX Site Map Email Questions Product Selection Home Systems Pool & Spa Systems System Prices Commercial Systems Product Information Guarantee/Warranty Comparison Chart How GMX Works Product Specs

    Pool Spa Sauna Showroom - Serving Muskoka, Orillia, Barrie, Midland
    Supplies pools, spas, saunas and accessories for residential and commercial
    installations. Located in Bracebridge and Orillia.

  • click to enlarge Pool Spa Sauna Showoom is scheduled to open our new location in early October

  • Having a pool has never been easier! POOL SPA SAUNA SHOWROOM installs In-ground, On-ground and Above ground pools

  • Tired of working with too many pool chemicals? We install Salt Water Systems, and Synergy, which is a chlorine system with a water softener built in that prevents algae from growing in your pool! Maintaining your pool will never get any easier

  • We can also maintain your pool for you with our weekly pool service program! All you do is come home and swim! Commercial pool customers please or select commercial from menu

  • HYDROPOOL manufactures a "Self-Cleaning Premium Quality Hot Tub"

  • Besides custom installations, POOL*SPA*SAUNA SHOWROOM offers do-it-yourself completion packages

  • Telephone: (705) 787-0019 Fax: (705) 787-0074 ©POOL SPA SAUNA SHOWROOM Serving, Midland and Central Ontario and by 5Fish

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