Heaven can wait - [Sunday Herald]
Article by Michael Park of the Sunday Herald (UK), primarily focused on Alcor.

Where is Raed ?
A blog from Baghdad maintained by Salam Pax, reporting on the situation in the city.

  • I can't wait to see what she tries next

  • If you want to see the really interesting stuff you will have to wait for the film which will hopefully air on Newsnight, besides you need to hear the sound of the drums and those metal chains going down - Home -
    Webcam, photo album, links and personal information.

    CNN - 'Phantom' anticipation: The great Wait - May 12, 1999

  • People have been camping out in front of movie theaters for weeks, in line for 'Star Wars' tickets The great Wait 'Phantom' anticipation May 13, 1999 Web posted at: 12:02 p.m

  • ALSO: Want more Star Wars news? We sent CNN Interactive film writer and reviewer Paul Tatara out onto the street -- a little pavement-pounding keeps him humble, you know -- to meet some of the fans who've been lined up in front of Manhattan's Ziegfeld Theater for weeks, waiting for the big day

  • Starlight express You can tell why I was a tad apprehensive as I headed over to The Ziegfeld Theater here in Manhattan to talk to a group of 'Star Wars' enthusiasts who've been hanging out for a couple of weeks now, waiting to buy tickets to see 'The Phantom Menace.' They're pretty excited to see the movie

  • I'm happy to report that all of the Waiters (the only accurate name for them) are very nice people, and most even display a welcome, self-deprecating sense of humor when it comes to the obvious question, 'Why?' 'Throughout the whole summer, I'm planning to see it once a week, actually

  • He also hips me to a very important, seldom referred-to fact about the Wait

  • info: TWO WEEK WAIT

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    BoltTalk Your #1 San Diego Chargers Blog and Podcast
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  • Since the end of the Denver game, back in 2005, we have all waited to get on with it
    The rants, and occasional raves from a guy trapped in today's world.

  • wait..

    Motorcycles Home Page
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    chroniques d’une fraise
    American living in France who likes to laugh at herself and others, sometimes.

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    Waterfalls of the Pacific Northwest
    Database containing over 350 waterfalls in WA, OR and ID. Falls are pictured,
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  • It may take a few months, but it'll be worth the wait

  • I haven't added anything up to this point because I was waiting for my webhost to move this site to their new servers

  • So, rather than let the site stagnate while I worked on the new databases - which will feature a total of over 4000 waterfalls when all is said and done (I'm hoping to have the first phase online by mid June) - right now I'm whipping up the information for my last two big trips down to Oregon and I'll have a big ol' pile of new stuff posted in the next couple weeks while I wait for the Cascades to melt out from our excellent winter

  • This summer is shaping up to be one of the best waterfalling years in the last decade, but right now, its just a matter of waiting for the lower elevations to melt out and the Forest Service to get the roads in drivable condition

  • July 7th, 2005: Yes, you've waited patiently for over a month now and the wait is over

    FAQ-Abnormal Menstrual Bleeding
    Frequently asked questions about the diagnosis and treatment of abnormal menstrual
    bleeding including heavy and extra menses, bleeding before the period and ...

  • I have HMO insurance so I have to wait for the doctors to refer me but I am demanding it be soon!! My feet have been swelling up a lot and I have been drinking more water

  • Due to being fed up with doctors treating symptoms and not causes, I waited until (yes, almost too late) 30 days of heavy bleeding

    Kim Fontaine
    Female songwriter. Her site includes biography, news, music samples and contact

  • Can't wait

  • It's been a long time and I can't wait to see everyone again

  • I can't wait! Thanks for checking in! Kim May 12.05 My, it's been so long since I've posted any news

    onegoodmove: I thought these things might be clues.
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  • Quicktime Video 1.74MB 1'52 Posted by onegoodmove at 03:30 AM | August 13, 2006 Links With Your Coffee - Sunday Avoid waiting for your comments to be approved register using if you choose not to use typekey I have to approve your comments


    Blighted ovum
    Informative article regarding common blighted ova questions including what to
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    Gizmodo, The Gadget Guide
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    Making Him Your Dream Man: Male Chastity FAQ

    DEBKAfile, Political Analysis, Espionage, Terrorism Security
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    The Sun Online - News: Kerry romps home!<br><span class=black18 ...
    Story and pictures of Kerry after winning "I'ma Celebrity...".

  • | Search The Sun The Web &#160; Kerry romps home! She can't wait for bonk V-ery well done ..

  • As he waited to meet Kerry, he said: &#147;It&#146;s been the longest two weeks of my life and I can&#146;t wait to get her back in my arms and then get her into bed

    Discount Hand Tools, Discount Power Tools, Over 40000 tools
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  • After placing the order, a two week wait seemed reasonable but to have it in two days was amazing

    The Oscar Guy
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  • The update everyone, or at least a small sect out there, has been waiting for is here

  • There is still work to do but it can wait for another time as I focus on other matters currently at hand

  • Voters may wait until 2007 to honor Eastwood for his tale for the Japanese perspective

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