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    Free holiday themed clipart to decorate websites, create cards or any other
    personal/non-profit project.

    The Best Collection of Holidays Clip Art, Graphics and webimagest
    Holiday clipart, backgrounds, borders, line, images and animated images.

  • Backgrounds, Borders, Images, Animated Images, Lines For all the Holidays H o l i d a y s C l i p a r t - 1 st of January 2006 - 2 nd of February 2006 - 14 th of February 2006 - 20 st of February 2006 - 4 th of March 2006 - 17 th of March 2006 - 11 th of April 2006 - 26 th of March 2006 - 22 nd of April 2006 - 1 st May of 2006 - 14 th May 2006 - 29 th of May 2006 - 14 th of June 2006 - 18 th of June 2006 - 1 st of July 2006 - 4 th of July 2006 - 4 th of September 2006 - 9 th October of 2006 - 31 st of October 2006 - 11 th of November 2006 - 23 th of November 2006 - 25 th of December 2006 More Holiday Clipart is coming soon!!! Feel free to download anything

    Free Easter Backgrounds, Images, Borders, Lines, Bars
    Easter Backgrounds, borders, lines, images and animated images with bunnies,
    baskets, chicks, crosses, and eggs.


    Photo by www.fotosearch.com

    Billy Bear's 4th of July for Kids, Family and Teachers
    A page of Independence day activities including some wallpaper.

  • * * * * * * * * * * BillyBear4Kids.Com Welcomes YOU! July 4th Fun for Kids, Family and Teachers Banner Advertisements | Graphics are NOT public domain, and not to be taken from this site! Color Book Pages to Print Send an Animated to an Internet Friend! Our Original Betsy..

  • 4th of July for you to print Jessie Bear's ...from our Worksheet Game area! Play Online Maze Game | Online July 4th Online July 4th Online July 4th - Write a July 4th Storybook Check it Out..

  • July 4th DeskTop WallPaper & Online Puzzles Wallpaper OnlinePuzzles Wallpaper OnlinePuzzles Wallpaper OnlinePuzzles Wallpaper OnlinePuzzles MORE Visit Billy Bear's for more puzzle fun! 4th of July Screen Saver BILLY BEAR'S 4TH OF JULY ...this screen saver can be used for America's 4th of July , Canada Day or European New Years

  • Registration fee $5.00 Windows | Check out our ! Come join Billy Bear and watch the 4th of July JavaApplet Browser required to view the show! JavaApplet Browser required to view the show! July 4th Links A new one every week at BillyBear4Kids.com Click to give away FREE WallPaper & Screen Saver on your site! Banner Advertisement | RETURN TO Site contents created, maintained and Copyright © Loraine Wauer All rights reserved worldwide E-Mail Address..

    4th of July Activities and Resources
    Offers online games and puzzles, coloring pages, word games, clip art, greeting
    cards, and downloads for America's birthday.

  • A Kids Heart - A play and learn site with resources for children and their teachers | Happy Birthday U.S.A.! America's Independence Day Celebrate the 4th of July online with, jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, virtual fireworks, and printable coloring pages

  • V isit the section to pick up some free clip art for making your own July 4th cards

  • There's also mini games to download to play for the 4th of July as well as some fun screen savers for your computer's desktop

    Clip Art
    Provides a limited amount of clip art for numerous holidays.

    Liam’s Pictures from Old Books
    Scanned images and text extracts from out-of-copyright books, with a particular
    focus on castles, manors, stately homes, and abbeys of the British Isles, ...

  • [6 images including title page; Updated 28th July 2006 ] , by Gilbert White (1788; 1879 edition) [9 images Updated 28th July 2006 ] , a magazine from 1904/5

  • [7 images; Updated 23rd July 2006 ] , 1830 [6 images; Updated 16th July 2006 ] [12 images; Updated 11th July 2006 ] by E

  • F.R.H.S., Embellished with Curious Copper-Plates, London, 1806 [8 images; Updated 11th July 2006 ] , published by Cassell and Company Ltd., c

  • 1900 [12 images including 1 map, cover and title page; Updated 5nd July 2006 ] , William Hone, 1826, London [29 images; Updated 5th July 2006 ] , illustrated by Arthur Rackham, 1919; [8 images including title page; Updated 4th July 2006 ] edited by F

  • Delamotte, 1879 [26 images including covers and title page; updated 2nd July 2006 ] by William Blades, 1891; decorative with cherubs

  • [10 images including cover and ornamental title page; Updated 1st July 2006 ] by Lewis Carrol (1865), with illustrations by Sir John Tenniel

  • Peck, 1909 [4 images including cover; Updated 27th July 2005 (1904) [56 images including 55 maps; New 19th July 2005] , 1581

  • [3 images; Updated 19th July 2005] (Vol II) by Charles Knight, 1841 [1 image and one castle plan; New 15th July 2005] by Percival Lewis, 1811 [1 image, 1 map, titlepage and picture of the book; New 13th July 2005] by Dorothy Hartley & Margaret M

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    Photo by www.awhitehorse.com

    Download Free Clipart, Graphics and Animations
    High quality images, animated and still graphics are available.

  • Thanks! That you enjoy your visit =) What's New? In June, and July, I've been adding a ton of graphics and many new sections

    Holiday Graphics Clipart and Holiday Wallpaper@Holidaygraphics.com
    Original holiday graphics for personal use.

    Search 50 Stock Photography, Stock Photos, and Footage Vendors, as ...
    Search for stock photos, illustrations, images, maps, and royalty free footage.

    Art of Diabolo
    Présente des informations techniques concernant le système de notation utilisé
    en jonglerie (siteswap). Décrit en outre le contenu du DVD Diabology, ...

  • Convention of Ieper, Belgium Antonin World Champion, Priam 3rd, Baptiste 4th The Mad French Posse in Las Vegas for the WJF championships A present for Christmas Release of DIABOLOGY !!! Siteswap tools update News update on the DVD The DVD won't be ready at the EJC in Carvin Release of the site ArtOfDiabolo.com and announcement of the DIABOLOGY DVD [news 22 april 2006] Convention of Bordeaux and Belgium Meet Trash, Priam and the Cie Filophile (Eric and Antonin) at the juggling conventions : Bordeaux (France) - 5, 6, 7 and 8 of may 2005 All details on the official website: Belgium Juggling Convention - 30 juin, 1 and 2 of july 2006 All details on the official website : ("Extra' section ) [news 20 february 2006] The Mad French Posse back in Ieper Trash, Priam and the Cie Filophile (Eric and Antonin) were in Ieper for the traditional 'juggling day '

  • [news 15 july 2005] Le Mad French Posse in Prague for Zonglovanni Festival Antonin, Trash and Priam were in Prague for the Czch Juggling Convention : Zonglovanni Festival

  • [news early july 2004] The DVD won't be ready at the EJC in Carvin Diabology won't be available for sale in Carvin, we're the first ones to be sorry about it.


    Marvelicious Independence Day
    Scroll down for recipes for dessert, rib, dips, punch recipes.

  • Celebrate Our Independence Independence Day, July 4th, is the most important holiday in the United States

  • It celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776

  • Today, Fourth of July fireworks are largely handled by professionals

  • It was rung on the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in July 1776, inaugurating an Independence Day tradition that was observed every year (with the exception of 1777-78, when the bell was removed and hidden from the British occupiers of Philadelphia) until 1846

  • The History Of Fireworks I can't imagine the Fourth of July without fireworks! Fireworks displays actually have a history

  • before the Revolutionary War and fireworks displays have been synonymous with the Fourth of July since the signing of the Declaration of Independence

  • The author is unknown! **Note: On July 4, 2001, in Ann Landers column, a history buff from Dallas shared further information

  • Makes 4 to 6 servings Fourth of July Recipe Sites Fourth of July Websites Greeting Card Sites Recommended Shopping! Recommended Reading By Lee Bennett Hopkins and Tomie de Paola (Illustrator) Independence Day and the Rites of Nationalism in the Early Republic By Len Travers (Holiday Celebrations) By Shelly Nielsen, Marie-Claude Monchaux (Illustrator) By Alice Dalgliesh and Marie Nonnast (Illustrator) By Marsha Wilson Chall and Guy Porfirio (Illustrator) By James Cross Giblin and Ursula Arndt (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 (Holiday Symbols) By Patrick Merrick Award won on June 22, 1998 Angelic Song's Fantastic Fourth-of-July Page Award - Thank you, Angelic Song! Award won on June 25, 1997 Family Site Of The Month Award - Thank you, Jeanne! Copyright © 1996-2006 Marvel Creations

    The personal homepage and weblog of the National Post (Canada) journalist and editor.

  • - 1:52 am, July 31 It sure does, according to

  • - 1:51 am, July 13 It's not too late to check out, which is a primer for Canadians on nickel invader Xstrata PLC and the international man of mystery who founded it, Marc Rich

  • - 2:49 pm, July 29 Israeli researchers Return to your homes, nothing to see here: and attacks two cops An unearthed letter reveals that, controversial rallying point of the Japanese right, after 'Class-A' war criminals were enshrined there After an accident at an acid plant in Zambia , managers promise the locals that from now on A prosecutor says that prove that Mexican culture is misogynist If only Canada had gun control: three Bermuda national-team cricketers Toronto's Volume dance club Conquest of L1: named for a mythological figure who tried to catch the sun , garrisoning Baidoa to keep the Islamists away from the border and undermine their prestige..

  • dollar depreciation is boosting inflation unnaturally in the region (þ: Sean Jordan) - 6:55 pm, July 21 A Japanese child murderer from a bridge Surrealist headline dept.: In Indonesia , a 17-year-old boy scout to plead for tuition help Meanwhile, it seems Faced with a higher bill for Bolivian methane, Argentina passes the peso by Zim watch: ZANU-PF insiders say and leaning back towards a protegé previously tarred with coup d'état smears Nothing sucks like Electrolux -- from innovative rivals 35 farmers from a central Indian village, frustrated by repeated crop failures, A Chinese journalist faces criticism and praise YouTube has Japanese media companies scrambling to launch imitators--but (doy) , on the 100th anniversary of his rehabilitation Can it be true? - 12:16 am, July 17 Holy cow! A guy named Trevor Stenson has created one of my Top 5 Websites That Should Exist And That I Could Probably Build My Own Self If I Weren't So Lazy

    J. Rett Graphics
    Graphics and PSP tubes perfect for web pages, scrapbooking, crafts, and cards.
    Membership required for downloads.

    Leonard Peltier | The Case of Leonard Peltier
    Educational resources of the legal case of Leonard Peltier, and the historical
    events encompassing this period of time in and around Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

  • Castillo presenting statement to the Commission on Human Rights, Sub-Commission on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights, at the Working Group on Indigenous Peoples, Twenty First Session, 21–25 July 2003

    Altered Skateboarding - Skateboarding trick tips, pictures, and ...
    Cameron's trick tips, news, pictures, profiles, articles, interviews and multimedia

  • ALTEREDSKATE.COM IS DEAD!!! Posted Monday, July 28th, 2002 - by Cameron That's right kiddies

  • Changes Soon Posted Sunday, July 14th, 2002 - by Cameron I'm sure your getting tired of hearing it, and I'm tired of saying it, but the big update will be done soon

  • Jackass: The Movie Posted Thursday, March 21st, 2002 - by Cameron That's right, Johnny Knoxville, Bam, and the whole Jackass crew are coming out with a feature length film! Details are still pretty sketchy, but it looks like the film will be in theatres sometime around June/July 2002

    Merengada: UK salsa and merengue band -official website
    Merengue and salsa band based in London. Offers news and audio clips.

    Maplelag - Home
    A destination cross-country ski resort and conference center. Located in Callaway,

  • July 30th for photos and updates of camp happenings during the Concordia College Language Villages Spanish camp at Maplelag

  • Eclectic collectors of: Norwegian folk art, Minnesota fish decoys (future site of a Museum of Minnesota Fish Decoys), homemade Scandinavian skis, Clarice Cliff pottery, metal lunch boxes (we still need a Howdy Doody), great old advertising, signs and neon clocks by Cleveland Neon, stained glass windows, 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations, Mexican Ex-Votos, Western leather chaps by Miles City makers, and in particular leather goods by Al Furstnow, Railroad station depot signs as well as china, flatware, and glassware of the following lines: Great Northern; Northern Pacific; Soo Line; Milwaukee Road; Canadian Pacific; Canadian National; Chicago and Northwestern; C B & Q; and Duluth, Messabi, and Iron Range; or any unique, original, folk art that catches our eye

    Desktop Publishing - Graphic Design - Typography - Tutorials and ...
    View articles, forums and links organized by sub-topic.

  • Saturday July 29, 2006 | Digital Photography in Desktop Publishing, Part 3 You know you need (or want one), you've found the perfect one, now how do you use that digital camera to best advantage? Whether you've purchased it for personal use or for professional digital picture-taking, learn how to take quality digital photos and how to use them in your desktop publishing projects

  • Advice on Using Your Digital Camera and Digital Photos from About Digital Cameras Guide Michael Carr Advice on Using Your Digital Camera and Digital Photos from About Graphics Software Guide Sue Chastain Advice on Using Your Digital Camera and Digital Photos from About Photography Guide Peter Marshall Digital Workflow:, Advice on Using Your Digital Camera and Digital Photos from About Desktop Publishing Friday July 28, 2006 | FrameMaker in French? Do you use Adobe FrameMaker? Can you help this reader: 'Starting soon, I will be creating Adobe FrameMaker documents in French, and I am looking for any sort of info that will explain to me what I have to do to prepare FrameMaker to handle the foreign language

  • What else? Thursday July 27, 2006 | InDesign Inside Out and InHOWse Conferences Are you into conferences? If you rely on Adobe InDesign but don't yet consider yourself a CS2 power-user, you might want to sign up (or get your employer to foot the bill) for one of these put on by Adobe and Aquent coming to Boston, DC, San Francisco, San Jose, and other cities not yet announced

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