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Cat Power Lyrics Part 1, Photos, Pictures, Paroles, Letras, Text ...
Complete set of lyrics from a fan.

  • Her voice is unlike anyone you’ve heard before, combining raw intimacy with a gruff, chalky confidence, and while any attempt to interpret her lyrics comes up short, their plain-spoken lines belie an otherwordly perspective on primal human emotions

  • Just Click For Non Albums Songs Lyrics of Cat Power - 1995 - No Matter ( Instrumental ) - 1996 - Fiancé ( Instrumental ) - 1996 - - 1998 - - 2000 - - 2003 - ***Most of the pictures by Stefano Giovanni *** - 2006-01-24 - Add some NEW lyrics (B-sides, live tracks, Cover), want to CORRECT some of them or found a BUG ? Just send a little or simply post a message on the

    Four Non Blondes Lyrics, Photos, Pictures, Paroles, Letras, Text ...
    Lyrics for the songs from the band's album.

  • - 1992 - - Misc - (a.k.a do you really know) Add some NEW lyrics (B-sides, live tracks, Cover), want to CORRECT some of them or found a BUG ? Just send a little or simply post a message on the - Punk Lyrics
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    Zuhl's Lyric Page - Gary V Interactive
    Features lyrics to the songs from "Gary V: Interactive."

    song lyrics archive at `Song`
    Over 240000 lyrics to search by artist, album, song title, or lyric text.
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  • - Why You Wanna? Mario Vasquez - Gallery Koishii & Hush - Calling Dynamix - Movin On T-Funk - The Glamorous Life Patrulla 81 - Payaso Loco Toby Love - Tengo Un Amor Gretchen Wilson - California Girls all requested lyrics Hot 20 Snow Patrol Chasing Cars Jessica Simpson A Public Affair Justin Timberlake Sexy Back Lostprophets Rooftops | Lyrics contained within subject to US Copyright Laws and are the property of their respective authors, artists and labels

    Lyrics Top - Lyrics to the Popular New Songs
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  • 1, Life & Relationship' 'Unpredictable' 'LeToya' 'Loose' 'In My Own Words' 'A Girl Like Me' 'Don't You Fake It' 'King' 'New Joc City' since 11/11/2001 Updated on: 03/08/2006 All lyrics provided are property and copyright of their actual owners

    ani difranco lyrics
    A fan's dedicated rendering of Ani lyrics.

  • | ani difranco lyrics My goal in creating this page is to maintain a record of all known Ani DiFranco lyrics

  • I do not intend to expand this site beyond the lyrics

  • disclaimer : most of the lyrics on this site were, at one point, transcribed from a bootleg

  • while i don't really like that reality, it just isn't possible for me to check all of the lyrics against the released albums

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    Lyrics Mania
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  • Menù Browse Artists Partners enter artist/song to search lyrics Hottest Albums Latest Updates NEW SECTION ADDED: 09-08-06 | - 11 lyrics (from 'Bloodline' album); - 'Objects Of My Afflection' (from 'Writer's Block' album); - 'Come Rain Or Come Shine'; - 'U Better Believe It' & 'Slow It Down'; - 'Great Britain'; - 3 lyrics (from 'Dangerous Man' album)

  • 23-07-06 | - 4 lyrics (from 'People Like People Like People Like Us' album); - 7 lyrics (from 'Civilian' album); - 'London Bridge'; - 'You You You'; - 'SexyBack'; - 12 lyrics (from '(ONe)' album) 21-07-06 | - 5 lyrics (from 'Red Rover' album); - 2 lyrics (from 'Bitter Honey' album); - 'Doin My Thang' (from 'City I Luv' album); - 3 lyrics (from 'These Streets' album); - 'Hero'; - 8 lyrics (from 'End Of Silence' album)

  • 20-07-06 | - 11 lyrics (from 'Up In The Attic' album); - 'Lonely Train' (from 'Black Stone Cherry' album); - 4 lyrics (from 'Demotapes' album); - 11 lyrics (from 'Meaning In The Static' album); - 3 lyrics (from 'Pimpalation' album); - 'Peace And Quiet' & 'She's Got Standards' (from 'No Love Lost' album) Top Artists Top Lyrics - - - - Copyright © 2003 - 2006 Lyrics

    Lethal Garbage: Anti-White Rap Lyrics
    Exposes lyrics by mainstream rap groups that promote hatred, murder, rape, and
    genocide of European Americans.

  • We are grateful to the website for the list of violent rap and hip-hop lyrics below, each of them recorded by performers who have earned a Grammy award, the music industry’s highest honor

  • lyrical specialist, underworld terrorist

    Syd Barrett Lyrics
    Detailed lyrical witticisms of a certain Mr. Sydney Barrett.

  • Syd Barrett Lyrics Below, are the combined lyrical witticisms of a certain Mr

  • Vittorio ( Lyrics originally typed in by John R

  • Maden (st101655 at edu.browm.brownvm) Jonathan Gibney (gibney at Jason Derek Olson (mmt at Michael Hamilton (mhamilto at Joel Rinaldi (jr6711 at HTML'ized by Vittorio Moccia (v.moccia at A text-only copy of this file is available SYD SOLO SONGS Lyrics from the Album Lyrics from the Album Lyrics from the Album Lyrics from SYD'S PINK FLOYD SONGS Lyrics from the Album Lyrics from SYD SOLO SONGS ) GOLDEN HAIR (see ) ) ) SYD'S PINK FLOYD SONGS

    MERZWORDS (the complete lyrics of Mike Merz)
    A growing compendium of lyrics from Mike Merz & the Can o' Worms CDs.

  • The complete lyrics of Mike Merz Words and music (c) Archangel Choir BMI


    Jerry Depot - Lyrics - 'The Cable Guy' Soundtrack
    Also short Real Audio sound clips.

    Elton John Song Lyrics Site
    Lyrics sorted by song and album.

  • lyricdude .com - Elton John Lyrics Site - Welcome to my Elton John lyric site

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  • (1990) Disc: 1 Disc: 2 Disc: 3 15 Fanfare (Instrumental) Disc: 4 08 Carla Etude [Live] (Instrumental) The One (1992) Rare Masters (1992) Disc 1 16 Four Moods (Instrumental) 17 Seasons Reprise (Instrumental) Disc 2 Song Book (1992) Duets (1993) Made in England (1995) Love Songs (1995) Caribou (1995) The Big Picture (1997) The Lion King Soundtrack (1997) The Very Best of Elton John (1998) Aida (1999) Road to El Dorado Soundtrack (2000) 12 Cheldorado (Instrumental) 13 The Brig (Instrumental) 14 Wonders of the New World (Instrumental) Songs from the West Coast (2001) Peachtree Road (2004) | All lyrics are the property and copyright of their respective owners

    Motorcade Of Genorosity lyrics
    Lyrics to Cake's first album.

  • this page is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer this page is best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer Lyrics to Cake's Motorcade Of Genorosity table of contents Comanche You need to straighten your posture and suck in your gut

    Interview with System of a Down (NY Rock)
    Interview with Serj Tankian and Shavo Odadjian by NYRock.

  • Of course, we're heavy and we want to be heavy, but we have a strong emphasis on the lyrics

  • It's not just the music; the lyrics are just as important

  • There are quite a few political bands out there and I think there's always somebody in the audience who doesn't care for the lyrics

  • We enjoy playing music and we decide to deal with things in the lyrics that are important

  • NY ROCK : Is it frustrating putting so much effort into your lyrics knowing some will only go for the sound? SERJ : Sometimes fans come up to us and thank us for making them aware on a topic or two

  • Of course, it is great if we touch people with both, lyrics and the music, but in the end it's up to the fans

    Complete Korn Lyrics - Paroles
    Sorted by album.

  • | *** You can always reach this page via *** KORN Issues Lyrics - Paroles Album: Issues Buy this CD: Korn Issues: Lyrics - Paroles 1

    Dark Lyrics - metal lyrics archive
    Metal lyrics. Bands in the alphabetical order.

  • Browse by band name or enter band/album/song to search lyrics for: - [ ] - [ ] - [ ] - [ ] - [ ] - Welcome to the DARK LYRICS ! Dark Lyrics is the largest metal lyrics archive on the Web

    FDR (Face Down Records) Official Web Site
    New Jersey, USA indie Rock, Low-fi and Garage rock label. Artists include
    Dipsomaniacs, Taggart, Blank Pages, and Horndog. Catalog, artist profiles, and contact ...

  • Catchy tunes combined with sophisticated lyrics justify comparisons of the band to such artists as The Kinks, The Smiths, R.E.M., Elvis Costello, XTC, and The Go-Betweens

    Modern Jazz Lyrics
    Jim Hillman songs in collaboration with other composers. For access by singers
    seeking new repertoire.

  • Modern Jazz Lyrics Lyric compositions by Jim Hillman in collaboration with various composers

  • Above all, thanks to the composers, who graciously allowed me to write lyrics to their compositions

  • Click on the name of a song for its lyrics

  • NOTHING TO DECLARE ‹ Music: Marcus Miller Lyrics: Jim Hillman You will never know just what you mean to me, You will never suspect

  • BAKER’S ANNEX ‹ Music: Jim Beard Lyrics: Jim Hillman The news arrived from Alexandria

  • PRAYER FOR HUMAN KIND(NESS) ‹ Music: David Restivo Lyrics: Jim Hillman So much harder now than then You make believe Faith can start somehow Just when there's no relief Losing sight of yesterday In tomorrow's steady glare Choosing rights to guess your way What was wrong with prayer Custom made for twisted plans These times you live Trust betrayed, can't understand Does no one give You've had your fill of sacred words Of wisdom seldom shared Hoping still some song is heard Someone's song of prayer One song even you might sing one day In prayer for humankind(ness) For blindness cured, for faith Restored by songs of love Maybe songs of love are what you believe Do you believe Even when you hear sweet themes you've heard before Love's rhythms play In keys of dreams too seldom scored So they sound cliché Prayers can spring your heart's release From bonds of blue despair Songs that sing of love and peace Become songs of prayer

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