Custom manufacture park rides, attractions and vehicles.

  • AMUSEMENT RIDES, THEME PARK DESIGNS, MANUFACTURING & ENTERTAINMENT CONSORTIUM Enhanced Tourist Destinations By Our Service Network Of: Designers, Architects, Engineers, Manufacturer, Suppliers, Construction, Equipment, Consultants AMUSEMENT and RIDES MANUFACTURERS Supply & Services For Theme Parks, Resort Hotels, City Planning, Theme Restaurants, Playgrounds, Leisure Facilities & Transportation Custom Manufacture , Construction, Consultation & Management, Including Turnkey Service, Buildings/Structures, Landscaping, Signage, Selection & Training of Personnel

  • We accept challenges to include the following areas: Open Consortium representing clients for project and bespoke design development of leisure property, theme parks, family entertainment centers, ride and attraction design and fabrication, i.e

  • Specializing in : custom people mover rides , railroad, live steam locomotive, trackless trains, trams, trolley, replica ships, reproduction boats, pirate vessels, specialty vehicle, amusement and theme park design, consultation and management

    Mondial, World of Rides
    Website for Mondial Rides, creators of thrilling flat rides worldwide.

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  • Other ride manufacturers amtech, barbieri, Chance, Chance rides, Chance-rides, FAB, Fabbri, Huss, Intamin, KMG, KMG rides, KMG-rides, Mack, Maurer, Maurer Soehne, Maurer Sohne, Maurer Söhne, Moser, Moser rides, Moser-rides, Nauta Bussink, Nauta-Bussink, pinfari, Preston, Reverchon, Reverchon Industries, sartori, SBF, schwarzkopf, Soriani and Moser, Soriani Moser, Soriani-Moser, tivoli, Vekoma, Visa, wisdom, wisdom rides, Zamperla, Zierer, Temp-Group, Helmut, Schreiber

  • Rides that we don't produce Swing Wave, Swinger, Wave-Swinger, Waveswing, Waverswinger, Wellenflug, Wellenflieger, Ketten carousel, Ketten-carousel, Ketten carousels, Ketten-carousels, Kettencarousel, Kettencarousels, Break, dance, Break-dance, Teppich, Fliegender Teppich, Fliegender-Teppich, Flying Carpet, Flying-Carpet, Top Spin, Top-Spin, Frisbee, Fris bee, Fris-bee, Move it, Move-it, Discovery, Afterburner, Beachparty, Beach party, Beach-party, Experience, Tango, Take off, Take-off, Tropical trip, Tropical-trip, Miami trip, Miami-trip, after-burner, revolution, gallopers, dogems, twist, tagada, inverter, log fume, crazy frog, crazy twister, power surge, superstar, hangover, spring ride, topspin, sound machine, topbuzz,  stargate, star-gate

    Amusement Today - All about the BUSINESS of FUN!
    Monthly magazine serving the amusement industry, includes park attendance trends.

  • Little Amerricka is also home to three steel roller coasters, go-karts, bumper boats, miniature golf and a unique scenic train ride, the Whiskey River Railway

  • Lake Compounce Zooms Into Gear for 2007 (AUG 1, 2006) - America’s oldest amusement park and Connecticut’s largest water park, unveiled plans today for a new ride and other expansions for 2007 and beyond

  • Lake Compounce will add Zoomers Gas ‘n’ Go, a family ride that takes parents and kids on a journey through the 1950's in a 1956 Corvette replica

  • “Lake Compounce is a Family Theme Park, so we think it’s important to have great new rides that can accommodate both parents and their children, ” said General Manager, Jerry Brick

  • We expect to be able to accommodate between 400 – 450 riders each hour.” Groundbreaking for the new ride has already occurred and it will be ready for park visitors on opening day of next season

  • This old-fashioned traditional amusement park features nine adult rides and nine kiddie rides, including a carousel, Lusse bumper cars, The Frightzone dark ride and The Brat roller coaster

    Amusement Rides for sale: New and Used Amusement Rides for ...
    Appraisals, sales, inspection, spare parts, ride repair services, features news,
    ride search and contact information.

  • Ital International sells all types of new and used rides for amusement parks, carnivals, family entertainment centers and amusement rides for location based entertainment venues

  • We have clients looking for the following rides: Carousel (very-good+ condition, approximately 20' diameter, park model) Tea Cups Ride (park model, very-good+ condition) Frog Hopper (park model, very-good+ condition) COMPLETE OUR FORM IF YOU HAVE THIS OR OTHER EQUIPMENT YOU WOULD LIKE TO SELL


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    Directory of North American Amusement Ride Safety Officials
    The US Consumer Product Safety Commission's list of state offices dedicated to
    ride safety. [PDF Format - Requires Adobe Acrobat].

    DPV Rides by Daniel Pinfari - Amusement Equipment Rides
    One of the oldest amusement rides manufacturers in the world specializing in
    compact coasters.

  • Rides by Daniel Pinfari Amusement Equipment Rides Office: via Corridoni 8/B - 46029 Suzzara (MN) Workshop: via Gaiolo 9 - 42045 Codisotto di Luzzara (RE) Italy Tel./Fax ++39 522 978091 Mobile ph

  • Rides can offer all New and Second Hand Equipment As Rides present on the Market giostre, attrazioni, luna park, amusement rides, ottovolante, roundabout, rollercoaster, coaster, themed park, pinfari, suzzara, daniel pinfari, flume ride, go kart, technology, minicoaster, ruota panoramica, ferris wheel E-MAIL: Site created and maintained by

    Theme Park Insider Accident Watch
    A volunteer-run program to create a database of accidents involving injury at
    major amusement parks around the world. Includes safety tips for visitors and ...

  • How to stay safe at a theme park For more information on how you can keep yourself and your family safe on theme park rides, from Theme Park Insider and its readers

  • The CPSC also provides of what states are--or are not--doing to inspect rides

    Designers of Dark Rides, Blacklight Mini-Golf and Haunted Houses.
    Operates haunted attractions throughout the United States. Also markets related
    equipment and materials.

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    Bright Lights Film Journal | Morris Engel and Ruth Orkin
    Articles on Morris Engel and Ruth Orkin, the influential 1950s American neorealist

  • This camera was small and portable, attached by a single strap to the shoulder, allowing Engel to shoot unnoticed in crowds, from inside dicey spaces (like a baseball batting cage), and even from a moving amusement park ride — all the while maintaining a steady image indistinguishable from the professional tripod-style cameras

  • Not that there are overt threats — the crowds are mostly indifferent as he marches along collecting bottles to redeem for pony rides, or wriggles into a group of adults throwing balls at milk bottles, demanding his chance to play

  • Joey had no visible father, only brief, shadowy substitutes like the pony-ride man; Peggy’s father is dead, and she feels compelled to resist her mother Ann’s (Lori March) threat to replace him with a new one in the form of Larry (Gerald O’Louglin), an old friend who’s visiting

    Estes Park On-Line - Video Guide and Internet TV for EP and RMNP
    Information on lodging, community, business links, tourism, and contacts for the
    Rocky Mountain National Forest area.

  • Check out the photos of the Six Brides! Cathcart Photography provides world class photography for weddings, reunions, and corporations

  • Estes Park Ride-A-kart is Northern Colorado's Premier Family Fun Center! The family amusement Park features exciting rides that you drive! Fun for the Whole Family with Ride-A-Kart Grand Prix Go-Karts, Double Bumper Boats, Krazy Bumper Kars, Cascade Creek Mini-Golf with Two 18-Hole Mini Golf Courses, Casey's Silverstreak Train Minature Railroad, Munch Kart, and Arcade

  • Sombrero Ranches, Riding Stable, Pack Trips, Trail Rides With his characterization of 'The Urban Rancher', Jay brings his personal poetry into story form

    The GamerZone In The Spotlight
    [5/5] Reviewed by Matt Chamberlain. "RollerCoaster Tycoon is addictive, technically
    up to par, humorous at times, challenging, flexible, ...

  • The categories of rides range from the not so thrilling (carousels, ferris wheels, haunted houses, etc…) to the exhilarating (mini-coasters, wooden coasters, etc…) to water rides (bumper boats, log flumes, water slides, etc…)

  • It is important to include a variety of ride types so as to make your park attractive to all tastes

  • There are quite a few pre-designed roller coasters and water rides, however the user has the ability to create their own rides within some of the genres

  • The rides must be designed using a true-to-life physics model

  • After a ride is designed it is a good idea to test the ride and see how much physical stress it will put on the patrons

  • Some rides will be so thrilling that the patrons will get sick beyond belief

  • A cool option is that the user-designed rides can be saved and used in all scenarios

  • Also, all rides and attractions can be named and painted according to the user's taste

  • The gamer is in charge of setting a park admission price and setting prices for individual rides and services

  • People bored with the carousel? Set the price to free and drop an entertainer at the entrance and watch people flock to that ride once again

    Haunted Attraction Magazine Online
    E-zine for the terror and horror attraction industry.

  • Unlike traditional rides, guests aren't confined to a train car

  • The 22-year-old student at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, is one of six finalists in the contest that calls for artists, architects, engineers, writers and others to create a new ride, attraction, hotel or other amusement park feature


    Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater for PC Review - PC Deadly Dozen ...
    Erik Wolpaw review [8.3/10] of Pacific Theater for PC includes screenshots.
    "It's both exciting and technically impressive enough to stand up to its full-priced ...

  • While Spearhead presents you with what amounts to a heavily scripted, interactive amusement park ride, Pacific Theater sets you down in a series of huge environments, gives you a set of goals, and then pretty much leaves everything else up to you

    St. Francois County, Missouri - River Heritage Region of Missouri ...
    Information on St. Francois County attractions.

    "Quotes" at Youth Sports
    Collection of famous sports quotations and sports related tips,books and video.

  • - Gene Autry, owner of the Anaheim Angels He's like an amusement-park ride - Even for guys who play

    New Hampshire Ice Climbing and Mountaineering Areas
    Descriptions and photos of ice climbing and mountaineering areas in the White
    Mountains of New Hampshire.

  • The huge glissade (fancy French word for buttslide) to get back down from the climb can be better than any amusement park ride you've ever been on! At the head of the notch also has some good ice and alpine routes

    Amusement Ride Accident Reports and News
    Complete resource of amusement ride accident reports and safety information.
    This website documents the history of amusement ride fatalities in the United ...

  • is the world's single most comprehensive, detailed, updated, accurate, and complete source of amusement ride accident reports and related news

  • The site includes a record of fatal amusement ride accidents in the United States since 1972, and, for the past six years, has recorded all types of accidents, including many from outside the United States

  • The number of injuries and fatalities recorded at this site does not reflect the total number of injuries and deaths that have occurred as a result of amusement ride accidents

  • is not affiliated with any government agency, amusement industry organization, or consumer advocacy group

  • Petersburg Times September 1, 2004 Hernando Today September 1, 2004 Lincoln Journal Star August 23, 2004 Greeley Tribune August 20, 2004) WEWS News August 15, 2004 WEWS News August 3, 2004 SAFETY - WebMD July 19, 2004 - WTAP News SEARCH RIDEACCIDENTS Hint: Try searching by location, using city and/or state

  • EDITORIAL - USA Today, July 31, 2006 'Though a huge accident could change our minds, the current fatality statistics on rides suggest that, despite our hand-wringing, Americans might be willing to tolerate a handful of deaths per year in the pursuit of happiness

    Virginia Travel Guide for Fun Family Vacations in Virginia
    Provides links and information on zoos, museums, national parks, amusement and
    water parks, beaches, lakes and winter resorts.

  • Luray , Virginia Phone: (540) 999-3500 Shenandoah National Park lies astride a beautiful section of the Blue Ridge Mountains, which form the eastern rampart of the Appalachian Mountains between Pennsylvania and Georgia

  • Water slides, rides, thrills, twists, pools, kiddie rides and many other fun attractions for the family

  • I-95 Richmond , Virginia Phone: (804) 876-5561 Family rides, kiddie rides, water rides, some of the best thrill rides and roller coasters in the US and many more attractions for the whole family

  • Williamsburg , Virginia 23187 Phone: (757) 253-3350 Rides and attractions for the whole family and for any age

  • With dozens of thrilling rides and attractions, eight main stage shows, a wide variety of authentic foods and shops, and a magical children’s area, Busch Gardens Williamsburg is the ticket to a world-class adventure

    California Travel Guide for Fun Family Vacations in California
    Travel guide for family vacations in California provides links to zoos, national
    parks, amusement parks, museums and other attractions.

  • From spectacular shows and animal interactions to world-class thrill rides, once-in-a-lifetime experiences await SeaWorld visitors

  • There are creative Play Areas, children's Rides, Puppet Shows, special events, and Birthday Areas

  • 2001 Marine World Parkway Vallejo , California 94589 Phone: 707-643-6722 Discover the wonders of wildlife at Six Flags Marine World with tigers, dolphins, sharks, elephants, giraffes and other amazing animals, Experience the best in wild rides with Vertical Velocity, the new tallest, fastest skyrocket of a thrill-coaster in Northern California

  • Point Reyes Station , California Phone: (415) 464-5100 Trails may be used by hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders

  • Take the family for a historic ride

  • Rides that spin, twirl and zoom, shows that captivate both the young and young at heart and a collection of small town buildings reminding us of simpler times -- all blended together to create a town filled with fun! 1313 S

  • Anaheim , CA 92803 Disneyland Resort Information (recorded) (714) 781-4565 Disneyland Resort Information (operator) (714) 781-7290 Disneyland Travel Packages (800) 225-2024 Disneyland Resort Hotels (714) 956-6425 All the fun rides and activities you can think of for your family are right here at Disneyland Park, Disney's California Adventure and Downtown Disney

    Israelite House of David - Miniature Trains
    The Israelite House of David miniature trains were a fixture in Benton Harbor
    along Britain Avenue for sixty-five years. The high shriek of the little steam ...

  • they could immediately board a miniature train for the ride into the park

  • to the Archway park entrance () faced those who eschewed a train ride

  • The little trains were so successful that in the first full twelve-week season in 1909 over 70, 000 tickets were sold to ride the little trains

  • Once again passengers are able to ride this famous train

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