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  • Category: HOT Funny Links Title: Soccer skillz Filename: SoccerSkillz2.wmv Date Added: 2006-03-09 Filetype: wmvDescription: This guy is far to good at soccer check out the mad skillz Category: Cool Title: Drunk girl falls in toilet Filename: Drunk-Girl.wmv Date Added: 2006-03-09 Filetype: wmvDescription: apparently if your really drunk you shouldnt be allowed in a stall yourself.

  • this girl falls head first into a toilet

    Celtic Kane Online - Nepal Massacre of 2001: Years Later
    About the 2001 Royal family massacre in Nepal. Was there a conspiracy to take
    the throne of Nepal?

  • When someone checked on him, he was found lying on the floor with his shirt unbuttoned and later ended up throwing up into a toilet

  • It is also believed that the black substance in the cigarette that Dipendra smoked may have acted as a stimulant, which may explain how he was able to return to the billiard room after vomiting into his toilet and laying on the floor in a drunken stupor

    Religion and Spirituality
    A recovering addict tells his story about his first tattoo and the process of
    reconciling that decision with The Bible.

  • How many of us haven’t said the “Drunk’s Prayer” while hovering over a toilet, or laying in a ditch

  • info: DRUNK TOILET

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    Fugly.com - It's FUN! It's FREE! It's FUGLY! - funny videos, flash ...
    Videos in mpg, sounds in mp3, jokes and images.

    Act Passively, Pass Actively, by Jill Stauffer (h2so4)
    Essay on the film by Jill Stauffer, from h2so4 magazine.

    INTERVIEW: From "Fucking Åmål" to "Show Me Love": Scandinavian ...
    Interview by Aaron Krach with the director and Rebecca Liljeberg.

  • It reminds them of when they went to parties, got too drunk and threw up in the toilet

    The Royle Family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Article providing a summary of the show, with detailed character profiles and trivia.

  • Antony Royle: Who's stunk that toilet out? Barbara Royle: Who d'ya think? Jim Royle: Well that's what its for isn't it, where d'you expect me to shit? You'd have something to complain about if I crapped in the kitchen

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    Life of a forty-something shrinking Italian comedian.

    The First Twins: Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush
    News clippings concerning the President's twin daughters, Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush.

    Paris Hilton... I Love!
    Offers information, photos, news and desktop wallpapers.

  • "Paris (Hilton) finally dragged Stavros away." A second reveller claims a pale-looking Stavros, who appeared to be drunk, was later seen dashing into a toilet to be sick - but failed to make it and threw up in the wash room area

    Bathroom Scrawlings
    The stirring truths of life, as written by drunk, peeing people.

  • This is not a wigwam where you beat your tomtom.' submitted via email; location not specified 'Here I sit in a misty vapor Some damn fool stole the toilet paper My bus is late and I cannot linger Lookout butt here comes my finger' from a bus station bathroom in Philadelphia 'If grace can come from Shakespere's tales then I'm sure something can be done about the way this bathroom smells' Bathroom at North Carolina School of the Arts 'Dus I hear thou derrier' spout, thou fragrance I'm sure I can do without' Bathroom at North Carolina School of the Arts 'E Coli eats shit!' Men's Room, Health Sciences Library, UNC Chapel Hill 'Please flush twice

  • If you write it on the wall you either love it fear it or crave it.' Location unknown (An arrow pointing to the toilet paper...) 'Another fine abrasive from your friends at 3M' Dormitory at the University of Illinois 'Life's a bitch and then you die, that is why we get high

  • 'We aim to please, you aim too please.' shooting range bathroom, Los Alamos, NM 'Shithouse tennis: See other side!' Otherside: 'Shithouse tennis: See other side!' Employee Bathroom, Albany, IN (straight ahead, on the door) 'Let's play toilet ping pong


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  • Can have any flag painted (8cm) Climbing, Mountaineering Gift Present Climbing anywhere with his grapple hook, Rex can hang from a shelf, mantlepiece, vertually anything.(32cm) Toilet Humour Present Rex is on the job, sitting on the bog, reading

  • Layed back with a joint.(20cm) Bathroom / Toilet Door Sign Reading a book on the bog! (14cm) Toilet Bog Roll Holder Bathroom Well trained isn’t he? Excellent bathroom accessory (24cm) Oil Burner Present Gift Still popular even with today’s oil prices

    sugizo's Journal
    Part of the Live Journal jrock role-players. Sugizo's (ex-Luna Sea lead guitarist)
    pretend journal.

  • My favorite silver bracelet falled in toilet

  • What I should doing? Toilet is dirty, only I finish to using it

    E. Dorn--two poems
    Poem by Edward Dorn.

  • pisst-off, unrequited smokers, possible flat tire, maybe broken wheel, trashed toilet, frazzled stewardesses, possibly drunk pilot, potential Pope-hordes on the runway projecting bloody Denver Sandwiches in the outwash

    Weekly blog of all the beer in Asia
    Offers commentary on beers produced in Asia.

    Re-enacting glossary
    A humorous and serious guide to the jargon of historical hobbyists.

  • Tin tent : ECW, mobile home/recreational vehicle/sleeping in the car Turdis : ECW, large blue chemical toilet common in the UK (From the TARDIS in Dr Who) Big hats : ECW, Officers at ECW events Sharp : ECW, Sharp edged weapon unsuitable for battlefield use Plank : ECW, Musket of very crude manufacture Main Glossary Act-urbation : Renfaire (TRF) It's the same definition as Mastubation theater , but more acceptable in mixed company or in front of the public

  • Portable toilets

  • Every morning, 2-3 of our members would plant themselves in the privies as the gates opened, and the first patrons in the area would be treated by confessions between the toilets

  • Toilets that actually flush, offering those who otherwise 'hold it' for the entire weekend a chance to relieve themselves

  • a non-flushing portable toilet / portalet / satellite

  • A non-flushing portable toilet / portalet / satellite

  • a non-flushing portable toilet / portalet / satellite

  • A non-flushing portable toilet / portalet / satellite

  • A brick latrine at the park with running water and flush toilets

  • A non-flushing portable toilet / portalet / satellite

    A fan site with band history, discography, and album cover photos.

    Trinidad and Tobago Caribbean Child-cookbook
    Directory of recipes from the country.

  • currant rolls, dosti roti etc.) Strange ways in which food can be used to solve household problems Crisco can be used as a cheap and efficient makeup remover A bowl of cheap wine placed in a cupboard, will kill roaches: they'll get drunk, fall in and drown Left over cola drinks, poured into your toilet will give it a brilliant shinePeanut butter will remove chewing gum from your hair

    THISMAYHURT.com zum bitteren ende.
    Dealing with all forms of media and comedy.

  • Don't feel like shoveling the walkway, raking the leaves or fixing the gutters? Get a condo! You're not responsible for anything that happens outside of your four walls, so go nuts! Toilet's backed up? Rip it out of the wall, toss it in the common area and the condo association will get that shit fixed up lickety-split! The same goes for broken air conditioners, dirty dishes and friends that drink all your beer

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