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Article and fashion show pictures at Gai Mattiolo.

  • 16/09/2006 ALL THE FASHION SHOWS FROM MILAN AND PARIS ON Debut on the runway for Lauren Bush, niece of USA President George W

  • Bush.Lauren Bush, already accustomed to important fashion reports on the most important world-wide headlines, debuted today on Milan catwalks at Gai Mattiolo's

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    The First Twins: Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush
    News clippings concerning the President's twin daughters, Jenna Bush and Barbara Bush.

  • A play in the had a main character of Jenna Bush! The play got good reviews

  • Here is that link: Puzzled, you may ask yourself, What does this have to do with The below has references to Jenna Bush any Lynndie England

  • Not that it's related to the site (as you said already) but just a FYI so maybe it contains more Bush photos than Google IDK

  • Was the photographer trying to get an up-skirt shot??? Jenna's Roommate The Broncos' coach said his appearance at President Bush's campaign rally Monday at Red Rocks was part political and part personal

  • Shanahan's daughter, Krystal, is roommates with Bush's daughter, Jenna, in New York City

  • They like to drink ala the First Twins! Read Twins on the Campaign Trail Sept 15 update: 'Jenna and Barbara Bush will visit St

  • Bushies out on the Town has a good write up on the Twins about NYC: 'She was dancing around the club with a group of rather attractive fashion industry-type girls and another six or seven men who were either young Republicans or Secret Service.' Convention Over New Yorkers are happy to have 'them' leave

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  • info: LAUREN BUSH

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  • Previous winners include Carrie Underwood, Chris Martin, Andre 3000, Tobey Maguire, Josh Hartnett, Alicia Silverstone, Lauren Bush, Natalie Portman, and Shania Twain

  • Posted by aquemini3000 at Let the anti-Kanye backlash begin! After (in)famously proclaiming on national television that 'George Bush doesn’t care about black people', posing as Jesus Christ on the cover of Rolling Stone, and throwing temper tantrums at numerous award shows, it was obviously only a matter of time before someone called out Kanye West

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    "Shawmut Nazarene Church God filled Visionary church Valley Alabama"
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  • Jimmy Blackman Pastor Randy Reaves Sunday School Superintendent Cynthia Hammock Children’s Director Carolyn Foster Youth Director Sheree Bailey Adult Ministries Director Cynthia Gunn Singles Ministry Director Jason Hammock Activities Director Bobby Potts Prime Time Ministries Director Sandy Blackman Minister of Music Ellen McDonald Women's Ministries Director Elizabeth McDonald NWMS President Greg & Lauren Bush Media Directors Derek Rutledge Director of Bus ministries Craig Bailey Head Usher Randy Reaves Larry Hammock Elizabeth McDonald Gaynor Mitchell Clarence Booker Carolyn Foster Sheila Fuller Sheree Bailey Sara McDonald Fred Hadaway Derek Rutledge Lisa Skinner Cynthia Hammock Randy Reaves Cynthia Gunn Greg Bush Doris Colley All Times Listed are Eastern Standard

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    Bush's Court Picks: Be Afraid. Very Afraid.
    Warns that the Supreme Court may make several cases curtailing citizen freedoms
    if Bush gets a second term and picks the next justices.

  • Bush's Court Picks: Be Afraid

  • subject to debate | posted October 7, 2004 (October 25, 2004 issue) Bush's Court Picks: Be Afraid

  • Katha Pollitt Democrats haven't made much of what would happen to the courts should Bush win a second term

  • What about those soccer moms, torn between tax cuts and abortion rights, or Arizona's Republican women, who are beginning to revolt against their party's hard-right turn, as Salon 's Sidney Blumenthal recently reported? And is it wise to assume that everyone who cares already knows? A friend of mine recently met a Yale senior who supported Kerry, but not enough to register to vote; when she pointed out that Bush would have four years to pack the courts, the young genius acknowledged that this thought had never occurred to him

  • By an amazing stroke of luck, there have been no vacancies on the Court in Bush's first term

  • How much longer can God--who is obviously not a Republican--keep these spry oldsters going? Justice Stevens, the liberal stalwart, is 84! The next President will probably get one, two or even three nominations, and Bush has said he wants more Justices in the Scalia/Thomas mold

    Roe = Dred
    George W. Bush's "strict constructionism" means overturning Roe v. Wade, says
    Katha Pollitt.

  • Bush answered a question about Supreme Court nominees by referring to the Dred Scott case

  • Why bring up the infamous 1857 decision, which declared that blacks could not be citizens and, in the notorious words of Chief Justice Roger Taney, had 'no rights a white man is bound to respect, ' and which barred Congress from outlawing slavery in the territories? Perhaps, some wags quipped, Bush was trying to win black votes by coming out against slavery

  • And so I would pick people that would be strict constructionists.' Bush's language may be confused, but those who follow the anti-choice movement know that he knew exactly what he was saying: He was talking about abortion

  • As the blogger Paperwight puts it at, 'Here's what Bush actually said: 'If elected to another term, I promise that I will nominate Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe v

  • That he was thinking about Roe explains Bush's odd characterization of Dred Scott as 'personal opinion, ' which got him tangled up when he belatedly realized that--whoops--the Constitution didn't grant 'equality to all'; it permitted slavery

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  • Smith characterizes it as an anti-Bush tome, but a quick scan of the cover makes us think it's more of an autobiography

    Biblical America Resistance Front - Resisting The Biblical America ...
    "Resisting a Biblical America" - A resource for all who work to monitor and
    counter the social and political movement that aims to use its particular reading of ...

  • Bush following remarks on stem cell research policy legislation, July 19, 2006

  • White House photo By Lauren Sabina Kneisly Ok, so why were there kids as the backdrop setting for Bush's remarks following his veto of the stem cell research bill? Because these kids are not merely cute props, they are emblematic of, and the end product of one particular corner of the so-called 'culture of life' that Bush and his allies are attempting to remake America into

  • For Bush, thousands of couples' frozen embryos are not their individual genetic material to make their own decisions about

  • No, the cryogenically preserved embryos, to Bush, constitute a unique national resource


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  • Bush, Dick Cheney and Karl Rove didn't plan the whole thing one night in order to further their plans to steal all the world's oil

  • I don't think we should judge either the Clinton or Bush administration's actions through post-9/11 lens

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    Katie Holmes: Holmes Sweet Holmes: W Feature Story on
    Conversation with Katie Holmes before a photo shoot for "W" magazine. - Larry King: Prince William at 20 - June 21, 2002
    [CNN] -
    A non-profit organization whose goal is to enable people to make well-informed
    decisions about the importance of privacy on both a personal and societal level.

  • &nbsp Action alert! Please act now to stop Senator Specter�s bill to authorize Bush�s illegal wiretapping from being approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee

  • Rather than hold President Bush accountable under the Fourth Amendment to obtain a warrant, based on probable cause and issued by judge, before tapping the communications of American citizens, Specter�s bill legalizes the program and any other current or future secret spying programs

  • Durbin ILLINOIS (202) 224-2152 Tom Coburn OKLAHOMA (202) 224-5754 Last updated August 3, 2006 - Bill of Rights Defense Committee's National Call-In Day Last December President Bush acknowledged that he had authorized the National Security Agency to spy on Americans' communications shortly after 9/11

  • Bush claimed he has authority to conduct massive warrantless surveillance of U.S

  • Last updated May 1, 2006 - How to create a forum to discuss surveillance and the NSA In December 2005, the New York Times-after holding the story for more than a year-revealed that starting in October 2001, President Bush had ordered the National Security Administration to conduct warrantless searches and seizures of telephone and internet communications of American citizens inside the United States - April Hunter
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    The Daily Gazette
    E-mail news bulletin from Swarthmore College in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

    Hydrogen's Dirty Secret
    President Bush promises that fuel-cell cars will be free of pollution. But if he
    has his way, the cars of tomorrow will run on hydrogen made from fossil fuels.

  • Advertisement HTMLText IN TUNE New music every issue THIS WEEK New Mother Jones editors Monika Bauerlein and Clara Jeffery; David Enders reports from Lebanon; Charles Bowden on immigration; Washington bureau chief James Ridgeway '' Hydrogen's Dirty Secret News: President Bush promises that fuel-cell cars will be free of pollution

  • Lynn TOOLS BACKTALK RELATED ARTICLES RE:ACTION Advertisement When President Bush unveiled his plans for a hydrogen-powered car in his State of the Union address in January, he proposed $1.2 billion in spending to develop a revolutionary automobile that will be 'pollution-free.' The new vehicle, he declared, will rely on 'a simple chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen' to power a car 'producing only water, not exhaust fumes.' Within 20 years, the president vowed, fuel-cell cars will 'make our air significantly cleaner, and our country much less dependent on foreign sources of oil.' By launching an ambitious program to develop what he calls the 'Freedom Car, ' Bush seemed determined to realize the kind of future that hydrogen-car supporters have envisioned for years

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