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Using Finale and Sibelius software. Music copying, music engraving, printing and
binding. Located in Southern California.

  • Welcome to Alla Breve Music Alla Breve Music is committed to providing professional quality music preparation services that meet the highest standards of excellence

  • How many times have you gone to Kinko's to print your music, and you go away disappointed, either because they didn't understand what you wanted, or were incapable of filling your order

  • They often cannot print oversize scores, and many times won't do it for fear of violating someone's copyright, even if it's the composer standing in front of them! And forget about binding--they cannot bind anything over 11 inches

    Ambassador Music & Publishing-Unique sheet music in all styles
    Arrangements for combo of 3 to 10 instruments: Dixieland, Big Band, West Coast,
    New Orleans and other styles. Customization for specific instrumentation is ...

  • Welcome to Ambassador Music..."A.M.P." We are publishers of music books, Jazz sheet music arrangements, Big Band sheet music arrangements, Dixieland/Blues/Traditional Jazz sheet music arrangements, String/Trombone/Sax Quartet/Quintet sheet music arrangements, general sheet music, and all kinds of other interesting items! We have the most outstanding and unique sheet music for Jazz, Blues, Swing, Dixieland, Pop, Country, etc

  • Our arrangements were custom written for various venues, and consist mostly of standards , though a few will be original compositions

  • Some of these fine arrangements were arranged specifically for--and have been played in concert and/or recorded by--Stan Kenton, Sammy Davis Jr., Jimmy Dorsey, Henry Mancini, and Shorty Rogers ..

  • Not one of these outstanding and unique arrangements are available anywhere else but here! So..

  • We want you to enjoy them and purchase more! Ambassador Music "Life is like music; it must be composed by ear, feeling, and instinct, not by rule." Samuel Butler Our order page is secure (by ), and we never share your info with anyone else, under any circumstances, any time

    Composers Offering MIDI Files on the Net
    Composers offering MIDI files on the net. Links to sites maintained by professional
    and amateur composers.

  • (USA 1982- ) [.mid] 51, Misc., Experimental Nagata, Hiroto (Japanese) [.mid] 3, Classical Style Neary, Tony (Irish) [.mid] 8 Ogawa, Sumitaka (Japanese) (No MIDI files on this page.) Ohigashi, Yuko (Japanese- Filipino-Chinese 1987- ) [.mid] 17 Okada, Chuck Casa de MIDI [.mid] 21 Olvera, Victor Rafael [.mid] 3, Classical-style Owen, Stan Jr [.mid] 18 Peereboom, Jan [.mid] 4 [.zip] 0 Perry, Steve [.mid] 20 Pokorski, Ryszar (Poland) [.mid] 38 - Blues, Rock, Pop, ..

    A Prairie Home Companion from American Public Media
    Minnesota Public Radio Presents A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor.
    PHC is a radio variety show featuring singing, drama, and humor, plus the news ...

  • This could be a coincidence, I understand

  • I imagine standing on stage and pouring my heart out and kids in the audience text-messaging their friends, YOU CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT A SNOOZEFEST THIS IS

  • You stand up in front of 140 young people and you're dancing as fast as you can, being witty and bold, and you look back to the fifth row and there's a guy giving you that Look that says, Who are you and why are you saying such stupid things? It's disconcerting


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    Introduction, recordings, newsletter, writings, and links.

  • For instance, a proper discography would take quite a bit of time to put together (and there is no sense in many people duplicating work trying to do their own discographies)

  • Reworking of standards

  • Also, several outstanding live tracks

  • Eric Dolphy: Vintage Dolphy (1963) [GM3005] Stan Jones notes: 'Track 7 Bird's Donna Lee

  • (Contributed by Ryan Takatsu) Al Kooper: I Stand Alone (1968) [Columbia LP CS-9719; Japan Sony CD SRCS 6196] One track features the Don Ellis Orchestra on 'Coloured Rain'

  • The Bill Graham database (circa 1990) shows Ellis appearing only twice: 7/14/66 Fillmore Aud Hindustani Jazz Sextet Grateful Dead Big Brother & Holding Co

  • Lillian Arganian's ( book STAN KENTON: THE MAN AND HIS MUSIC (Artistry Press, P

    Stan Kenton
    Biography, annotated discography, sound samples, links to alumni and big band
    jazz sites.

  • Killoch, Michael Madden, Louis Meirsman, Ed Morykwas, Bob Peters, Wes Pfarner, Gene Siegel, Dale Stevens, Gerald van der Wal, Erik & Margo Volkmer, Noel Wedder, Keith Allan Wilson, (plenty of room for your name here) Kentonia Email List is where fans and alumni of the Stan Kenton Orchestra keep the legacy alive

  • The Network Tony Agostinelli has published a regular newsletter for Kenton alumni and fans for years, and he's let us post a few of the issues here: (Autumn 2000) (Spring/Summer 2002) (Fall 2003) (Fall 2004) (Spring 2005) Stan Kenton on the Web All About Jazz's for Stan Kenton Michael Boyd's Jack McKinney's New York Times University of North Texas Steve Voce's for the Jazz Institute of Chicago Noel Wedder's fabulous Images William P

  • The International Association of Jazz Educators has Bill Lee's biography Stan Kenton: Artistry In Rhythm Bob Curnow's has the definitive discography: Stan Kenton: The Studio Sessions by Machael Sparke and Pete Venudor as well as articles and books about Kenton and his musicians

  • has rental editions of several of William Russo's arrangements for Stan Sierra Music's - the original arrangements played by the band, with parts (mostly: Bob is careful to note when a chart has been adapted from the original) The at the is world renowned

    Alex North, composer - from stage to screen
    Biography, looking at the life and work of Alex North, with influences, filmography,
    recommendations and related links.

  • It wasn't just the use of Jazz which made North's style of composition stand out from previous scores

  • It wasn't long before he found himself scoring for Westerns in the shape of 'Cheyenne Autumn' for John Huston, and Epics such as 'Spartacus' for Stanley Kubrick

  • Spartacus was a successful film, but the relationship with Stanley Kubrick was more short-lived

  • For standard piano/vocal arrangements you can start by look at these pages at: for the Righteous Brothers classic version All material in is © 1999-2006 All rights reserved

    Hans Zimmer - film composer
    This is the mfiles page for Hans Zimmer with career overview, filmography,
    soundtrack reviews, related composers and links.

  • 'The Last Emperor'), and collaborating with established composer Stanley Myers on films such as 'Moonlighting' and 'My Beautiful Laundrette', and then onto TV work in the US on programmes such as 'Miami Vice'

  • As another example, his 'Hannibal' is superficially a standard horror soundtrack with various sampled effects and shocks

  • Although some of Zimmer's scores have lacked the sparkle of originality, others stand out firmly from the crowd including 'The Last Samurai' which in addition to its combat scenes has a spiritual side

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    Cittern Information Sheet | Dusty Strings Acoustic Music Shop
    A fact sheet on the modern instrument, a hybrid development of older instruments
    and the mandolin family, and strongly associated with Celtic music.

  • The two high courses are separated by a fifth, which makes them the same as a standard mandolin tuning

  • D - G - D - A - D The middle courses are like a standard mandolin tuning

  • Standard mandolin tunings: C - G - D - A - D The four bottom courses are like an octave mandola (the same relationships as a mandolin) and the top three are an open chord

  • Robin Bullock — Green Fields, Between Earth and Sky Stanley Greenthal — Songs for the Journey, All Roads Andy Irvine — The Well Below the Valley (Planxty), The Maid I Loved So Well (Planxty), or anything else with Andy Irvine Roger Landes — Dragon Reels or any Scartaglen recordings Frank Le Bloas — Storvan (Storvan), An deizou kaer (Storvan) Donal Lunny — Best of the Bothy Band (Bothy Band), Old Hag You Have Killed Me (Bothy Band), or anything else he is on Jamie McMenemy — Premiere (Kornog), Ar Seizh Avel (Kornog), Restless Home (Orion) Carlos Paredes — Guitarra Portuguesa Joseph Sobol — Citternalia Telynor — Telynor 2, Sprig of Thyme Gerald Trimble — First Flight, Heartland Messenger, Crosscurrents [] Tutorial Books There aren’t many tutorial materials available specifically for the cittern, but there are a few useful items out there

    Stan Freberg Discography by Warren Debenham
    Compiled by Warren Debenham.

  • STAN FREBERG discography ver

  • (sorry I have to make this requirement; this is the only way to find correspondence in the deluge of spam.) 78 RPM Acetate Commercial announcements and character impersonations in the voice of Stan Freberg/Excerpts from the Harmony Homestead broadcast featuring the voice of Stan Freberg

  • Take It Any Way You Can (written by Stan Freberg)/When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again Capitol 40041

  • Don't Do It Darlin'/One Baby (written by Cliffie Stone and Stan Freberg) Capitol 40083 (32103)

  • Call Me Sweetheart (written by Cliffie Stone and Stan Freberg)/Don't Steal Daddy's Medal WILLIAMS, TEX

  • Narrated by Stan Freberg

  • Wabash Blues (Vocal trio with crying by Stan Freberg)/Peepin' Thru The Keyhole

  • Capitol PRO- 731/732 - Some of the Best from 'The Best of the Stan Freberg Shows.' 1958

  • Capitol MAL 1-1589 - Stan Freberg

  • Capitol EAP 006 - It's Stan Freberg

  • 'Instant Sales for Instant Butternut by Instant Freberg.' Freberg Ltd

  • (a)'A 6 Minute 38 Second Musical starring Stan Freberg with the Original Cast' (parody of 'Oklahoma')

    Welcome To Walrus Music Online
    Publishes charts for big band, brass and wind ensemble.

    Offers new and used keyboards and pianos. Describes its services and product range.


    Music Books
    Music books, videos, and recordings on folk instruments: dulcimers, harps,
    bagpipes, guitars, mandolins, autoharps, tinwhistles, flutes, concertinas, ...

  • Foss, Chris HD Stand Plan Foss BK CS 6 $0.50 Kimball, Dean Constructing Mountain Dulcimer BK CS 8 $14.95 FIDDLE Bain, Aly

    UNT Libraries: UNT Music Library, Home
    Includes staff and contact information, policies, and information on special and
    general collections. - News Around The Clock!
    Features news (translated in 12 languages), features, articles, tour dates,
    multimedia, online fanzines, bulletin boards, and chats.

  • KISS Online photo Beauty And The Beasts From: Santa Barbara Independent By: Brett Leigh Dicks Towering in silver platform boots and sporting a black lycra bodysuit that strategically exposed a bare chest, PAUL STANLEY clasped the microphone stand and observed, "Sometimes the cheap seats suck, but not tonight." Rather than inferring the conspicuous absence of cheap seats for the night’s performance, Stanley was instead presumably making reference to KISS ’s usually intimate setting

  • As the stage erupted into a blazing alter-reality, Stanley stood center stage and bellowed out the lines "Get up / Everybody’s gonna move their feet / Get down / Everybody’s gonna leave their seat" from KISS ’s anthem "Detroit City Rock." Not that the KISS army needed any encouragement in rising to their feet, for fists were already punching the air, heads were shaking, and voices were screaming out each and every lyric in belligerent unison with Stanley

  • As Stanley pranced and teased in seductive torment, both TOMMY THAYER and ERIC SINGER were a picture of concentrated vigor
    This site is dedicated to the study of jazz improvisation. The site features
    original content discussing various aspects of jazz improvisation, theory, licks, ...

  • Click to see a list of the 1000 most common jazz standards

  • A great saxophone site with free transcriptions, articles and product reviews Jeremy Wilson's incredible site lists the 1000 most common jazz standards

  • Greg is not only a fantastic saxophonist, he is a marvelous teacher." ––James Moody "This is one of the most concise and easy to digest collection of solos over standard tune chord changes that I have seen

  • Glad I have it now.” ––Michael Brecker "This is one of the most concise and easy to digest collection of solos over standard tune chord changes that I have seen

  • I've been using it to teach phrasing." ––Bob Sheppard "This book is a written version of the way jazz is supposed to be taught - learning from a great player who truly understands how to distill the language into clear, understandable terms

  • Chicago-based saxophonist Greg Fishman has composed a set of etudes based on standard tunes that are one of the best collections of this type I've seen

  • I personally look forward to each encounter with a new etude and found on several instances that I felt closer to the horn after using it as a warm-up prior to other things I work on

    Gershwin, George (1898-1937) Classical Compositions and George ...
    Brief biographical sketch, caricature, summaries of stage, orchestral, and piano
    works, and discography.

  • Despite his premature death at 38 his output is outstanding

  • There were many “firsts” for Gershwin: the first to combine serious and popular music in his jazz concerto, “Rhapsody in Blue” (1924); the first to score a Pulitzer Prize-winning musical, Of Thee I Sing (1931), which was one of the Gershwin brothers’ “serious” musicals employing social satire; and the first to write an American opera, Porgy and Bess (1935), further distinguished by its all-black cast, its roots in African culture, and hits such as “Summertime.” In 1926 his “Clap Yo’ Hands” encouraged other composers to create feel-good religious songs in their musicals, and “American in Paris” (1928) stands alone as an orchestral work

    Today in History: July 4
    Learn about the history of Independence Day and see pictures and documents from
    the Library of Congress.

  • White, Jr., also promised his audience a brighter future: We have learned by experience and by the comparison of ourselves with people similarly situated, to hope that, at some day not very far in futurity, our grievances will be redressed, that our long lost rights will be restored to us, and that, in the full stature of men, we will stand up, and with our once cruel opponents and oppressors rejoice in the Declaration of our common country, and hail with them the approach of the glorious natal day of the Great Republic

  • The Stanley Heirs Park was formed by descendants of 19th-century settlers who farmed and worked in the West Virginia mines

  • on the term Fourth of July in to see images of the Stanley Heirs folks celebrating the Fourth

    Birmingham Music - - Birmingham's Musical Hub ...
    A free platform for unsigned Birmingham artists. Funded by Birmingham City Council
    and the European Equal Fund. Contains artists details, news and forum.

    Jessica Williams, Jazz Pianist, Composer | Piano Music
    Discography and contact information for this jazz pianist.

  • Having played with Philly Joe Jones, Tony Williams, Stan Getz and..

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