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Complete listing of the lyrics of Robert Hunter's Grateful Dead songs.

MERZWORDS (the complete lyrics of Mike Merz)
A growing compendium of lyrics from Mike Merz & the Can o' Worms CDs.

  • The complete lyrics of Mike Merz Words and music (c) Archangel Choir BMI

    Kasey Chambers Chords
    Chords and lyrics to songs from Kasey Chambers. Includes songs from The Captain
    and Barricades & Brickwalls.


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    Juliana Hatfield Lyrics, Photos, Pictures, Paroles, Letras, Text ...
    Lyrics and pictures.

  • Immediately following her departure from the Blake Babies, Hatfield contributed several lyrics to Susanna Hoffs' debut album

  • Click to view the lyrics of Juliana Hatfield Non Album Tracks - 1992 - - 1993 - - 1995 - - 1998 - Bonus Tracks : - 2000 - White Thrash ( Instrumental ) - 2000 - - 2004 - - 2005 - Add some NEW lyrics (B-sides, live tracks, Cover), want to CORRECT some of them or found a BUG ? Just send a little or simply post a message on the

    The Cardigans Lyrics, Photos, Pictures, Paroles, Letras, Text for ...
    Complete lyrics sorted by album.

  • If You Were Less Like Me) - Misc - (Mini Version) (First Demo) Add some NEW lyrics (B-sides, live tracks, Cover), want to CORRECT some of them or found a BUG ? Just send a little or simply post a message on the

    The Unstable official site - new album 'Idiot' and new single ...
    Official site for the indie rock band. Includes photographs, steaming audio/video,
    merchandise and music downloads.

    Bad Songs of the Seventies
    Includes list of bad 70s songs sorted by artist, with commentary and lyric excerpts.

  • Also, if we've misquoted a lyric from one of these masterpieces,

  • Hook 'When You're In Love With A Beautiful Woman' For some reason this one gets my wife really angry, so it's valuable- Wes Eagles 'Best of My Love' Rule of thumb- do not use 'wo-ho-ho' as a lyric Eagles 'Hotel California' Part of their musical war with Steely Dan

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    Physics Song Book
    New physics lyrics to classic tunes.

    ani difranco lyrics
    A fan's dedicated rendering of Ani lyrics.

  • | ani difranco lyrics My goal in creating this page is to maintain a record of all known Ani DiFranco lyrics

  • I do not intend to expand this site beyond the lyrics

  • disclaimer : most of the lyrics on this site were, at one point, transcribed from a bootleg

  • while i don't really like that reality, it just isn't possible for me to check all of the lyrics against the released albums

    U2 News, U2 Lyrics, Pictures @
    Includes news, link directory, biography, discography, videography, lyrics archive,
    cover bands, books, interviews, setlist archive, macphisto phonecalls, ...

  • U2 News, Lyrics, Pictures, Discography, Videography, Shop August 11th, 2006 Nick: Pass: Search: Topics Navigate · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · U2 Vertigo Tour · · · · · · · · · · Shopping Random Photo From: From: U2 Vertigo Tour Please note that everything Vertigo Tour related like setlists, photos, and reviews will be posted on our tour site at

  • ----------------------------------------------- ( ) Posted by on Saturday, May 13 @ 12:25:45 CEST U2's One voted favourite pop lyric ( -- U2 song One contains music lovers' favourite lyric – “One Life, with Each Other Sisters, Brothers” – it was revealed today

  • The 1992 song, recently re-released in collaboration with R&B singer Mary J Blige, beat lyrics from legends like the Beatles and David Bowie to newcomers such as the Arctic Monkeys

  • The Smiths’ angst-ridden lyric “So You Go, And you Stand On Your Own :: The Veronicas: Their Secret Life Exposed
    Interview with Jess and Lisa about the band and their album "The Secret Life of".

  • I would come up with some chords, and then Lisa might come up with some lyrics or a melody

  • Americans are very hands-on with all of it, and the British-like lyrics and the overall vibe of a song


    Review: Randy Newman's 'Bad Love'
    Review by Jordan Hoffman of LeisureSuit.Net.

  • What better way to summon the special Newman ears one sprouts when his tunes appear? Going back to yesterday, both musically and lyrically, is how Newman made his name, is how he pays for the Lexus he sings about, or the fancy schools where he sends his kids

  • Name : django Subject : randy -- Nov 24, 2005 at 1:46AM randy is finest songwriter of his era now that neil, van, james, paul macartney elton etc write absolutely unlistenable rubbish randy still has good sophisticated songs with biting clever lyrics and i thing his singing has improved with age - bad love is a brilliant piece - well he wants everybody to like him ...we do randy we do....

  • Name : gerard Subject : bad love -- Aug 10, 2005 at 3:15AM 'Nations of Europe' sounds a bit heavy to me both in music and lyrics, not exactly Newman's best I'm afraid

  • Name : The Editors Respond Subject : Re: I miss you -- Aug 19, 2002 at 10:59PM Phil -- Try opening the CD and looking at the enclosed booklet with the lyrics in them

  • Name : phil Subject : I miss you -- Aug 19, 2002 at 3:51PM I`m trying to find the lyrics to the song "I Miss You." MY e-mail is, thanks, Phil

    Franz Ferdinand: Official Site
    Official site includes news, biography, discography, gig dates, and video files.

    (Waiting For The) Ghost Train - Music
    A Common Person Like You. Interview with Nick Banks.

  • okay, you might not pick up on the subtle nuances of the lyrics, but you can still get into the music

  • but i'm sure there are people studying the lyrics and wondering what [Jarvis] is going on about ..

  • f: have you had jarvis bring in lyrics that just made you go "what's this one about?" n: well, no, because the way it actually comes about is that we might be rehearsing a song for months and months, and all you get to hear of the lyrics is (hand over mouth)"mmmmmmuuuubbbmhbmmfffdmmmuuuuuhhhhhh." you never actually hear the words, because he hasn't written them, basicly

  • it's funny, because you've had to live for months with this sort of incoherrent mumbling, and then these words appear - and it's alright, because 9 times out of 10 he writes good lyrics

  • so we're like "ahhhh! that's what all the mumbling was about!" f: are you ever going to try your hand at lyric writing? n: oh, good god no! no, no, no

    Mutant Reviewers from Hell do "1776"
    Movie review and trivia.

  • So anyway, I knew -- and still know -- all the lyrics to all the songs way before I ever saw the film

  • 1776 gives great character to these figures, showing them to be as funny, human and lyrical as the next guy

    The Volokh Conspiracy - -
    Academic and legal commentary from Eugene and Sasha Volokh and others.

    ArtLung Blog
    Enigmatic narcissism and miscellany of a guy from San Diego, California.

    CM Lyrics- Simple music lyrics with all the hits
    Songs organized by the first name of artists.

  • CM Lyrics: Simple Lyrics Search and Directory Directory : &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Policy Shop: &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Easy to Find Lyrics Welcome to CM Lyrics

  • The format here is as simple as possible so that you can quickly locate the lyrics you're looking for

  • New hit lyrics are posted on the homepage weekly so that you can keep up with the newest hit songs on the charts

  • Thanks for visiting and enjoy the lyrics

  • Song Lyrics Bulletin The week's hits are full of catchy tunes and broken hearts

  • We've got lyrisc for her number one song 'Promiscuous' and for her number one album 'Loose.' Beyond that, you can check out this week's newest hits: Taylor Hicks Do I make you proud lyrics, Christina Aguilera Ain't no other man lyrics, and Beyonce is teaming with Jay-z to bring you some Deja vu lyrics

  • It should make it easier to search for the specific lyrics you've come here to find

  • Enjoy all the newest and most popular song lyrics from 2006 and be sure to visit often

    Strait Up Lyrics
    Includes all the lyrics to the tribute album.

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