Panda Software's Anti-Virus Glossary
A glossary with brief descriptions of technical terms related to computer viruses
and antivirus programs.

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Azienda produttrice dell'antivirus VirIT. Ne consente il download gratuito
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  • VirIT 6.1.07 AntiVirus & AntiSpyware Security for your computer Scan & Clean virus, spyware, adware, dialer, worm, backdoor, trojan, hijacker, bho & malware New update 6.1.07 of 08/04/2006 - Vir.IT eXplorer AntiVirus & AntiSpyware clean: virus, spyware, trojan, backdoor, worm, bho, dialer, adware, hijacker and malware Anti-virus Anti virus

    Port Scanner - Advanced Administrative Tools - network diagnostic
    Network tcp and ip security analyzer. AATools Port scanner analyzes hosts and
    all of the different services started on them.

  • | Today there is no program, either anti virus nor antitrojan, that can detect unknown trojan horses

  • This mapping is extremely useful while monitoring unwanted connections, investigating suspected trojans, viruses, and possible backdoors intrusions

  • There are many ways a system can be infected with a Trojan and because a Trojan is not the same as a virus (a self-replicating program segment) it is not always detected by anti-virus software

    Security Response Removal Tools - Symantec Corp.
    Freeware executables designed to remove specific viruses from a system.


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    CA Virus Information Center
    Virus information from makers of e-Trust Antivirus (formerly known as InoculateIT).

    Home Network Security
    Gives home users an overview of the security risks and countermeasures associated
    with Internet connectivity, especially in the context of "always-on" or ...

    Security - Rimozione Trojan - Virus - Programmazione - Netstat ...
    Portale underground italiano che tratta di sicurezza informatica,programmazione
    e fornisce consigli sulla protezione.

  • b » » » » Statistiche portale Aggiornamenti portale - Notizie sul mondo informatico - security - rimozione virus e tanto altro..

  • » Tutto quello che volete sapere sui Virus in circolazione, la loro propagazione e tanto altro..

  • » Info sul sistema windows; registro, servizi e tanto altro! » Un sistema operativo sicuro, affidabile, professionale! SEGNALA QUESTO SITO AD UN AMICO Introduci la E-mail del destinatario: SecretZone Articoli e Guide Software utili Sezione Misteri Richiedi i dati e accedi!! new Info leggi new Security/Utility new Raccolta guide Ultimi Virus Link Security Protezione Dialer Pubblicità Pubblicità nel nostro sito? Scopri come!! Sostieni il portale! ©2002/06 Tutto il materiale presente nel portale è dei rispettivi proprietari - Information About Viruses, Hackers and Spam
    Permanently replenishing information about new viruses. Mechanisms of breeding
    and operation, detailed analysis of algorithms of viruses.

  • Benefits

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    PC Hell: Computer Hints and Tips to bring you back from the edge
    Offers information on BIOS error codes, IRQ help, computer yips, Windows 95/98
    drivers and extended troubleshooting information.

  • Learn how to protect yourself Parent's Guide to - A Report Every Parent Should Read Also a Magistr Virus Information You've Been Here Before, but Now You're Just Visiting..

  • SmitRem Tutorial used to Remove Spyaxe and others How to Fix Windows XP Update Error 0x80070420 How to Fix Problem Viewing or Accessing Secure Web Sites How to Remove Fun Web Products software , Smiley Central, My Mail Stationery, My Mail Signature, My Mail Stamps, Popular Screensavers How to Disable or Remove Windows Messenger instant messaging in Windows XP with Screenshots with Screenshots with Screenshots Fix Unreadable Fonts in Norton Antivirus or Systemworks How to Backup and Outlook Express Mail Settings, Address Book, Blocked Senders List and Other Settings POST Error Codes, IRQ, DMA, and Memory Address Help Software Tips, Tricks, etc

  • Internet Related Problems, Viruses, etc

  • This software safeguards your files against system failure, hard drive crashes, virus attacks, loss, theft, or user error

  • including Ad-Aware SE, Norton Antivirus, and Mozilla Firefox Search PCHELL.COM If you have more information that you would like presented on this site, If you found the information helpful, please consider making a donation by clicking below This site is developed and maintained by , Mark Hasting, Copyright © 1997-2006 Last Updated on July 18, 2006

    Virus.Org :: Malware Scanning Service
    A free service for scanning suspicious files using several antivirus engines.

  • Welcome to the Virus.Org Scanning Service August 25, 2006 Virus.Org Rogue File Scanning Service (Beta) Welcome to the Virus.Org Malware scanning service, this service scans uploaded files with several common Anti-Virus tools to attempt to determine if the uploaded file is in fact some form of Malware

  • It could be that the file you have uploaded is in fact a virus that currently is undetected by the virus scanners that we use to provide the service

  • Please do not ask for viruses that have been uploaded here

  • They are not for trade this is a legitimate service, not a Virus Trading site

  • Viruses uploaded here maybe be distributed to antivirus vendors

  • Virus definition are updated on an hourly basis, please refrain from uploading hex-edited or repacked variants of the same sample

  • You can view the status of the scanners that are currently in use for the Virus.Org scanning service on the

  • Here you will find information about the Scanner version, Scanner Engine version and Virus Signature version where available from the virus scanner

  • Top Viruses Seen by F-PROT Rank Malware Name Count Last Filename 1 Unknown 574 mshlpdk.exe 2 EICAR_Test_File 14 3 W32/Downloader.RPR 14 patch_1002755_3.exe 4 W32/Parite.B 13 intimacao3192s.exe 5 W32/SillyWorm.GK 12 Setup.exe 6 W32/Ardamax.D 8 Fps-Booster - By Alyx.rar 7 W32/Downloader.BVA 7 agt_1-1.exe 8 W32/Backdoor.LF 6 server.exe 9 W32/Netsky.P@mm 6 10 W32/Rootkit.N 5 ewdmaudn.sys Last File Scanned Scanner Name Version Filename Result F-PROT 4.6.5 pagefile.sys Clean Sophos Sweep 4.05.0 pagefile.sys Clean Virus.Org rogue file scanning service is powered by Copyright (c) 1997-2006

    SRN Micro Home, Antivirus Software, Virus Alerts, Security Info ...
    Provides virus detection and removal tools, virus alerts, security information.

  • Suspicious mail with attachment? Doubts about a file? Please e-mail it to Medium W32.Rontokbro.Z@mm aka Brontok Worm [ I-Worm/Brontok.n, WORM_RONTKBR, W32/Rontokbro, Email-Worm.Win32.Brontok.n, W32/Korbo ] Medium W32.Beagle.DL@mm aka W32/Bagle.FJ-mm [ I-Worm.Bagle.FJ, I-Worm/Bagle.Gen, Troj/BagleDl-BZ, Bagle.FJ ] Medium W32.Blackmal.E@mm aka W32/Mywife.d@mm [ I-Worm/, WORM_GREW.A, BlackWorm, Nyxem, W32/Nyxem-D ] Medium W32.Sober.X@mm aka W32/Sober.Gen@mm [ I-Worm.Sober.Y, WORM_SOBER.AG, Sober.X, W32/Sober-Gen, Sober.T, W32/Sober-Z ] Medium W32.Zotob.E aka WORM_RBOT.CBQ [ IRCBOT.worm, I-Worm/Generic, Zotob Worm ] Medium W32/Mytob.BE@mm aka W32.Mydoom.BU@mm [ I-Worm/, WORM_MYTOB.FC, W32/Mytob-L, ] Expanded Threat List and Virus Encyclopedia Solo anti-virus not only scans for all viruses, it contains a unique System Integrity Checker to protect you from new Spyware, Internet Worms, Backdoor programs, malicious VB and Java scripts

  • It also effectively removes all existing Internet Worms, File infecting viruses, malicious VB and Java scripts, Trojans, Adware, Spyware, Backdoors, boot sector, partition table, file and macro viruses

  • Solo Scanner - Detects and disinfects all types of viruses, and provides facility to remove viruses in Windows locked files

    Adware, Spyware and Advertising Trojans - Info & Removal Procedures
    Detailed descriptions of various spyware, adware, and other parasitic software.
    Includes instructions for removing many common and not-so-common spyware and ...

  • Some antivirus manufacturers have listed this as a virus or trojan horse: TROJ_DLDER.A

  • This puts it on the level of a VIRUS in my book; such a behaviour is completely unacceptable

  • (If you did voluntarily sign up for this service and wish to remove it, you can login to the Marketscore for removal procedures.) IntelliTech Trojan / BrowserToolbar (Ausvc.exe, Bvt.exe, Mnsvc.exe, Absr.exe) - A bona-fide backdoor trojan, this one is caught by antivirus

  • * Norton AntiVirus refers to all password-snarfing trojans under the general name PWSteal

  • Load.exe - Part of the Nimda virus, can produce error messages ('Windows cannot find load.exe') and possible inability to run programs

  • To remove, run a virus scanner


    Proantivirus Lab - Digital Patrol - AntiVirus - AntiTrojan, Data ...
    Monitor capable of finding and deleting viruses and trojan programs.

    Wizard4 Web!
    Software per hacking e sicurezza.

    Computer Viruses In Unix Networks
    Paper which examines in detail the problem of computer viruses as they relate to
    Unix and Unix-like systems.

  • Computer Viruses In Unix Networks Computer Viruses In Unix Networks Copyright © August 1995, February 1996 by Peter V

  • The first computer viruses created were on Unix systems

  • Computer worms preserve themselves by migration while computer viruses use propagation

  • While the hostile algorithms that have captured the general public's imagination are viruses and worms, the more common direct problem on Unix systems are Trojan horses and time bombs

  • Example: cp /bin/sh /tmp/gotu ; chmod 4777 /tmp/gotu Trojan horses and time bombs can be located using the same methods required to locate viruses in the Unix environment

  • A virus or worm attack is more important because these programs are mobile and can integrate themselves into the operating system

  • Of these two forms of attack, the virus attack is the hardest to detect and has the best chance of survival

  • Worms can be seen in the system process tables and eliminated since they exist as individual processes while virus attacks are protected from this form of detection by their host programs

  • All of the methods used to detect and prevent viruses are also effective against the other forms of attack, therefore, the remainder of this paper will deal with the more serious problem of viral attacks

    Kaspersky Labs - protezione antivirus - proteggi il tuo cyberspazio
    Presentazione e supporto del software antivirus AVP, informazioni sui nuovi virus
    e aggiornamento quotidiano del software.

  • Dettagli su: Pericolosità: rischio moderato Servizi News 08 01 08 01 07 27 News tecniche 08 02 07 19 07 18 Ultimi virus Copyright © 1997-2004 Kaspersky Labs |

    Software Privacy DPS Documento programmatico sulla sicurezza
    Portale inerente la Legge sulla privacy - Documento programmatico sulla sicurezza.

  • Controlla se il tuo PC è protetto Come funziona il test Questo test ti permette di verificare se il tuo computer ha delle porte aperte verso programmi quali backdoor o trojan virus

    TU Berlin - Antivirus-Software
    Es werden die meisten Bereiche des Themas abgedeckt. Querverweise führen auch zu
    Hoax-Infoseiten und andere Sicherheitsseiten.

  • © TU Berlin, Bearbeiter: Update: 11.06.2006 Suchen nach: Antivirus -Software Hier finden Sie ausgewählte Antivirus-Produkte von verschiedenen Herstellern

  • Inhalt: von Antivirus-Software - BO 2000 und NetBus Pro, weitere Backdoors, Trojanische Pferde (Desktop Firewall, Anti-Spyware, usw.) vermeintliche (aka Hoaxes) Hersteller/ Anbieter Produkt Plattformen lokaler Download Updates Virus-Lexikon Virus-News Win (Win32) (f

  • Symantec DOS, Windows, Mac, Netware Windows, Netware, Unix, PalmOS Hersteller/ Anbieter Produkt Plattformen lokaler Download Updates Virus-Lexikon Virus-News Aktuelle der Uni Magdeburg/AV-Test () Antivirus-Software-Tests der Uni Hamburg Kostenlose Virenscanner Für Mitglieder und Einrichtungen der TU Berlin..

  • Alle Antivirus-Programme können in ihren neueren Versionen BO ebenfalls erkennen und entfernen

  • Eine Übersicht mit Infos zum Entfernen diverser Backdoors und Trojanischer Pferde findet sich hier: lokale Seite: Weitere Antivirus-Software finden Sie z.B

  • Herstellerunabhängige Informationsquellen: (Antivirus-Tests) von Rainer Link der Uni Hamburg der Universität Tampere (Finnland) Antivirus-Software-Tests, In-the-Wild-Listen Tests von Security-Produkten (Computer Emergency Response Team des DFN) v

    CNN - Bad rap for Back Orifice 2000? - July 21, 1999

  • Nonetheless, just about every antivirus software developer has declared Back Orifice 2000 to be a Trojan horse, and has upgraded its products to search for and destroy the freeware

  • 'It's just another Trojan horse for us, ' says Darren Kessner, Symantec's senior virus researcher

  • 'Most Trojans are delivered as attachments in e-mail, and with our Norton Anti-Virus product, you now have an option to destroy or quarantine them in order to send them to our researcher.' Network Associates, IBM, Axent Technologies, Computer Associates and Internet Security Systems (ISS) are also of the mind that Back Orifice 2000, because of its stealth and origin, has to be treated as a threat - Hack attack, how you might be a target - April 12, 2002

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