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  • DIY Aquarium Stand DIY Aquarium Stand Dimensions Length of the tank * Width of the Tank * Height of the Tank * Height of the Stand (not required, default value: 30') Add 1/2' on each side of the tank for precision safety? (Strongly Recommended) What drawings/steps would you like to see? Frame Only (Step 1) Frame + Shell (Step 2) Frame + Shell + Finishing (Step 3) DISCLAMER : The automatic generated drawings/info that will be created by submitting your dimensions/info is for informative purpose only, you should always make a reality check before starting buying/building your materials/stand

  • By clicking on 'submit', you understand that is not responsible for any damage caused by any defective stands and/or canopies
    Weblog and photos; in Pennsylvania.

  • An aquarium filter really isn’t much of a gift though, is it? I won’t be needing that aquarium filter for quite a while, long past when the free shipping from Petsmart is available, but I do need tools… I’m still working, slowly, on the aquarium stand

  • The bubble is still in the lines, it’s just not perfectly centered… I also, while cleaning up the shed, found a sheet of 3/4″ plywood… nothing pretty, but definitely usable for the top & bottom plates of the aquarium stand

  • The requirement of 3/4″ plywood now lifted, I was able to buy 1/4″ bookmatched veneer plywood to skin the frame of the stand with, yay for that

  • I think router bits make a better ‘gift’ than a filter, don’t you? They’re still related, since I’ll use the bits to finish the aquarium stand

  • Totally unrelated to all that, I did buy the 2x4s a couple of weeks ago to start making the stand for the someday to be purchased 75 gallon aquarium

  • I’m still a little unsure if my stand is properly flat… because it seems to rock a little bit, but it could be the floor; I know the shed floor isn’t level in any direction

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  • If you are looking for a quick, inexpensive DIY stand for your aquarium, this might be the right one for you

  • This sturdy stand works well for medium to large size aquariums

  • Easily assembled without any tools in a couple of minutes, this stand makes a great base for a DIY cabinet when time and $$ permit in the future

    About Saltwater Aquariums - Reef Tanks
    Includes discussion board, photos of marine animals and basic information on
    cycling a tank.

  • FORUMS: From what I understand if I dose with kalk it would have an adverse affect on my ph..


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    The Great Boston Molasses Tragedy
    Brief history of the sticky disaster.

  • To tell this story, we are only concerned with one of these facilities - a large storage tank located in Boston's north end - near the sites where the world famous Fanuel Hall (Quincy Market) and the New England Aquarium stand today

    Cleveland Aquarium Society
    Membership and contact information, calculators and photos.

  • Member of F.A.A.S., Win a 75 gallon aquarium, stand and hood!! (donated by Perfecto Mfg.) $1.00 each entry Drawing to be held on Dec
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  • 24 16 39 Only the best aqua products 25 14 10 Promoting the care and understanding of tropical fish

    Aquarium supplies for your tropical fish tank, saltwater fish tank ...
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  • : 29 Gallon Aquarium & Custom Built Stand! Posted by on Monday, April 17 @ 18:27:26 CDT (96 reads) ( | 718 bytes more | Score: 5) Thanks to the generous donation of Clay Leiber , we will have a program available at the general meetings and spring auction to obtain a 29 gallon aquarium system, with this CUSTOM BUILT STAND ! The program will finish at our fall auction

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  • We offer a selection of Flexible, Powerful, and Scalable Stand-alone or Windows PC based Aquatic Monitoring and Control Systems ! So - Please Take a tour..

  • Last updated : 03.06.2006 * VISA / MasterCard / PayPal / Money Wire Transfers Accepted * Need help in selecting the right water parameter meter? Then Check out the Compare all the meters side-by-side to compare functionality and price Check Out our Ethernet Aquatic Monitoring and Control System (AMACS) Its Easy to setup a Wireless System with standard Off-the-shelf Ethernet Hubs and Adapters! ** HOT NEWS ** 'PC Programmable Timer Controller' Dosing Pump and Lighting Controller with available Active-X Control - Write your own Software or just use ours! Run as a stand alone controller RS232 I/O, 4 SPDT Relays, 4 Timers, 48 On/Off settings OR Run under the control of a PC for even greater Flexability adds 4 A/D Analog Inputs, X10 Control and unlimited On/Off settings

    Poor Man's Salt Water Reef Aquarium
    Includes information on do-it-yourself salt water aquarium projects.

  • There I planned on building a larger system, using a DIY stand and DIY lighting as well as building my own refugium and sump areas


    It's A Fishie Business-Unique Aquarium Design and Service
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  • I have the aquarium, stand and canopy custom made

    Beginner FAQ: Contents
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  • (Tank, Heater, Thermometer, Filter, Gravel, Light and Hood, Powerhead or Airpump, Stand, Cleaning Tools, Bucket, Nets, and Test Kits) Setting Up Your Tank.. - Lowest Office Furniture Prices on computer desks ...
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  • This home theater stand is designed for Plasma, DLP, LCD, and direct view TVs

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    OZ REEF - DIY Plans
    Contains a large collection of plans for at home aquarium projects.

  • ( 8 items ) Plans and details of tanks, stands, cupboard, sumps used for setting up a reef aquarium

    From Russia with Glub
    Reviewed by David Reynolds. "The lifelike images are truly beautiful."

  • It's the perfect solution if you've ever wanted to own fish, but: * you can't stand that lovely fish smell; * your roommate thinks that tank thermostats also heat the house; * you forget to feed the cute little goomers; * you own several cats; * you like sushi too much

  • Then you can populate the tank with a variety of computer generated plants and rocks; also included are standard aquarium fare of coral, statues, and grecian columns

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  • $5.95 30 gallon Terrarium /Aquarium Stand Plan #03-801 Add value and enhance the natural beauty of your terrarium or aquarium by building this solid wood cabinet

  • Easy to build, this inexpensive knotty pine stand is sure to embellish any room it is placed in

    Backyard Blitz - Ep 14 Garden Therapy - 2 September
    Renovation of a rooftop in Australia, including materials and plants used.

  • A low voltage submersible pump recirculates the water via a pipe up the rear of the stand

  • Interior room: new lounges, a new coat of paint, a magnificent specially commissioned painting and a beautiful new aquarium (1200x380x450mm) on a timber stand have brightened up a room adjacent to the garden

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